Open and modify the most protected files in windows with nsudo

The types of use that we can give to Windows are many, as well as the functions that we can take advantage of. However, we do not always have access to all the features of the operating system itself, as you know. This comes in handy for system administrators and more advanced users. Precisely for the latter, applications such as NSudo are sure to be extremely useful.

The first thing we should know in this sense is that in most current operating systems there are so-called permissions and user accounts of various levels. This allows administrators to control the use of the software itself, as well as access to certain functionalities or installed programs. Otherwise controlling something of the importance of a system like Windows or a Linux distribution would be chaos.

Hence, when we start working with them, we create several accounts, in addition to the administrator, with their corresponding permissions and limited access. Thus, once we are aware of all this that we are telling you, we can also go one step further in these same tasks. This is where programs such as the aforementioned NSudo come into play, which we will talk about.

Utility presented by NSudo in Windows

In this way, once we are clear about what we are talking about, we will tell you that in Windows, as in most operating systems, there are a series of accounts known as super administrator. As you can imagine from their name, these super administrator accounts serve to act as system administrator, but with additions. And it is that these accounts what they allow their users is to make certain modifications, updates or deletion of some Windows programs.

You could say that a super administrator account is able to take control of certain files in Windows. These a priori are not available to other accounts, so they have exclusive access to them. It is worth mentioning that this super administrator can have several names in Windows. The most common are TrustedInstaller or System.

To give us an idea, sometimes we can try to access a particular file on the system, but we cannot do it even as administrators . This is because they are owned by one of these super administrators. Therefore, if necessary, this is something that we can solve using programs like NSudo that we are going to show you below.

Specifically here we find an open source application that helps users to gain access to certain locked files. Therefore, thanks to the use of NSudo, it allows users to launch programs through their current user, current process, TrustedInstaller or System.

Dangers of using NSudo without knowledge

The first thing to know in this regard is that files that are limited to use by a TrustedInstaller or System super administrator account are extremely important files for Windows. What this actually means is that these files are very important to keep the operating system in perfect condition. That is why it is recommended that only those who really know what they do, that is, Windows experts, make changes to them using NSudo.

Therefore, as the software itself reminds us on its interface, this program must be used with caution, since failure to do so can lead to serious damage to the operating system as such.

How to get NSudo up and running

The developers of this application make it available to us in various versions. Among these we find one for ARM, x86 and x64 equipment, which allows us to choose the compatible version for each device. Once we have downloaded and executed it, we find a portable application that does not need installation on the system. In turn, it offers us a simple user interface from which to carry out the tasks that we comment on.

Therefore, as you can imagine, NSudo allows us to run all programs with all system permissions. For this that we comment, the process is simple, largely thanks to its intuitive user interface . The first thing is to download the compressed file from GitHub and launch the executable corresponding to the architecture of our team. After its installation we will see that a small window appears in the center of your screen. Through it we will already have the possibility to choose between the four users available here. This is something we achieve from the drop-down list in the Users field.

At the same time this program window also gives us the opportunity to mark the All privileges option. This will give us access to all Windows programs and files, even those to which we did not even have access as administrators. After this we have to select a program from the drop-down menu by clicking on the Search button.

How to download NSudo to use for free on Windows

As we mentioned before, this is a useful program for certain Windows users who need to have even more control over the operating system. But at the same time, because it gives us all the permissions on all applications and files on the system, we must be careful not to use it lightly or without knowledge.

This could turn into serious damage to the Redmond system, something no one wants. Well, in order to download using this open source program, we will no longer have to access its official GitHub page, specifically from this link .

Another Alternative to NSudo


This is another program similar to the one discussed in these same lines, also open source, which we can download from here . Say that this solution allows us to execute commands with all the permissions or raise the current shell of the system in this same sense. For this, all we have to do is add the gsudo program to the command line, after which it is and will be executed with all the permissions . At that moment a pop-up window will appear with which to interact to take advantage of the application.

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