How to use tags or spoiler in discord like an expert? Step by step guide

This free voice service that is used mostly by gamers, businessmen and others who need to communicate online has become the ideal option for conducting different types of discussions.

One of its main advantages is that it allows messages to be decorated with images, emojis, gifs, among others, thus becoming a very useful feature within the platform.

This is how the use of labels or Spoiler in Discord has become essential for all members of the application, that is why here we will show you how you can use them as an expert.

What are tags and what are they for in the Discord tool?

Currently many of the users who use this platform do not yet know what the Markdown formatting functions are that are included there. The truth of all this is that the use of these functions can allow you to modify the way in which viewers can see all your published content . In this way, this feature allows users to add any type of message format, including italics, bold, code formats, among others.

In the same way, the Markdown feature allows what a spoiler alert is to be reported . These spoiler tags are useful for alerting other users that you are about to convey information about something someone is not prepared for, such as reporting what happens at the end of a movie. This means that when adding these tags, other users only see a gray or black frame on the content.

In this way, said application allows the use of spoiler tags in the chat of any server  and in this way it will allow you to avoid the right display of your sent messages . In this way you will ensure that your messages are not read by any user, but that they must perform a specific action to be able to read them since they will be shown hidden.

What are the benefits of using Spoilers on Discord?

As mentioned in the previous section, the main objective of these tags is to help you hide messages so that they cannot be read by anyone, since the user who wants to access it will have to perform an action previously that many may not want. make. In this way, these labels are used mostly to talk about a series or movie that not all members of the community have seen, so the story of the end of it is usually offered .

Therefore, when using the spoiler tags in the messages that are talking about that series or movie, they will be hidden from view, this means that users who have not seen the movie or series will not be able to read those messages. Although there is the case that you want to see it at your own risk and thus know how is the end of that movie that you have not seen yet . Therefore, the main benefit of all this is that it will help you hide certain types of messages that for some reason you do not want to be available to everyone.

Learn step by step how to use spoilers on Discord like an expert

If for some reason you want to start hiding texts as a spoiler in Discord, then here we are going to show you how you can perform this procedure in a simple way and as a true expert .

To do this, you simply have to follow each of the steps that we will explain below:

  • To start this procedure you must start it by writing the complete text that you want to share, but after doing so it is important that you select the part of the text that you want to hide, in this case it can be all the text you have written or just a part of it. Keep in mind that the text will be hidden in the Spoiler format so that it is not visible unless the user  clicks on it .

  • After selecting the text you want to hide, you must  right click on it . There you will see a drop-down menu where you will find different options, in this case you must select “Mark as spoiler” which usually appears first in the list.

  • After selecting it, you will see how two vertical stripes have been placed on both sides of the selected text. By appearing the stripes on both sides it is indicating that it is now a textual code, so you can also decide by hand which text you want to hide as a spoiler by placing the same stripes on the sides | | that is, at the beginning and end, leaving something like this : || Spoiler ||

  • After having the text in this way, the next thing will be to press the “Enter” key on your keyboard so that it is automatically sent to your Discord channel. As you can see in the image shown below in the post, the part that has been marked as spoiler format now appears hidden highlighted in black, but all other users know that there is something written there and how long it is, so that it is everyone’s responsibility to want to read or not what appears hidden there.

  • Therefore, if you want to know what is written there, you just have to click on the marked text. However, each user runs the risk of reading something that they simply do not want to know, such as the end of a series or movie of the moment that they have not yet finished watching or have not seen. This feature is also used to hide text that many other users cannot see.

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