How to restart windows 10 correctly to avoid failures? Step by step guide

Desktop computers have a quick reset button, it is smaller than the power button. Which you should only use in extreme situations. Using it incorrectly can mean possible damage to your PC .

For notebooks, this accessory has been omitted. However, you still run the risk of not closing active programs well . And with this lose important information. Which you will not recognize until you start the computer again.

Windows incorporates in your system different methods to restart correctly. We will show you in this post what are the steps you must follow. And in this way avoid eventual damage to your equipment.

Why is it important to restart my Windows 10 computer correctly?

The most important thing to perform a correct reboot of the system is done before performing the action. That is, the most important steps will be those that are taken prior to pressing the button:

  • Make sure to save the data of the editable files:  If you have been working in editing programs, text, video, etc., make sure to save the progress before closing them. By doing this, you will avoid future headaches due to lost information.
  • Check the downloads:  Keep in mind that the downloads you are doing from your browser or from a manager can be canceled if you close the program. It may not take a long time to wait for them to finish.
  • Take care of security:  If you use a shared computer, either regularly or occasionally, close the sessions. Browsers along with social networks offer the option to keep your account active, even if you turn off your computer. It is very important to preserve personal information.
  • Take the correct steps to restart:  Even ignoring any of the above indications, the system may warn you of an eventual error or loss.

Steps to restart my Windows 10 properly easily and quickly

Taking into account the previous paragraphs and following any of the methods with their respective steps, you will not have any problem restarting your computer.

We offer you different methods to achieve a successful restart. Let’s get started:

Through the “Start Menu”

  • Once deployed, you will find the “start / stop” button on the base.
  • Press it and choose “Restart.”
  • With the keyboard shortcut.
  • On the desktop, press the “Alt” + “F4” keys .
  • A new window will open. In the drop-down list, select “Restart .

With a keyboard access

  • Press the sequence “Ctrl” + “Alt” + “Del” (or “Delete” on some keyboards).
  • The screen will go black and show a list of options, in addition to three icons in the lower right corner.
  • Choose the shutdown button followed by “Restart .

With secondary click

  • Pressing the right mouse button”  on the Windows icon in the taskbar will display a list.
  • Hover over “Shut down or sign out.”
  • Choose “Restart .

Whichever way you choose to restart the system, always keep in mind the advice we gave you above . In the event that your computer does not start after doing so, it is likely that you have a problem in the system.

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