How to schedule automatic power on and off in windows 8? Step by step guide

Although it is true, the Windows 8 task scheduler offers the possibility of carrying out certain actions in the operating system, based on a system in which a certain period of time is specified after which these actions will be automatically executed . One of them consists of the automatic switch-off or switch-on function that has notably characterized Windows machines.

In that sense, the functionality to program the on and off automatically in W8, is very favorable for the vast majority of people . Which should not wait for the system to start up and load in order to use the equipment or for it to shut down properly. Whereas, it is possible to indicate that the computer turns off at a specific time, automatically .

But, despite the great utility of this function, many users do not know how they can activate and use it on their PC. Reason why, through this post, we will teach step by step how to program automatic power on and off on a Windows 8 computer .

What to take into account when programming the automatic on and off of the PC?

It is no secret to anyone that the vast majority of tasks performed by an operating system require an indeterminate time to run, whether due to automatic updates, system cleanings or file downloads, for example. Reason why, sometimes, users choose to interrupt these processes to start or shut down their computer . However, this is a not recommended action because it could saturate the system and even cause certain failures or errors that affect the life of the equipment.

As a consequence, Microsoft Windows has designed the function of scheduling the PC to turn on and off automatically, so that users do not have to worry or wait a long time to ensure that their machine performs the processes properly. In this sense, this tool is responsible for configuring the on and off processes so that the computer works or stops working correctly, regardless of the absence of the user .

Thus, an option that provides excellent advantages that we mention below:

  • In most cases, W8 updates usually take a long time and this prevents users from doing other tasks. But, if the automatic shutdown function is activated before enabling these updates, you will not have to wait in front of the computer waiting for the process to complete .
  • The above also happens when you decide to download a very heavy software and you want to rest or need to go out. Since, you can start this download and at the same time program the corresponding function so that the computer turns off when it is finished, without having to worry about anything.
  • If, normally, you work with a computer and you want to avoid waiting while it turns on, you have the power to program this functionality so that the PC turns on at a specific time and thus, you will not waste time during the startup process of the system .
  • It is also a tool that allows you to control the time of use of the PC . Since, through these schedules, you will be able to set a daily limit to use the computer and thus, make sure to fulfill other duties respectively.

Learn step by step how to program your Windows 8 to turn itself on and off

As you will see, the ability to turn Windows 8 on and off automatically provides excellent benefits for users of this operating system . Therefore, it is really important to know how to perform such programming on the PC so that it can turn itself on and off.

Next, we explain the steps to follow to execute it correctly:

  • First of all, to open the task scheduler from this version of Windows, you have to execute the following command: “taskschd.msc” on your PC with W8 .
  • Following this, you will be able to create a new rule or execute a new task, to which you must add this command: “C: \ Windows \ System32 \ shutdown.exe”, specifically, within the “Program or script” menu .
  • Finally, all that remains is to configure the automatic on and / or shutdown of your PC, in order to enjoy the benefits of this tool.

It should be noted that this utility present in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, allows users to set the time with which they prefer the action in question to be applied to the system . Valuing that, it is possible to establish it daily, weekly and even monthly, as well as once, when starting the computer, when logging in or when a certain event is registered. This, according to the requirements of each person .

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