Programs to easily disable windows updates

Windows 10 updates have always been one of the most criticized aspects of this operating system. While always, from Windows XP, these could be stopped to prevent Windows from being updated, with the arrival of W10 this possibility disappeared. Microsoft does not allow us to turn off Windows updates or disable Windows Update . The possibilities have been very limited in this regard. Luckily, there are some little tricks that we can resort to in case we want to leave our PC without updating.

It is not recommended to leave Windows without updating. Especially without installing the security updates that are released every month. Doing so runs the risk of ending up in the clutches of hackers. However, due to stability or compatibility problems, we may be forced to assume these risks and we may have to leave our PC without updating.

There are several ways to do this. The latest versions of Windows 10, for example, have the ability to help us pause or postpone updates for a specified number of days. In addition, there are several third-party programs, free and paid, that allow us to do this in an easier way, allowing us to regain control over Windows Update, as we have always wanted.

Stop updates from Windows 10

Although it is becoming more and more complicated, Windows offers us several alternatives to block operating system updates. The most commons are:

Defer updates from Windows Update

Before we start using third-party programs to disable these Windows functions, we are going to analyze the options that Windows itself offers us to do this. Although the little control over Windows updates has been one of the most criticized aspects of the operating system, today, except for disabling updates, Microsoft allows us to control most of its aspects.

Specifically, from Windows Update we can choose the possibility of pausing updates for a maximum of 35 days. And, if we are Windows 10 Pro users, we can even postpone security updates for 30 days and quality and features updates until 365.

If these options are not enough for what we want to do, then we will have to resort to third-party software to stop and postpone Windows updates. We also remember that, since May 2020 Update, it is possible to shut down and restart Windows without installing the updates. Something that we must take into account so that, if an update has been downloaded and we cannot install it now, we can leave it indefinitely postponed.

Use a metered data network

Another way to block Windows 10 updates is to configure our system as a metered data network. This is possible as long as we connect via Wi-Fi to a router. The measured network is intended for those networks in which we can only spend a certain amount of data per month (for example, a 4G network). By connecting through it, Windows blocks all kinds of automatic connections that are not essential for the system. And one of them is Windows Update.

Therefore, if we configure a measured network on our PC, we will stop downloading updates, being able to postpone them indefinitely.

Change active hours

Another way to prevent updates from being installed on our computer, or at least from restarting our PC without permission to install, is by configuring the active hours. This Windows Update option allows us to choose the hours in which we are working on the PC to prevent it from restarting without prior notice to install updates.

Windows 10 does not allow us to configure a 24-hour range, but we can set a total of 18 hours, during which the PC will not update automatically. With this feature, and a bit of care, we will prevent updates from being installed without permission.

Programs to block Windows Update

If the previous methods do not convince you, then we can resort to one of the following programs designed precisely for that same purpose. Most of them will allow to revert the changes and will not cause problems in the operating system, although we must make sure that, indeed, it is like that.


One of the simplest programs to carry out this task is Wu10Man. This program allows us to block Windows 10 updates in several different ways. The default and recommended way is through Windows services. With this software we can stop the Windows Update services, the module installer and the Medic services so that it is impossible to find, download and install operating system patches.

We will also be able to block the operating system updates from the Windows HOSTS file, and use the pause or delay function with a greater time range. All changes are also reversible. Therefore, if we repent we can revert the changes and go back to its default settings very quickly.

This program is completely free and open source. We can download it from the following link .

Windows Update Blocker

Windows Update Blocker is another program designed also to help us block Windows 10 updates very easily. This program is, if possible, even simpler and faster than the previous one. When we run it, we can see a window with two options, one to activate Windows updates and the other to deactivate them.

We choose the option we want, apply the changes and that’s it. It has an option that allows us to protect the changes to prevent other processes or services from re-enabling the disabled Update services, and even the possibility of adding the services that we want to easily activate or deactivate them as well.

We can download this program for free from the following link .

Win Updates Disabler

Win Updates Disabler is another very simple program that will allow us to disable Windows 10 update services and much more. This program allows us to disable, in addition to Windows Update, Windows 10 security services, such as Security Center, Defender and Windows 10 Firewall.

We can deactivate the options that we want by checking them in the box and clicking on the «Apply Now» button, or re-activate these services from the «Enable» tab of this software.

One more alternative, very simple to use, totally free and portable, that we can download from this link .


StopUpdates10 allows us to block Windows updates in two ways. The first one is through Windows 10’s “pause updates” function. It allows us to choose the date until which we want to delay and postpone its installation and that’s it. And the second one is “by force”, blocking the processes and services in charge of this task. And best of all, if we don’t want to complicate things, we can easily do it with just one click.

We can download this tool to block Windows Update from its main website .

Win Update Stop

This tool, created by NoVirusThanks, is probably the simplest of all. It works with all versions of Windows (from XP to 10) and only shows two buttons, one to block updates and one to unlock them. Win Update Stop does not show any options, no parameters or strange explanations. The changes are reversible so that when we want to update Windows again we can resume them without problems.

We can download this program from this link .


WUB, also known as ” Windows 10 Update Blocker “, is another similar program designed to help us block and disable Windows 10 updates. This software works through the operating system services for updates, from scheduled tasks and from the HOSTS file. From its simple interface we can choose the blocking methods we want to use (one or more), and block, by clicking on the button, said updates.

If we repent, we can unblock and activate these services again. We can download this software from the following link . Of course, it is a paid program, so we will have to pay $ 3 to download it.

Caution: reasons not to disable Windows Update

It’s true that Windows updates can sometimes cause more problems than they actually fix. However, we should not go the easy way and disable these updates. Microsoft uses Windows Update to fix all kinds of bugs. It may be that a specific error when performing a certain task does not matter much to us, however, vulnerabilities and security flaws are also corrected that can put our PC at risk.

It is vital to install Windows security patches every month, when they are available. It is the only way to be able to be safe on the PC. We can bypass the optional updates, but these other patches cannot.

Be very careful about disabling Windows Update. It can be very expensive.

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