Take care of your eyesight by adjusting the brightness and color of the screen with gammy

An increasing number of users use our computer during long daily sessions, which can be harmful to our eyesight. To mitigate this visual fatigue a bit, we can use a tool like Gammy, with which we can adapt the brightness of our computer screen depending on the lighting conditions, which will be of great help for those applications that are too bright during the day. And it is necessary to bear in mind that in the short term we may not notice it, but in the long term the screen can damage our eyes.

It is because in these times we can use a good number of solutions in this regard. More than anything to prevent greater evils in the future, especially now that we spend a lot of hours in front of the mobile or the PC. Thus, in these lines we are going to talk about one of those possible solutions that you can use, in this case the software called Gammy.

This is something that can be especially helpful in the case that we normally work with the PC in low light environments. It is in those moments when a poorly balanced or configured screen can do more damage to our eyes. Hence the managers of all this that we find, as is the case of Gammy.

How to download and launch Gammy for free

As you can imagine, the first thing we should do in this regard is download Gammy for free from its official website. The application is compatible with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, as well as Linux. Once we run it, in case of high brightness we will notice how the screen dims automatically. The application stays hosted on the toolbar, where we can see its icon. As is evident, this descent is something that we will be able to personalize.

Thus, by double clicking on its icon, its main menu will appear , which we can use to set the maximum and minimum brightness levels. In this way, the program will never increase the brightness too much nor will it dim it excessively, all depending on the needs of each one. This configuration will be adapted to the different programs and screens that we use, so we will notice how the brightness rises or falls in each situation.

Adjust the brightness with Gammy to avoid damaging the eyes

In the event that we remove the automatic brightness option, the application will give us the possibility to manually adjust both the screen brightness and the temperature. This is something that we are simply going to achieve by dragging the corresponding bar that presents us with the program’s interface. In the same way, and if we have the “Auto” option activated and we enlarge the panel a little from the lower right, we can click on the button with three horizontal points. When you press here, some additional configuration options will appear on the screen. From here, we can control the adaptation speed, by which we will determine how fast the brightness changes. Through the threshold, it allows us to verify the differences of the content when applying the changes.

Adjust the color temperature on the screen

A little below the brightness options, we find the color temperature settings that we can use to define these levels of which we are talking about. We have to give this section the importance it has, which is a lot. This is something that is especially evident if we usually use the computer in low light conditions, or at night. Thus, by adjusting this color temperature, in addition to damaging our eyes less, we get less rest by turning off the screen before sleeping.

Thus, this is a program that has a maximum temperature of 6500K, while the lowest is 2000K. If we click on the three vertical points to see the configuration, we can manually customize the color temperature we are talking about. Therefore we will have the possibility of establishing it at a maximum and minimum temperature in a given time interval. As we mentioned before, it should be lower as the ambient brightness decreases.

Contrary to what happens on the screen of mobile phones, computer screens do not include any type of sensor to automatically adjust the brightness of the screen. That is why Gammy is responsible for taking screenshots in a fraction of milliseconds and depending on the content we are viewing and the colors it reproduces, it will adjust the brightness of the screen.

Other alternatives to Gammy

If we are looking for tools with which to automatically adjust the brightness and color of our computer screen to avoid damaging our eyesight, we leave you some alternatives to Gammy, such as:


It is a simple application that is responsible for applying different filters on the screen to avoid fatigue of our eyes. Iris is responsible for trying to preserve the brightness of the screen during the day, while using warm color filters at night and thus avoid the impact of light on our eyes, avoiding visual fatigue. It is easily configurable to adjust the conditions of the screen to our sight, having a rest function. The price of the application is $ 15, although it is possible to download a free version from its website.


It is a very popular application in its product range, since it is able to know at the time of day in which we are through the location service. Thanks to this, it will be in charge of gradually and automatically modifying the brightness and color of the screen. With F.lux the screen of our computer will adapt to the hours of the day where we do it to avoid visual fatigue. You can download it for free from its official website, and it is compatible with both Windows, Linux and Mac OS computers.


It is an application that will allow us to adjust the brightness and lighting parameters so that the different hours of the day can be adapted, as well as the lighting conditions that we find ourselves. It can be set manually and let the application set it automatically, so there is not a very sharp contrast between our environment and what is shown on the computer screen. Its price is $ 5, and you can download a free trial version for a week.

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