Scripts to disable features, configure and optimize windows 10

Windows 10 comes with a large number of very useful features that seek to offer the user the best user experience from the first moment. However, more advanced users always complain that Microsoft offers little control over the functions and features of the operating system. And while the latest Windows 10 updates have given users more control, there are features that still cannot be disabled, such as OneDrive, Windows Defender, and telemetry. And this is what has led some developers to create tools like Debloat Windows 10 .

Debloat Windows 10 is basically a set of PowerShell scripts whose main purpose is to facilitate the configuration of the operating system, especially to carry out those configurations that are not possible otherwise.

Be careful when using these scripts

The project creator recommends users to run only the scripts on clean Windows installations. This is the only thing that guarantees its correct operation, since if any program or service depends on any of the functions that are eliminated, they would stop working .

The default settings for scripts are drastic. By executing them, the program forcibly removes everything related to its main purpose. For example, OneDrive eliminates integration with Microsoft’s cloud, Windows Defender will completely uninstall Microsoft’s antivirus, and telemetry will block all connection to the company’s servers.

The scripts are one-time use, that is, there is no going back. So we need to make sure that we really want that task done. Also, it is highly recommended to create a restore point on your computer so that if something goes wrong, we can go back.

What can Debloat Windows 10 do?

Debloat Windows 10 consists mainly of 9 scripts designed to configure Windows, improve privacy, disable functions and optimize the operating system.

These scripts allow us to:

  • Block telemetry . The script directly modifies the Windows hosts file to add the addresses of the Microsoft servers, configure the resolution IP to 0 and block all IPs in the firewall so that it is impossible to communicate with the outside.
  • Disable Windows services . This script is responsible for disabling more than 12 Windows services. Some are related to diagnostic tracking, others to geolocation, remote logging, and even Xbox Live features.
  • Disable Windows Defender. As the name suggests, the purpose of this script is to completely disable Windows 10 antivirus.
  • Get rid of feedback . Disables all feedback tools, Contact Support, and other Microsoft feedback features.
  • Set privacy. Allows you to configure Windows in a way that protects users from Microsoft spying.
  • Optimize the Windows 10 interface . It allows you to easily disable a series of operating system options to improve the use of the interface, as well as improve accessibility, and enables some features that are disabled by default, such as mouse acceleration.
  • Optimize operating system updates . In this way, our operating system will update faster and with fewer problems.
  • Delete Windows 10 apps. It allows you to delete all the apps, the bloatware, that are installed by default in the operating system with a double click.
  • Turn off OneDrive . As its name suggests, it allows us to eliminate Microsoft’s cloud integration with the operating system.

We can execute all the scripts, or only the ones we want so that if we only want, for example, to deactivate OneDrive, we leave everything else intact. We can also open any script with a text editor (like Notepad) and adjust it according to our needs.

In addition to the previous main scripts, within the Debloat Windows 10 pack we will find a series of utilities, in the form of PowerShell, CMD or registry editors, which will allow us to carry out other configurations in the operating system. For example, it will be possible to enable advanced operating system startup, enable dark mode, disable the enhanced Shell experience, disable memory compression, disable prefetch, disable scheduled tasks, or disable the Windows search bar. In addition, we can activate God Mode, enable the classic image viewer, optimize the SSD and install basic software.

Likewise, we must also run this with Administrator permissions for the changes to take effect. Of course, using these scripts is much safer than using the previous ones, since they are much less aggressive.

Prepare the PC for Debloat Windows 10

The first thing we will do is download the latest version of the scripts directly from your GitHub repository . But before executing them we will have to prepare our PowerShell.

The first thing we will do is enable the permission to be able to execute scripts. We open a PowerShell window with Administrator permissions and we will execute the following command in it:

Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Scope CurrentUser

We will also enable the scripts and modules with:

ls -Recurse *.ps*1 | Unblock-File

Clever. We can now run the scripts that interest us on our computer, either with a double click or by dragging them to the PowerShell window. The important thing is that they run as Managed, and that if any of them are closed before finishing (for example, Windows Defender) we must restart the computer and run it again until it is completed successfully.

When the script reaches the end, we restart the computer and that’s it. The changes should have already been applied without problems.

Known bugs

Windows does not allow you to disable these features from the configuration, and therefore, these scripts resort to much more aggressive techniques for this purpose. This can cause some problems with the operating system.

  • Some of the most common problems are, among others:
  • The search engine in the start menu stops working.
  • The sysprep process hangs.
  • Xbox Wireless Adapter Problems.
  • Problems with Skype.
  • Face recognition and fingerprint recognition do not work.

We must use the scripts at your own risk, and if something goes wrong resort to the restore point to return Windows to the previous state and make everything work normally again.

Alternatives to Debloat Windows 10

If we are looking for an application with which to configure Windows, improve privacy, disable functions and optimize the operating system, we propose some alternatives to Debloat Windows 10 to consider.

PC Decrapifier

We are facing a tool that will help us eliminate unnecessary programs and startup items that can slow down our computer. This uninstaller program is compatible with all versions of Windows, although it should be noted that some antivirus programs give a false positive. Although it does not currently have official support, it is possible to download it for free from this link .

Should I Remove It?

It is a very simple and useful application for Windows that will help us decide which programs to eliminate from the PC. It is possible to remove all kinds of crapware and bloatware, such as adware, spyware, toolbar, unwanted applications, etc. The program is light and fast. You just need to scan the system to find all the installed programs to classify which one we should remove. We can download it for free from here.

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