How to print easy and fast microsoft excel spreadsheets? Step-by-step guide

Without a doubt, we live in a digital age, in which technology covers more and more space in our lives . So much so that many activities that were previously carried out by hand today can be done from the comfort of a computer .

This is the case of templates , accounting sheets and other administrative papers . To make them, they were completed by hand or with typewriters and stored in cardboard furniture and folders. Today all this has changed … or almost everything .

Although to a lesser extent, paper is still a requirement in many respects . Legal contracts, signed forms or formal presentations. All of them need a physical backup . That is why Excel offers the print tool . Learn more below.

What are all the spreadsheet printing options in Excel?

Like other Office programs, Excel offers some options that can be modified when taking a document from screen to paper . By modifying them you will be able to make the prints come out as you planned and do not get a surprise when it is too late.

Let’s see some features:

  • Copies . It is the first configurable value in the print menu. By default it is always at 1 . Increasing it increases the number of copies to be printed. You must bear in mind that, if your document has 2 sheets, and you decide to print 3 copies, the final result will be 6 prints .
  • Printer . This drop-down shows the installed devices that can print the document, either connected to our computer or on the same network . If you have installed a program for editing or reading PDF, it may also be shown here as an alternative.
  • Within the “Configuration” section we will first find the area of ​​the document that we can print. Among the possibilities are “Active sheets” that will send only the sheets of the document that we are using to the printer . “Whole book” that will print all the sheets created regardless of their content. And “Selection” that will do it only with the selected cells.
  • The next menu is “Pages” where you must indicate which ones you need to print .
  • Pages per sheet . Here you will have to choose (if your printer allows it) if the sheet you are going to use will use one or two sides of it. Also having in the last option the possibility of turning in short or long edge .
  • Order . If your document has several sheets and you will print more than one copy, in this section you must indicate the printing order . Collated will split by series and uncollated by page.
  • Orientation . Depending on the shape of the space (width and length) occupied, choose the most convenient one.
  • Sheet size . It is important that the document matches the size of the sheet you are going to use. Otherwise, you could get an unwanted result . In order not to confuse you, the program shows the size in cm of each format.
  • Margins . Like the previous two options, it can be modified within the work interface . The latter determines the white space between the edge of the page and the content itself.
  • Scaling . This option is used to fit the content of the document to the selected sheet . What it does is resize the cells until they fit on the sheet.

Steps to print an Excel spreadsheet to have it in physical

Now that you know the options available to make a proper impression, it is time to learn  how to perform the necessary steps to obtain a perfect impression .

Let’s see the steps to follow:

  • The first thing you should do is go to the “File” tab and then to the “Print” section or press “Ctrl + P” (the latter may vary depending on the language).
  • Once there, you will see a preview of the document that you are going to print, keep in mind that you can modify the parameters with the information that we provided before.
  • Then press “Printer Properties” to choose the color mode.

In black and white

Depending on the printer, the interface in the next window may vary. However, most have a “Color” tab . Head there and select “Grayscale.” To confirm press “Accept” .

Full color

It is important that you know that not all machines on the market can perform color printing . In this way, you may not find the “color” tab or section within the controller interface. But if you have one that does, choose the “Color” option . Since it is unusual for your document to have high definition photos or detailed images, we recommend that you use the “economy” mode . This will save ink that would otherwise be unnecessary.

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