Improve privacy and configure windows 10 to your looking with winslap

Since back in 2015 Microsoft launched Windows 10, privacy has been one of its most criticized aspects, since we cannot have total control of our operating system. During the installation and later from the Settings menu we can activate or deactivate functions, but not completely. That is why if we are concerned about privacy in Windows we can use a program like WinSlap, which we will talk about below.

WinSlap is a small and free open source application that will allow us to obtain full control over which Windows 10 functions to use and to what extent our data can be shared. With this tool we can quickly modify the configuration and settings of the operating system. It has been designed to be used right after the installation of Windows, although it can also be used once it is running.

The program offers us the possibility that we can decide how Windows 10 should respect our privacy, making recommendations and giving advice on which unwanted functions we want to disable. Although, it is also important to inform the user of the risks involved in modifying the Windows privacy policy

Risks of modifying system settings

As with other programs of this type that often make changes to files or internal settings of the operating system, there is no real guarantee that it will always work as expected. Some features may be disabled and others may not. This can block our operating system or have problems, especially when installing future Windows updates.

That is why we must be clear that all changes are made at our own risk . Once we have deactivated a function, it is difficult to reverse, especially for a user with not very advanced knowledge. Likewise, since the program is responsible for modifying the system configuration, it is highly recommended to create a backup copy of all our systems before making any modification.

Use UWinSlap and configure Windows 10 to your liking

Once we execute the application, its main menu appears immediately, in the form of a window. Its interface is quite simple, as it is responsible for organizing the different functions in main tabs: Tweaks (Settings), Appearance (Appearance), Software and Advanced (Advanced). In them we will find a list of configurations that are in English. That is why we have to be careful to know exactly what we are modifying.


For example, in the Tweaks tab we can disable Cortana, uninstall OneDrive, disable telemetry, disable Big searches, disable background applications, remove pre-installed applications, disable the step recorder, install the .NET framework, among others.


If we go to the Appearance tab, we will find options, such as the possibility of putting the small taskbar icons, hiding OneDrive Cloud in File Explorer, hiding the TaskView button, disabling the lock screen blur, etc.


The Software tab is somewhat different as it does not list the system applications that we can eliminate. Instead, what it offers us is the possibility of installing third-party programs that are usually very popular such as Telegram, VLC, Firefox, among others. In this way we can install them directly from WinSlap without having to search for them one by one.


Finally, the Advanced tab allows us to disable more complex or unknown functions for the average user. Here we will find the keyboard lock after clicking or disabling the WiFi sensor. It also has some simpler options with the option to disable Windows Defender that can be very well received by many users or the possibility of uninstalling Internet Explorer, among others.

We will be able to change between the different tabs without losing any selection that we have previously made in another tab. To carry out the desired changes, we just have to mark the options and click on the «Slap» button. We will find the button located at the bottom of the screen. Once pressed, the program takes care of making the changes to the system. We must also bear in mind that the program will restart the system in order to apply the changes, so it is important that we save our work before starting to use the application and avoid losing anything.

Download WinSlap for free

WinSlap is a free and open source program that we can download from the GitHub page . The application weighs less than 900 kbs and is completely portable so it does not need installation. In addition, we can transport it and run it on any computer from a portable storage device such as a hard drive, a memory card or a Pendrive. All you have to do is click on the WinSlap.exe file with the right mouse button to run it as Administrator, as the program requires it as it allows changes to be made to the system. It is possible that Windows SmartScreen will detect it as a virus, but we should have no problem running it since it is 100% safe.

It is currently available in version 1.4 that was released on January 18, 2021 . The application saw the light for the first time in November of last year, which shows that since then its developers have been updating it frequently.

Other alternatives to WinSlap

If we are looking for a program with which to make any type of adjustment or variation in Windows settings, we propose these alternatives to WinSlap.


This program integrates more than 50 privacy policies, and each of them can be activated or deactivated with a single click. Before making internal changes to the operating system, the tool is in charge of reading the privacy policy settings of the operating system and, from there, applying the necessary changes. Spydish is a totally free program and you can download it from the following link to GitHub .


This free and open source program designed to allow users to have much more control over everything related to privacy in Windows 10, without making aggressive changes to the system. In this way, all the changes are reversible and, in addition, they will not give us problems with Windows Update. We can download the latest version of this program for free from the following link .

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