How to update itunes to the latest version for free? Step by step guide

Surely if you are a user of the well-known Apple brand, it will sound like you have heard things about the iTunes application  multiple times. This is a multimedia content store through which you can access all the content available for this network of devices. If you continue reading the article, you will know, of course, how to update iTunes to the latest version available to enjoy its news at all times.

ITunes users They can download music, videos and content that are at their fingertips within a wide selection, which can be adapted to the content that interests each person. Once you have downloaded everything that attracts you the most, you can create your own playlists, burn CDs, convert files to other formats and activate a viewer . In addition, there is what is called “Smart Playlists “, which can be configured to update based on the criteria indicated by a list by the user.

Several functions are included that make this application much more attractive for users. It should be noted iMix, which is a playlist created by the user and published in the iTunes store . They are limited to one hundred songs and support both downloaded music and music imported from a CD. They remain active for a year and any user can rate this list using the star system. This makes the platform something dynamic and more entertaining, facilitating participation between users.

How to update iTunes on my Mac computer?

You can share your library over a local network with a protocol created by Apple (DAAP – Digital Audio Access Protocol) for it. Videos can also be downloaded, as iTunes supports various viewing plugins . In addition, you can enjoy podcasts, which are a kind of “radio shows ” transmitted through the web.

Once you are subscribed to them, they will be downloaded from time to time to your device in the Podcast Directory . Finally, it should be noted that if you have an iPod or iPhone, you can synchronize everything with your device and thus have all the downloaded content available on these as well.

All Mac computers come with iTunes preinstalled as standard, so enjoying it in principle is not a problem. Next we are going to show, yes, the necessary steps to be able to get the latest version of said program:

Download iTunes for Mac

  1. Once you have turned on your Mac, proceed to open the App Store  whose icon is in the bottom menu of the Desktop.
  2. At the top of the window that opens, click on the “iTunes ” option on the left.
  3. Now look for the option “ Check for updates ”.
  4. If there is an update to the iTunes program, a warning will appear and you must click on “Install “.
  5. It will ask for your password to give administrator permissions in the update.
  6. Next, you will be offered information about the installation and you will have to click on the “Ok ” option .
  7. You just have to wait for the update to download and continue with the installation of it.
  8. Restart the computer to check that everything is correct.
* Note: If you are not asked to install anything, it is because you are already facing the latest version of iTunes . It may be that it was installed automatically. Still, start with the steps outlined to check it out easily.

How to update iTunes on PC for Windows 7 or 10?

The iTunes app  they are not only available solely on Apple-branded devices. It can also be installed on a desktop PC with Windows operating system . The steps that must be followed to make the update are going to be indicated below.

Download iTunes for Windows 7 or higher (32 Bit)

Download iTunes for Windows 7 or higher (64 Bit)

  1. To start, you must open the iTunes application , by double clicking on the icon that represents it.
  2. In the menu bar that you have at the top of that window you must select the “Help ” menu .
  3. Now, click on the option “Search for Updates “.
  4. If there is one available, you can click on “Install ” and follow the necessary steps to carry it out.
* Note: If you have not updated iTunes in a long time, it is important that you make sure you have considerable time to wait for the application to update before using it again.

How to do iTunes update on my iPhone phone?

Update iTunes  on an iPhone it is very simple because everything is carried out in a little while from the App Store . Continue with the following steps to get the latest available version of the program:

Download latest version iTunes Store for iPhone

  1. Open the AppStore  on your device, be it iPad or iPhone .
  2. At the bottom click on the option on the right, where it says “Updates “.
  3. Now you can search for the one you want to update among the applications. When you find it, click on it and check if a button appears where it says “Update “. A red circle may also appear. This is indeed visible when an improvement is available, an example.
  4. Click on the update option and wait for it to download and install on the phone . It is a very simple process but it is done autonomously and that, in any case, will ask for your permission to continue.
  5. Once finished, you will see a blue circle next to the name of the application . This will indicate that the update has completed successfully.
* Note: It may ask for a username and password or confirmation by fingerprint to accept the update of iTunes to the latest version . Do it while connected to a Wi-Fi network This way the process will be much faster and you will not consume cell phone data.

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