How to organize windows in windows 10 fast and easy? Step by step guide

One of the problems that cause the most damage in the development of people’s projects is the lack of planning and order. Well, by not having an established scheme, many can start working without having a clear objective.

When it comes to working on a computer, there are methods to be able to have a certain order in it and thus prevent it from collapsing with a lot of windows and applications in process.

Therefore, in this post we are going to show you what are the best ways to do this with the Windows 10 operating system . You will also be able to know other applications that facilitate this much more, if it is not enough with the Windows methods.

What are the benefits of organizing the windows of all open programs in Windows 10?

Order will always be a benefit for the human being, since it is known that when this is the case, the brain can work better, with greater performance and creativity. Therefore, keeping it in our virtual work environment can be one of the best ways to increase productivity.

Let’s look at some advantages of keeping our Windows desktop organized:

  • Productivity: the amount of work is increased with a desk that has a correct distribution of the windows.
  • Creativity: having a clean environment makes the brain more creative and allows ideas to flow and increases the ability to solve problems.
  • Perform more tasks simultaneously: by ordering it correctly it can be visualized better and the number of jobs can also be expanded.
  • Speed: even if there are many processes, since they are organized, you can move much faster.
  • Greater computer performance: organizing the applications allows the system to assign importance to the tools according to the hierarchy. This makes it work much faster with the required tasks, while the apps in the background, stop consuming the power of the computer.

Tricks to organize the windows of all programs automatically in W10

Windows is endowed with many resources to make it easier to navigate through its entire interface. Next, we are going to know the best ones for when we have many open processes and we need to increase our productivity:


It is the first on the list for being the best known and the most implemented by users. Allows you to move quickly between the different open windows.

To implement it, you have to press and hold the “ALT” key and successively press “TAB” little by little , to move between the different applications. When the scroll cursor is over the desired application, then the keys must be released.

Multiple windows simultaneously

When developing various activities on our computer, many times we need to visualize certain information to have it as a guide, either when writing jobs, programming applications and even designing.

If you do not have two screens to be well extended information on your computer, you can choose to split the screen , d and so you can keep up to four visible to the app without clicking on any of these others are closed:

  • To achieve this, it is necessary to select the application in the upper bar of the same with the mouse and drag it to one of the sides of the screen.
  • When we are on one of these sides, a silhouette of the space that the tool will occupy will appear and only there will we be able to release it.

  • To obtain smaller windows, you must drag the tool to the side and towards the top or bottom of the screen, until you see a silhouette much smaller than the one on the side.

  • After arranging the windows, a work screen may look something like the following image.

Minimize and move them without using the mouse

One method that allows us to control the windows without using the mouse is by using a simple combination of keys.

By pressing and holding “Windows” + “Right Arrow”, or “Windows” holding + “Left Arrow”, we can move the current window to the right or to the left. In this case, the window will look similar to the following image.

Pressing “Windows” held + “Right Arrow” + “Up Arrow” or “Down Arrow”, or “Windows” held + “Left Arrow” + “Up Arrow” or “Down Arrow”.

If we notice correctly, this is the quick way to divide the screen without using the mouse even once. Now, if we only use the up and down arrow keys we can maximize and minimize the windows:

  • Pressing “Windows” held + “Down Arrow”: the window in use is minimized immediately.
  • Pressing “Windows” held + “Up Arrow”: the window in use is maximized immediately.

Automatically minimize all except the one we are using

When we are working with many open windows, the performance of the computer can be reduced a little. One way to increase this performance without actually closing the windows we are using is to minimize all of them and only work with one open.

To do this quickly we can do it in two simple ways, “Windows” maintained + “M”, which minimizes all windows and we will only have to maximize the one we need to work. Similarly, we can use a shorter method by clicking twice on the window at the top.

Subsequently, the window should be shaken sideways quickly. With this, all the surrounding windows will automatically be minimized and only the one that is selected will remain. It should be clarified that this works with any program that has an upper bar to be able to grab it.

Place them on multiple desks

Windows provides, in addition to all known methods of organizing desktop windows, the ability to create new desktops.

These will be working simultaneously without interfering with the other activities:

  • To activate new desktops it is necessary to click on the “Task View” button , which is located in the lower left corner of the screen. Or you can use the following key combination “Windows” + “Tab”.

  • Then we must choose the option with the plus “+” symbol located at the top to create a new desktop.

  • Once created, from the same task view we can drag the programs to the new desktop to use them there, or we can simply open them directly from the new desktop.
  • To move quickly between each of the desktops we only have to combine the keys “Ctrl” + “Windows” + “Left or Right Arrow”.

Organize them automatically

If we have many windows open and we want to organize them quickly to see what we need and what we don’t, then we must right-click on the taskbar.

Once this is done, we must choose one of the three forms of automatic order:

Waterfall view

Choosing the option “Show cascading windows” we can see all the applications one above the other in the form of a ladder.

Heap view

Choosing the option “Show stacked windows” we can see all the windows stacked on one side of the screen, but one on top of the others.

Side view

By choosing the option “Show windows in parallel” we can see the stacked applications, but without overlapping each other.

Programs and software to organize windows on your Windows desktop

Let’s know in the following point some of the best applications and software to be able to have the desktop correctly ordered:


It is a true organization software, which brings with it an endless number of useful functions to save space on the desktop and give a better aesthetics to the work area within the computer. Its main feature is the ability to group shortcuts, folders and files into small fences that expand when you hover the mouse near them. The rest of the time these fences are folded back, so the desktop space is greatly optimized.

Download Fences Windows


It is a powerful desktop manager for any version of the Windows operating system. In addition to including the powerful functions that the system already brings, it adds certain features to the windows that can be very useful for those who work with multiple programs at the same time, among them, programmers and designers stand out.

One of these functions is that of the magnetism that the windows acquire, making it possible that when they meet at the edges they can be dragged at the same time. Also by modifying the dimension of one, the others will adapt to the remaining space.

Download AquaSnap Windows


This is an excellent program that helps when distributing the applications and programs in use. It is a free software and when the user downloads it, he only has to open the shortcuts document to learn the key combinations that will allow him to trigger the control actions on the programs.

Download HashTWM Windows

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