Manage the par partitions of your hard drives with yourse programs

The hard disk is one of the main elements of the computer because it stores our data, programs and files. We can use them as a mere warehouse, more or less ordered by folders, or we can take advantage of every last free memory space and, in addition, obtain additional advantages. If we decide the second option, we will need to have a partition manager .

When we create a logical unit – that is, we partition a hard disk – we delimit watertight areas that allow it to be used as independent units. The advantages of this action are many. For example, we can have our information on one partition and the operating system on another. Thus, if something happened in the second (virus, file corruption), and we had to format the computer, we would only have to work on the partition where we have installed the operating system, keeping our files safe.

Another additional advantage is that it allows us to “dual boot”, that is, to have two or more operating systems on the same hard drive and to choose which one we want the computer to boot with.

Let’s choose the advantage we choose, working with partitions can be a bit dangerous so it is advisable to do it with one of these managers that we offer you below.

Programs with which to manage and dominate the hard disk partitions

When it comes to optimizing the use of our hard disk, there is nothing better than a partition manager, to take advantage of the many advantages that this does not offer, with which we will be able to master all its capabilities. For this, we can choose the following programs that we propose and that will be of great help to us to carry out this work effectively.

Active @ Partition Manager, complete and efficient

The partition manager from the company LSoft Technologies is free and offers a large number of functions that will allow you to control your hard drives and their logical drives . Among its functions, it should be noted that it recognizes partitions created in a wide variety of formats (FAT, NTFS or XFS and JFS among others), it is capable of creating and formatting partitions in FAT, exFAT and NTFS and it can convert MBR (Master Boot Record) to GPT ( GUID Partition Table) which improves performance on hard drives larger than 2TB.

The program is intuitive and easy to use so you will not have many problems to get the best out of your hard drives. In case there is an error and you lose data, Active @ offers you the trial version of its Active @ Undelete data recovery software with which you can find the lost files.

If you want to download this partition manager, visit its website .

AOMEI Partition Assistant, intuitive and easy to use

The interface of this free program is clear and intuitive and allows to handle it with ease. The most notable advantages are two: resize or join the partitions without data loss and, on the other hand, migrate the operating system to an SSD or HDD without requiring the reinstallation of Windows and its applications.

Get the trial version on their home page .

DiskGenius, all in one

This program includes a wide variety of functions that will satisfy almost any type of user. It allows from basic actions such as resizing or dividing partitions to more advanced ones such as converting the virtual disk format, converting dynamic disks into basic disks without data loss or copying dynamic disks to basic disks.

In addition, it has an advantage that it individualizes it from the rest of the programs on the list. Apart from its role as a partition manager, it includes others related to data recovery, backup management, and disk utilities.

Download this program from their website .

EaseUS Partition Master, take advantage of the synergies of your environment

The Chinese company offers us a free program with which we can perform the most basic functions required of a partition manager: create, format, move, resize and unify partitions. You can also convert a FAT partition to an NFTS and an MBR disk to a GPT one and vice versa.

This option is recommended for those who are used to working in the environment of this company’s programs. If you are interested in this developer and you have any information loss problem, you can use her data recovery, also free, called EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free.

Start managing your partitions in the following link .

IM-Magic Partition Resizer, a more attractive design

Much more functional than the previous option and with a more pleasant interface, this free program includes additional functions to GParted, such as the conversion from NTFS to FAT32. It also allows.

If you are a new user of this type of program, we recommend this option for two reasons. First, the workspace itself will guide you through the partitioning process. And second, the program will offer you a preview of the result so that you can decide if it is what you are looking for or not.

Access your copy of this program on its page .

Macrorit Partition Expert, with user enhancements

The advantages of this free program are several and set it apart from other items on this list. For example, it is portable and, thanks to a technology created by the developers, it offers the possibility of canceling the partition process without losing the data on your hard drive.

Another differentiating element of this program is that it is open to the comments of its users and based on them they include functions or create new programs.

If you want to join this community, download the program .

MiniTool Partition Wizard, everything you need to get started

As with the EaseUS option, this program is part of the MiniTool family so it will be easier for you to use if you already use other programs from that company.

If you don’t use those programs or don’t value that as an advantage, you have better options on this list. This program is suitable for beginners because it includes a simulation before executing the partition. However, it does not offer options such as converting NTFS to FAT, migrating the operating system to an HDD or SSD or more advanced ones.

Visit the link to download your free copy of the program.

Paragon Partition Manager, also recovers data

This option includes a feature that is very interesting and will give security to first-time users. In addition to the typical possibilities of a partition manager (create, delete, resize, move or expand), the program allows to recover volumes and data if, accidentally, we have deleted the partition. Although it does not offer the possibility of previewing the partition, the recovery option will help us in case of accidental deletion.

Get this free program on their website .

Which of these programs should I choose?

When choosing between the different programs with which to manage the partitions of our hard drive, it will vary depending on the type of users we are. For example, if we do not have a lot of experience in handling these programs, a good option is to choose Macrorit Partition Expert, since it has an assistant that will guide us through the entire process, offering us a preview to see if it is what we are looking for or not. If we have a little more knowledge on the matter, Active @ Partition Manager is a complete option to take into account with a wide variety of functions, and that we can take full advantage of since it is quite intuitive to handle.

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