Keep your windows desktop clean and tidy with these programs

On our computer it is common to install all kinds of applications and games. Sometimes it is because we need them for regular use and in others, they remain installed in case we ever need them. These applications usually have their shortcut on the Windows 10 desktop. This, together with the fact that we have loose files and folders, can cause the desktop to end up completely cluttered, turning it into a real disaster where we surely do not know how to find what we need.

And it is not easy to keep the desktop clean and tidy is not an easy task for certain users who need to have all kinds of content always at hand. To help us with the work of having a desk that looks completely orderly so that we can carry out any type of task in a productive way, there are several types of applications that we are going to review below.

Problems filling the Windows desktop with icons

We must bear in mind that this element that we are talking about in these lines, is one of the most important of the operating system. We say this because we use the aforementioned desk almost constantly. In addition, we add all kinds of elements to it in order to have them in view quickly and access them with a couple of mouse clicks. By this we mean icons corresponding to shortcuts, programs, folders, photos, text documents, etc. And it is that everything that we consider as of continuous use, sometimes we add it to the scrtorium.

But that is not always the best thing to do, because this important element can turn into chaos where it will be difficult for us to find anything. In addition, if we fill this with icons, it loses a good part of its functionality, speeding up our work in Windows. And not only that, but this can negatively affect both the startup and the general operation of the operating system. Therefore it will always be important to maintain a certain order on the desktop, in addition to adding only what we really need here.

Applications to keep your Windows desktop tidy

Nimi Places, create custom spaces

It is an application that allows us to organize the desktop through customizable spaces where we can place folders, files, documents and shortcuts of our programs. In each space that we create, you can have a file or folder belonging to different locations that will be shown as smaller icons. It also allows us to add color labels as shortcuts, so that we can see any important file or perform certain actions more quickly. Each space can be personalizedto our liking with different themes and icons, as well as showing us a preview of the images and videos that compose it. Although it is a tool that has not been updated for a long time, it can be useful to keep the desktop clean and organized.

You can download Nimi Places for free from the developer’s website .

ViPad, group apps and clear your desktop

It is a tool for organizing icons, documents, files and folders for the Windows desktop. Thanks to it, we can organize all our desk items in a second space where they will be accessible. It also allows you to organize the applications in different positions or grouping those that are similar in a custom tab . In this way we will be able to work with mini spaces within the desk where we can easily find those that we use most often. Just by holding down the mouse cursor on any element we can drag and drop it on any tab. Its main drawback is that some antivirus detects that it contains malware inside.

If you want to organize your desktop with ViPad, you can download it for free from its official website .

Stardock Fences, organize all the elements of the desktop in cells

With this useful application we can organize all the elements of our desktop as icons and shortcuts, placing them in cells . If we double click on a cell, it will “roll up” in such a way that we will save space. Just double-click again to unroll the cell and bring the icons back into view. The application allows us to define rules on how our icons should be organized and it will automatically classify the new icons that we have chosen for those rules. Also, each cell can be configuredto offer different views, so we can see it as a list, with preview or with icons. Its main drawback is that it does not allow adding notes, as well as its translation into Spanish is not very good.

Stardock Fences is a free application that we can download from this link .

XLaunchpad, for macOS launcher lovers

If you are a user who likes some features of macOS, with XLaunchpad, we can enjoy one of the most popular ones, such as having access to all installed applications, since it simulates this functionality. In this way with a simple click we can bring all the applications files and folders to the front, without having to have them spread all over our desktop. We can add shortcuts and organize them by folders, as well as adjust the size of the icons. By default, the application will give us access to the Documents, Network, Recycle Bin and Control Panel folders. The main drawback of this application is that the new shortcuts must be added manually.

If you want to give your Windows PC a macOS touch and organize your desktop with XLaunchpad, you can download it for free from the developer’s website .

StandaloneStack 2, create stacks on Windows without a dock

With this application we can see all our icons of programs, files or folders grouped in a single button, similar to the one we can find in macOS. The moment we click on this button, a drop-down list will open from the start menu bar. These icons are displayed in a semi transparent window or as a column with folders and documents. Although its installation and use is not complex, its configuration mode is not too intuitive, so it will still take a little longer than desired to master it, especially based on our knowledge.

To start downloading and using StandaloneStack 2, you will only have to access its official website .

ToolBook, organize all the apps on your desktop quickly

It is an application launcher for Windows with many features that will surprise us. It is totally portable so it does not require installation. Its interface allows us to drag and drop shortcuts, as well as any type of files, folders, icons … In this way we can have our desktop organized for better organization and productivity. It also allows us to list all our storage unitsboth internal and external. In them it will show us information about our available space and it will offer us its own themes so that we can customize its appearance. Its main drawback is that the icons take up too much space on the screen and it is a bit intuitive to configure, especially for more inexperienced users.

If you want to organize the items on your desktop with ToolBook you can download it for free from its website .

Real Desktop, create 3D desktop rooms

With this application we can replace the background of our desktop with a new one in 3D, in which the documents, folders and program icons will appear, imitating the appearance of a real physical desktop, all with a three-dimensional appearance. We will have the possibility to rotate, lift and launch the files to our liking. We will also have the possibility of creating several rooms included within the content of another path in another folder. It has many customization options with more than 100 decorations and more than 300 designss. In addition, we can see the desktop from different perspectives, as well as modify any aspect by simply pressing the right mouse button for a few seconds to bring up the menu. Its main handicap is that it requires enough system resources to function so it is not suitable for less powerful computers.

To start using Real Desktop’s three-dimensional desktop, you can download it for free from its official website.

SideSlide, create custom containerized workspaces

This practical and useful tool is responsible for creating a personalized workspace where we can gradually add our shortcuts, images, files, etc., to some containers where we have everything well organized. This will allow us to have everything at hand when we want to use it and hide it, minimizing it to one side of the Desktop. It also offers us the possibility of dragging and dropping the shortcuts to organize our workspace on its interface. All the spaces can be customized, changing the colors or choosing the background image, etc. The application is completely portable, so it does not require installation to work

SideSlide is a free application, it does not have any type of adware or spyware, which we can download from its official website .

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