How to share screen and sound on discord with other users during call? Step by step guide

This platform is currently one of the most useful and versatile applications that can be found when wanting to establish communication, either through a call or by text message.

But it not only stands out for offering what is messaging and calls, but also allows you to use the screen sharing function , which you can use when you are making a call from your PC.

This tool is very useful especially if you maintain communication with your work team, so it is essential to be able to carry it out. This is how here we are going to teach you how to share screen on Discord with other users.

What is the use of sharing screen and sound during a Discord call?

If you like video games and you make use of the Twitch platform , then most likely you have already used Discord’s voice and text chat service which allows you to create small or large chat servers for your games or for groups of job. However, many of the users are still unaware of the screen sharing function and the sound during a call.

This is how this application allows you to freely create voice calls, as well as make videoconferences, either for you to use during your games of video games, meetings with friends, work, talks or for any other personal or professional purpose. But you have to bear in mind that in many of these conversations it is very good to be able to share your screen and thus allow the rest of the chat users to see what you are doing on your computer .

This is essential for those cases that you want to  explain something to your video game colleagues or your work team , since basically you will have the opportunity to explain how to carry out certain configurations, display content, web page or simply so that they can see your departure. Keep in mind that Discord allows a limit of 9 or 10 people per chat.

Learn step by step how to show your screen and sound to other Discord users from your mobile

Keep in mind that the procedure to share screen from the mobile is very simple to do. Therefore, if you have the Discord application on your Android mobile, you will have the opportunity to share the screen of your smartphone and sound with other users of the applications, in this way all those people you have chosen will be able to see the screen of your smartphone, as well as voice clips and screenshots.

Accessing this shared use on Android is very simple, for this you simply have to follow each of the steps that we will indicate below:

  • To start this procedure you must join the Discord voice channel of your choice.
  • Once there you must enter the lower left part of the application screen and there touch the video camera icon .
  • It may be possible that you will see a notification which you must allow in order to grant the application permissions to Discord .
  • Now press the camera button to share the voice capabilities of the camera and microphone with anyone on your channel.

Keep in mind that this process works correctly on any smartphone, tablet and any other device that uses the Android 7.0 or higher operating system . It will have a very good transmission quality if you use a network with 3G or 4G technology .

Discover how to show your screen and sound to other Discord users from your computer

In the case that you are one of the people who prefers to use Discord from their computer for greater comfort, then they will also have the opportunity to start sharing the screen and the sound with other users from the PC, all this through a fairly simple procedure. simple and quick to perform.

To do this, follow in detail each of the steps that we are going to teach you below:

  • From the main page of Discord from accessing the “User Settings” and there you will find the “Voice and video” tab where you will be able to make all the corresponding settings.

  • As long as you have a video device available there, you will be able to select it from the camera’s drop-down menu .

  • If you want to make sure that your camera is working correctly before activating it, then you can click on the “Video Test” button and thus check that everything is fine and you can have good contact with the other chat users in case wanting to activate the camera.

  • In the case that they are using the browser version and not the web application, then most likely they must allow access to the browser camera before being able to use the device. In this way, the following pop-up window will appear on the screen if Discord detects any problem.
  • If this is the case and it appears, just click on the “Allow” option to continue with the process.

Start adding friends to your chat

  • Once you have all of the above configured, then the next step you must take is to open either a private group or group MD with the Persians with whom you want to start sharing a video chat . To do this you can select the icon that appears in the header right next to the search box.

  • After this step you will have different ways of being able to get a face-to-face conversation that adapts to your preferences and which are the following:

  • Switch between screen and video: the icons shown in the previous image will allow you to change your view shown between the camera and the screen of your computer, this can be changed either at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the call, as they are your needs. Once you select the screen, you will have different options to choose exactly what you want to share with the other members of the chat .

  • In the case that you use different monitors, then you can select which of those screens you want to share or even if you want to show a specific application.
  • Enable full screen: the enable full screen icon will allow you to expand the video call to full screen regardless of what type of view is being used. When you are in full screen, then you will be able to select the view selector or the minimize button   to return to the normal view, that is, the one you had previously.

Being able to carry out various activities during the calls is very important, that is why if you change to other servers or MD during the current call, said transmission will go to a pop-up view which you will be able to locate where you most want. be convenient on your screen.

Through the icons that appear in the lower left corner of your screen you can access the video options, either to expand the call in progress again or simply click on the list of users that appears in the upper left part of your screen .

Share sound

After having everything mentioned above completely clear and knowing how to activate any view, whether screen or video, the next thing you should keep in mind is how to share the sound especially when you share the screen, either because you are explaining something that you show there or because you are narrating your game.

Therefore, if you are sharing a single window, you will have to enable the sound button so that you can start sharing it . If this icon does not appear, then it is possible that this option is not enabled for the shared application.

In the case that you have problems when sharing the sound with your chat friends, then you can try some of these alternatives to try to correct this error:

  • The first thing you should do is check your antivirus programs, since in many times these softwares block these actions, if so, they can deactivate it while making the call and sharing the screen.
  • Please check your audio settings and in some cases you need to check some basic troubleshooting steps.
  • Uninstall Discord  and reinstall it on your computer.

List of the best Discord tricks to get the most out of this tool

There is no doubt that Discord has become one of the most popular applications today, which has a large number of functions and tools that will allow you to get the most out of it . However, you may not know all of them, that is why here we are going to show you which are the best tricks of this platform so that you can start to get the most out of this tool.

To do this, follow each of the tricks that we will teach you below:

Get started configuring Overlay visuals

Overlay has become one of themost attractive Discord functionsfor most users and is that with them, certain types of elements that are related to the application itself can be displayed on the screen at the time the games are being developed. your favorite video games, such as the avatars of your colleagues, user names, real-time chat, among others.

According to everything that can be obtained with this function, it is very important to be able to edit all the Overlay options, for them the options must be accessed through the cogwheel icon that is located next to the user name in the part bottom of the screen. There you will find the Overlay option that we can activate or deactivate depending on your case. Here you can select to show it all the time or only when someone sends a message or the corner where you want these notifications to appear.

Use only official apps

One of the advantages offered by this platform is its ease of use, especially the one that can be given through the website, this allows Discord to be used in almost any operating system. Like almost any program of this type, it also usually has native applications with which you can get a much broader experience in it and that adapts better to either your smartphone or computer.

It can be said that one of its most important features is having all the versions you may need, for the desktop it has applications for the Windows operating system , for Linux in .deb and tar.gz formats, as well as for macOS. For users who prefer to use it from their mobile device, then they will get applications for Android from the Google Play Store and for iOS from their official App Store.

Connect your accounts on other servers so you can get additional functions

Another important aspect that you can carry out from this platform is to connect your accounts to other servers and thus expand the functions that you can get there, in this way if you want to connect your Twitch , Skype , Facebook , Twitter , YouTube , Spotify accounts or Reddit with the Discord service, then you will have the opportunity to do it through a very easy trick. Keep in mind that doing this will help you perform new functions within your servers with total ease.

To do this, follow each of the steps that we explain below:

  • The first thing you should do is access Discord and locate yourself in your profile section, once there you must press the settings icon which is located in the lower left-hand side of your screen.
  • Once there you must select the option “Connections”, from there you will have the opportunity to view all the servers that you have available.
  • The next thing will be to press the icon of the service that you want to link your Discord account , when you do this, a new web page will open in the browser where you must grant the necessary permissions to that application so that it can access the required data and thus can carry perform its operation properly.

Mark a channel as NSFW

Another advantage that this application offers you is that you will be able to create a server with the theme that you want, this means that it is possible that in some cases the channels you share have adult content, which are known as “Safe for Work ” and its abbreviation NSFW.  Therefore, to avoid misunderstandings or inconveniences, you can have these channels notify from the beginning what type of content they have, which will alert users who want to access there.

In this way, when selecting a channel such as NSFW, the Discord platform will automatically ask anyone who wants to enter to verify if they are of legal age, otherwise said content will not be available. In order to configure this you must access the “Configuration” section so that you can edit this. There you must select the editing options and in it the “Summary” section, from there you can activate the NSFW channel option .

Limit user write interval

To finish this list we explain how to limit the writing intervals, in this way after a fairly key configuration you will get in the settings of each channel what the Slow Mode settings  are . All this is about a bar in which you must mark a certain period of time, at the time of

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