How to set and customize the lock screen in windows 10? Step by step guide

It is no secret to anyone that Windows 10 is characterized by being a highly customizable operating system . Therefore, if you like the idea of ​​modifying the appearance of said system, by default, you will have all the necessary options to configure your experience to the maximum .

In that sense, one of the best news that Microsoft’s OS has presented since its version 8 and has improved it in W10, refers to the lock screen, which is also known as the “home screen” . Which, automatically, is renewed every day with Microsoft’s own funds.

However, there is also the possibility of adjusting this screen to suit you and with that, personalize your user experience much more. Thus, an alternative that is of great interest in Windows 10 and here we will show you how you can proceed in those cases .

What is the Windows lock screen and how is it different from the desktop one?

Before starting to detail the steps to customize and adjust the lock screen in the latest version of Windows, it is essential to understand what it is all about . In this sense, the lock screen can be defined as a view that appears after turning on the machine or once it is awakened from the sleep state and works in the same way as the lock screen characteristics of mobile devices and tablets do. .

Thus, the main purpose of the Windows lock screen is to hide the desktop or the login screen . Added to this, in addition, this type of PC screen is also responsible for presenting useful information without the need to log into the system and with just a glance. Reason why, the same users have the necessary options to easily customize it .

Now, it is important to know that the lock screen is not the same as the login screen . Since, the latter, which is also known as the Windows desktop, is defined as the main screen that is observed once the system is initialized, which contains the icons of the programs that you use frequently and thus, refers to the element by means of which the person works more constantly and moves through all the functionalities of the OS.

Steps to configure and customize all aspects of the W10 lock screen

Luckily, there are numerous customization options that the lock screen supports on a Windows 10 computer and, in order to achieve each of them, you will have to follow a series of steps that we indicate, below :

  • Directly from the Start menu, type “Settings” in the search bar, to enter that system application.
  • Once you see all the selections available in the Settings menu, it’s time to find and click on the option called “Personalization” .

  • After that, in the left sidebar of the new window, click on “Lock screen” and from there, you can start customizing it through the options that we mention below.


The first thing you can customize is the lock screen image. This must be done from the Background section, where “Windows Featured Content” is selected by default and shows a collection of images preselected by Microsoft itself.

However, if you click on said drop-down menu, you will get other options such as “Image” and “Presentation” . If you select Image, you can set a single visual element for the lock screen background . In case you choose Slideshow, you can add your own collection of photos from a folder hosted on your computer .

Typically, users choose to select the Image option, and then a box with multiple Microsoft images will appear along with the “Browse” button . From this button, you can open the file explorer and choose the image you prefer to use, manually .

Fun facts, tips and advice

At the bottom of the Background, you will see other options available to further configure your lock screen in W10 and one of them refers to the display of curious data, suggestions, tips and much more information of interest on that screen . These being a kind of messages that Microsoft sends to its customers through the lock screen.

But, although it is not advertising information by the company, in many cases it can become annoying for most users . Therefore, if you no longer want to see ads of this type, you can disable this option by simply moving the corresponding switch to the left (since the option is activated by default).


On the other hand, from a very simple option, you can select an application to show its status on the lock screen, in detail .

To do this, look for that section and then choose the application you prefer among all those that are available . Which are: 3D Viewer, Messages, WildTangent Games, Xbox Console Companion, Alarms and Clock, Weather, Mail or Calendar.

Quick statuses

Additionally, you can choose which applications will show the quick status on the lock screen of your Windows 10 PC . Taking into account that, you have a total of 7 spaces available to indicate that number of applications.

In that sense, what you will have to do is press the box with the “+” icon and then click on the application you prefer within the list that they provide. In the same way, proceed with the other boxes .

Wait time

Below, you will see an option that says “Screen timeout settings” and as indicated, it allows you to adjust the time it will take for the lock screen to turn off or be deactivated.

Once you enter this option, with just a click, they will show you a new window in which you can define the Start / Shutdown and suspension time . In the case of the first, you can select the number of minutes or hours of waiting in which the equipment will turn off with the battery and, on the other hand, when it is plugged in.

In addition to that, at the bottom, you can choose the exact time in which the PC will suspend with a battery, as well as when it will go to sleep while it is plugged into the power .

Screen saver

Finally, there is a selection called “Screen saver settings” and from there, you can set a new screen saver according to your preferences.

So, click on that option and immediately, a pop-up window will open. In it, proceed to select if you want to define a new screen saver among all the available alternatives: Bubbles, Ribbons, Shapes and figures, Photos, 3D Text and Empty.

In addition, you can choose the number of minutes you want to wait, as well as choose if you want to show it on the login screen and change the power settings to better manage it. Once all the changes have been made, click “OK” and “Apply” .

What are the best apps to integrate into the Windows 10 lock screen?

As you may have seen, thanks to one of the options available in the menu to customize your PC’s lock screen, there is the possibility of integrating some applications to it in order to give you information without having to unlock your computer.

However, you will surely wonder which are the most appropriate or recommended for this and, consequently, from this section of the post, we will name some of the best:

  • 2day : It consists of a task manager that shows the number of pending tasks during the day and also shows the details of the next two pending tasks. In this way, it is considered an excellent tool to obtain greater productivity.
  • Nextgen Reade : If you are a fan of reading news from your PC and always staying informed, this application can be of great help to you. Since, it is an RSS news reader that shows the amount of news without seeing and without using a web browser.
  • AccuWeather : Basically, it is defined as an application in charge of revealing the weather forecast for the next few days and, without a doubt, it is one of the most used in Windows 10.
  • Windows Calendar : From the lock screen, this application will allow you to be aware of the dates corresponding to each year and also shows the details of the next event . In this way, it is ideal to avoid overlooking anything.
  • Windows Mail : If you work through the Internet or have to constantly manage your email, we recommend that you use this application to integrate it into the lock screen of your computer. Since, it has the ability to show the number of unread emails and is always kept up to date.
  • Microsoft Store : This is the digital software distribution platform developed by Microsoft and to be able to be aware of its updates or recommendations, it is valuable to integrate it into the lock screen.
  • Poki : It consists of an ideal application to read articles from Pocket, the web service that makes it easy for users to manage reading lists obtained from the Internet. Taking into account that, Poki announces the amount of unread texts from the lock screen in W10 .

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