Microsoft excel tricks: become an expert with these tips and secret tips – list 2021

Microsoft Excel has become one of the most important and useful programs for carrying out all kinds of tasks and projects . This is because it allows its users to perform advanced functions that will help you create really good archives.

Today there are many companies and projects that are based only on this program, since it is capable of carrying out a large number of functions capable of moving many businesses forward . But, its operation is not usually as simple and easy as those of other Microsoft programs .

Due to the complexity of Excel, here we want to present you the main tricks and tips that will help you become an expert in this tool . A way to increase all your knowledge and become a true professional with this spreadsheet .

What Features Make Microsoft Excel a Spreadsheet Program?

This spreadsheet is built into the Microsoft Office suite of programs . This is how it has stood out for being an ideal software to design projects and finance documents because it provides a capacity for organizing digital data. To do this, a large number of formulas and shortcuts are used that will help solve mathematical equations in a matter of seconds.

With this in mind, here are its main features:

Offers data storage

One of the great advantages that we can find with this software is that it allows us to store and organize data with great ease . This is how each of your worksheets can contain a large amount of information, which will allow you to store large amounts of data in one place, making this ideal for large companies.

Other advantages that this offers is that it gives you the possibility to create tables with great ease, move and join cells, create different data tables in the same file, delete cells, among many other functions.

It gives you the possibility to completely modify the stored information

One of the most important aspects of this tool is that it gives you the possibility to modify practically all the elements contained in each of these files.

This is how you have the opportunity to change the size and font of the letter, modify the color and style of the letter, highlight the cells with colors or different line sizes, increase or decrease their size and adjust any type of data saved in these documents.

Using formulas

This is arguably one of the most important factors for the correct and proper use of Excel. It includes a large number of mathematical formulas that will help you perform different calculations in each of the cells, rows or columns . Each of these formulas can be simple or complex, basically depending on the operation to be executed .

This way you can start making quick calculations, averaging, make additions or subtractions, among many other operations.

Allows you to make diagrams and graphs

It can be said that this is one of the most important functions of this software, since it gives its users the possibility to create graphs or diagrams in a very simple way. This allows them to be able to visually represent some results or parameters of some information that is handled within the project. This is how you can start creating bar, line, pie charts, among many others.

What types of documents can I create or edit in Excel?

As we mentioned before, this type of program is used mostly by companies and independent workers to carry out each of their projects . And is that today these applications are used to make a large amount of data records that can be stored in one place.

This is how this tool is currently used to create or edit different types of documents which we mention below:

Administrative documents

These administrative functions are created and stored as files, they can contain a large amount of information that can be edited, formatted or simply saved in the cloud or on a computer . Thus, in them you can start writing different sheets with notes, fax covers, brochures, newsletters, notice, graphics, tables, among many others.

Create Reports

In the case of this application, you have two ways to create the reports, either for a company or individually. This is how it can be used mainly to start creating supporting data for a written report, this could include elements such as a data range, tables, graphs, and many more.

It can also be said that these types of tools are essential when it comes to sales reports, where you can create a record according to customers, sellers, products used and also be able to track each of these factors.

Thus, all of this has led it to become one of the preferred programs for most companies to design their financial statements, personal vacation documents, employee sickness records, and compliance documents .

Research papers

It can be said that this is one of the factors where this software makes the most representation, since most merchants and entrepreneurs carry out different investigations of the possible business models for their businesses . This is how they end up creating comparative structures between the price list, merchandise costs, production cost and vacation periods .

In this case, Excel gives you the possibility to store and calculate each of these data. In addition, it allows you to use different elements so that you can see all these comparisons visually either through a graph or a diagram. It also gives you the ability to store everything in a single book or everything independently.

Data storage documents

In the case of this Microsoft application, you can make use of different spreadsheets in which you can start storing numerical data in a row or column format . Ideal for creating a data analysis, encrypting the number of sales, knowing exactly the sales taxes, price increases or commissions.

In addition, it gives you the opportunity to turn any worksheet into a graph of different forms of representation, be it circles, bars, lines, or simply a visual diagram .

List of the best 50 Excel tricks to get the most out of it

Currently the use of this software has become a fundamental part for small, medium and large companies, as well as for freelancers. Since through it you can carry out a myriad of functions that are completely important for the development of any type of project.

As already mentioned above, it works mainly through formulas and different shortcuts that will help to perform functions in a faster and easier way, this being something fundamental for its proper development.

Taking all this into account, here we are going to present you a series of tricks so that you can start using it and you can improve your experience in it by becoming an expert in this area.

To do this, here we show you the 50 best Excel tricks:

Select all content with a single click

When working with this type of file, it is important to have a tool that allows us to select all the content stored in it to carry out a specific action. Surely you already know the “Ctrl + A” key combination that will help you do this.

However, there is an even easier way to do all this, use the button in the upper right corner to select all the data on the sheet in just one second.

Customize your shortcut menu

In the case of this program in the toolbar you have the opportunity to find only three types of  shortcuts  with quick access. In general, there are usually “Save”, “Undo” and “Redo”.

However, as you can see, only three can be very few shortcuts available, in the case of wanting to add other shortcuts to this bar we can do it as follows:

To do this we enter “File” and then select “Options” and there we click on “Quick access toolbar” in this box you can start adding the options you prefer, either as “Copy”, “Paste”, ” Delete cell ”, among others.

Copy and move data faster

One of the most important aspects when working with a project or data report is how quickly we do it. For this, it is important to know what tools or methods will allow us to save time in some steps.

Therefore, if you want to move a column of data within the sheet, one of the fastest ways to do it is by moving the cursor to the edge of said column until it appears with four arrows in different directions, here you can move it towards the sides you want. In case you want to copy the data, simply press the “Ctrl” key before dragging the column.

Insert a column or multiple rows

Being able to insert a column or a row is a very simple task to do and that you probably already know, but inserting a single row when in fact several are needed is a waste of time, since it would have to repeat the procedure several times. In these cases there is a way to add the rows you want in one step.

In these cases, it is a matter of dragging the cursor and selecting the number of rows or columns to be added. Once they are selected, the next thing to do is right click and choose the option “Insert”, then in “New rows” we select if we want them to be added down, to the left or to the right as the case may be.

Browse different files at the same time

One of the most difficult things about working in Excel is when you are handling different templates at the same time, since it is a bit tedious to have to enter one and the other to write down certain information in each of them. In addition, any carelessness in the transcription of some data can affect the work.

Therefore, the best way to work with this is by using the “Ctrl + Tab” key combination, since it will allow you to work between each of the files in a very easy way, thus avoiding any type of error.

Delete blank cells

On many occasions when we already have a part of the report developed we can get some totally blank cells in places where they should not be. It is important to note that this can seriously affect if you want to specify some calculations, especially when it comes to obtaining an average .

Being able to eliminate it is a simple process, for this you must filter r, in this case it is best to select the column where the blank cell is located and then click on the “Data” tab , there we select “Filter” and then it will appear a down arrow.

Here we uncheck the “Select all” box and select the last one as the “Empty” option. Once this is done, all those that are completely blank will disappear. Finally, go to “Start” and click “Delete.”

Copy unique records

In many cases, only those unique records need to be copied , that is, it does not have any type of repetitions. All this can be achieved through the “Advanced Filters” a function that very few know. In this case, the entire column must be selected and then we enter “Data”> “Advanced”.

Here a new window will open where we select “Copy to another place” and then we select the place in the template where we want to copy the unique values . These can be added either by entering the values ​​or by means of the icon to select the areas . This will allow you to copy the elements from tab C to D, for example.

Advanced wildcard search

Commonly when we want to perform an advanced search we use the key combination “Ctrl + B” for it. However, there are two characters that we can use as wildcards to carry out this function, they are the question mark and the asterisk .

In the case of the question mark “?” It is used especially for when we are not sure what the result of the search we are doing is. That is, you can enter “cane”, and you can get results such as “Box”, “Bed”, “House”, among others. If we use the “*” it is about replacing several characters, that is, we can write “pa * a” and results such as “starting”, “word”, among other results, can be obtained.

Insert a diagonal line in a cell

When we are creating a list on many occasions we need a diagonal that separates the text from it. In these cases you should go to the “Home” tab , there select “Borders” and then “More borders”, this is where you can find a diagonal line to add to the cell. Just select it and “Save .

Restrict some values

On many occasions it is recommended to restrict some values ​​and establish some parameters for entering the information, this will allow all the information that you include in the form to be completely valid. That is, the numbers that are entered are only whole numbers and not with decimals . This will help ensure that this is the case and you don’t have any

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