Install, update and save windows drivers with these programs

Drivers are a fundamental part of all our equipment, thanks to which the operating system recognizes and can use the different components such as the webcam, the sound card, the graphic card, etc. These drivers should always be updated for a better performance of our computer, as well as delete those that have become obsolete. To help us with this task, today we are going to see the best programs with which we can install, update, copy and delete drivers from our Windows computer.

The drivers or controllers are responsible for linking each component of the hardware of our computer with the operating system. In the drivers is where all the information of each element of the hardware is found so that Windows knows how to recognize and use them. Therefore, it is tremendously important that the drivers are updated for the proper functioning of the equipment, just as we must dispense with those that are obsolete, as well as maintain a backup copy in case of any adversity.

To carry out these operations we can use a series of programs, as we will show you below. However, we will not always need to use these third-party software solutions to keep this section of the system up to date. This is something that we will also talk about in these same lines, but in many cases users prefer to have more control in the process, or simply have more functions for all of it.

Update drivers with Device Manager

One of the most important elements that are part of the Windows operating system itself is the Windows Device Manager. As its name gives us a glimpse, from this section we have the possibility of managing a good part of the functions of the components that are part of our PC. Hence precisely the importance of this element in question. Here come into play, among many other things, the controllers of which we have spoken before.

From here we can delete, update, or see if some of these are causing some type of incompatibility or error in the system. But of course, for all this, including updating drivers, which is what interests us in each case, we have to know how to access. Thus, to quickly enter the Device Manager, we find a shortcut by right-clicking on the Start menu, or with the Win + X combination.

Next we find a wide list that are actually all the hardware elements that in one way or another are part of our PC. Many of them we can unpick even to see what they hide. Well, as we mentioned before, here we have the possibility to update these drivers directly. Of course, we will have little or no control over the process as such. To do this, all we have to do is locate the specific component that we need or want to update.

Once we have it on the screen, we click on it with the right mouse button. Thus, in the contextual menu that appears, we will see the option to Update driver, so we click on that entry.

Programs to install and update drivers

The programs that we are going to see below will allow us to analyze our computer to recognize the hardware, see what drivers we have and download the latest versions of both those installed and, of course, those that are not installed.

IObit Driver Booster

This application has been designed so that we can update all the drivers on our Windows computer without complications. In it we will find drivers for audio, video or any other device that we have connected to the equipment. This tool will take care of replacing the older drivers with their most current version, guaranteeing better system performance. In addition, to avoid accidents during the update, the program will make a backup beforehand, so that we can recover it in case of any mishap.

IObit Driver Booster has a free version that we can download from its website . It also has a paid version, with a larger database and that allows you to download drivers without a speed limit, among other improvements. Its price is 75 euros per year, being valid for up to three computers.


With this software we can always keep our drivers updated without having to search for and download them manually. DirverPack-Solution will be in charge of analyzing all the hardware of our computer to verify which drivers are the ones that we must have updated to improve and optimize the performance of the equipment . Once found, it will automatically download it, without us having to do anything else. In addition, it makes a backup copy of our drivers, to always have it available in case of any inconvenience.

DriverPack-Solution is a free application that we can download from the developer’s website .

Snappy Driver Installer

It is an open source, free and portable program with which to keep up to date with the drivers of our Windows PC. Although it has a somewhat dated interface, it does allow the use of themes to improve its appearance. This application’s mission is to search, locate, download and install all missing or outdated drivers on our computer. It also has some additional features, such as restarting the computer after any driver has been updated.

Spanppy Driver Installer is a free application that we can download from its official website . On this same page they put at our disposal different themes with which to customize the program’s interface.

AVG Driver Updater

If we don’t want to have to install and update all our drivers manually, we can choose to install AVG Driver Updater. This tool will be in charge of tracking all the hardware of our system in search of outdated drivers, to later be able to download and install them, so that we can have our system perfectly optimized, thus avoiding unexpected crashes or connectivity problems. It has a database with more than 500,000 hardware drivers and software updates and is capable of checking official drivers for more than 100 brands.

AVG Driver Updater has a free version that we can download from its website at no cost. With this version we can perform a system analysis to detect the necessary drivers. In case we want to update them, we will have to pay their license from 34.99 euros per year.

Driver Talent

This useful tool has been designed to help us obtain and always keep up to date all our drivers for a perfect functioning of our system. In this way, Driver Talent is in charge of scanning our system in search of drivers that we do not have installed or that are outdated. It will also allow us to make backup copies of the drivers before updating them, as well as uninstalling all those obsolete drivers that we do not use. This application is also capable of locating and repairing corrupted drivers ensuring that the system can always offer its best performance.

Driver Talent has a free trial version, which we can download from the developer’s website. To be able to use it regularly, it is necessary to acquire its license from $ 19.95 for a computer and with free updates.

Driver Easy

This simple and useful software has the mission of automatically detecting, downloading and installing all the necessary drivers for our computer, as well as solving any type of problem we may have with them. In this way we always ensure that we can have optimal performance of our equipment. Driver Easy has a database of more than three million drivers, so that we can quickly find any driver that we need to update. This program is compatible with all types of drivers such as video, audio, network, modems, printers, among many others. You also have the option to make backup copies of the drivers to be able to reinstall it in case of any problem.

Driver Easy is a free tool that we can download from its official website . It also has a paid license that we can purchase for a year from $ 29.95.

If we do not want to install any program on our PC, we have an excellent alternative that we can use to update the PC drivers is . This is a web application that allows us to analyze our computer directly from the browser, being able to analyze our entire PC, and update all our drivers, with just one click. From the web, this tool is responsible for recognizing all our hardware and searching different databases for the newest versions of the drivers. In addition, it allows you to download a tool to perform an offline analysis, and download the drivers from another PC.

Its main limitation is that it does not have a database of offline drivers like other programs, so we will have to use, yes or yes, an Internet connection.

PC HelpSoft Driver Updater

As with the rest of the programs we are talking about here, PC HelpSoft Driver Updater is in charge of locating and installing the most recent drivers on the PC. In fact, the program knows how to find the most suitable driver for each one of them so that the equipment works in a more optimal way. In addition, all this through an intuitive user interface that will help us in all this. To download the program as such, we will do it from here .


Next we will talk about DUMo, which means Drivers Update Monitor. As you can imagine, this is a solution that keeps the PC updated in terms of the most recent version of the equipment’s hardware drivers at all times. It is also very easy to use, perform an automatic detection of these elements and locate the necessary drivers according to the version of Windows. To test this first hand, you can do it from this link .

Backup and delete Windows drivers

If our computer is good, it is best not to touch it. This is the golden rule of computing. However, what happens to the drivers if we are to format? The following programs will allow us to make a backup copy of them to reinstall them whenever we want with just a couple of clicks.

Driver Store Explorer

With this application we can see a list of all the drivers that we have on our computer, indicating which are outdated or obsolete, allowing us to uninstall them as long as we grant administrator permissions, as well as having Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 on the computer. In this way we will be able to list and manage all the drivers of our device and get rid of those that we no longer need and in the process avoid that they can cause any problem.

Driver Store Explorer is an open source tool that we can download completely free of charge .

Free Driver Backup

This complete software will help us to make backup copies of all our Windows drivers. In this way, if at any time we have problems with a driver on our computer, we can reinstall it without having to search for and download them manually, since it will be enough to restore the backup made. With Free Driver Backup we can make a backup of any system controller, be it video, audio, network, Bluetooth, mouse, keyboard, etc. In addition, it is also possible to back up cookies, Microsoft Edge bookmarks, and the registry.

As its name suggests, Free Driver Backup is a free application that we can download directly from its website .

Double Driver

This useful and simple software will allow us to quickly view all the drivers that we have on our computer, as well as make a backup of them to keep them always safe. In this way, in case of any system failure or, simply, that we want to reinstall Windows, we will have a copy that we can restore whenever necessary, without having to search for and install them manually. It also allows the possibility of scanning other computers that we have connected to the network to make a backup copy.

Double Driver is a free and portable program, so it does not require any type of installation on our computer. We can download it from the developer’s website.


With this application we can perform different functions such as backup, restoration or elimination of the drivers that we have installed on our computer. In this way, in case there is a problem or we need to reinstall Windows, we can restore all the drivers from the backup. In addition, in case we have outdated or obsolete drivers we can also eliminate them to prevent them from causing any type of problem in the system. With DriverBackup! There are no drivers that cannot be supported, since it is compatible with the video, audio, Bluetooth, network controllers among other components of the equipment.

DriverBackup is completely free and portable software, so it does not require installation, and it can be downloaded from the Sourceforge website.

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