How to make to gantt chart in microsoft excel to present data? Step by step guide

When you have to keep track of the execution of different plans or activities that a project has , it is convenient to use a Henry L. Gantt diagram .

With this type of waterfall chart you will be able to have control of all the necessary stages to carry out the project . This is why using Microsoft Excel to create a Gantt chart is a good idea.

If you want to know how to design this dashboard you will need to read this post. We will show you all the steps that you will have to do and we will show you the benefits that you will have when you choose a predesigned template .

What are the benefits of using a Gantt chart to present data?

The Gantt chart can be created in Microsoft Excel quickly and easily. This makes it a useful tool that manages to expose the information of the total activities, over a certain time, divided into sectors or tasks that are necessary to fulfill the main objective.

In this way, with very simple steps, different projects can be planned to establish critical paths that the activity can have . It is also useful for budgeting labor hours and other resources for the preparation of tasks.

This is possible because the diagram can expose all the dependencies that exist between the units of work .

Steps to make a Gantt chart in Microsoft Excel like a pro

If you want to use a Gantt chart for different activities you will have to follow this guide:

  • The first thing you should do is establish all the processes that you will need to achieve to obtain the final goal . You can call this set variable units.
  • Next , you will have to prioritize the assignment of each of the processes that you have identified in the previous point to certain people, time or any other variable that you consider important for their efficient execution. You can call this a time variable .
  • Once you have established the set of the two previous steps, you will have to write in a column all the variable units that you have detected in the first step. Do not forget that you will have to start writing from A2.
  • Then, you are going to have to enter in the same row, starting from B2, all the time variables . You must not forget that you will be able to write works, days, people, departments or any other unit that executes the tasks.
  • At this time you must arrange the rows and columns by right clicking on their headers and choosing the Format cells option . In this way, you can align the words and adjust them according to their length.
  • It is time to incorporate columns to establish the budgeted time of the start of each plan and the duration of the same . Next to it you will have to leave two columns to establish the real start and the real duration it had.
  • You will have to add an additional column to show the percentage of completion of each activity .
  • Once you have this determined, each of the activities, which you wrote in the first column, should be assigned to all the time variables .
  • If you prefer, you can incorporate different execution colors to fill in the intersection between the activities and the duration of the plan . In this way you will know the degree of progress that the project has in total.
  • You can also select different areas of the diagram and choose an edge so that you can have a better reading . Another thing you can do is fill the cells with various colors to highlight groups of tasks.

List of the best customizable templates to make a Gantt chart in Excel

Here are the best templates you can use to customize a Gantt chart in Microsoft Excel:

Project planner

With this template you will be able to plan and diagram all the activities that a specific project has . You will have the possibility of incorporating columns to establish control over the start and duration of the plan . In addition, you will have different colors so that you quickly know what stage the execution is at.

Download Excel Project Planner Template


It is a very simple template that allows you to know and have an effective follow-up of the entire project with just a glance. It has different colors that allow you to find tasks in a simple way .

Download Agile Excel Template

Simple diagram

Its model is ideal to have precise control of activities that must have few steps to execute. It provides a 3D design, so you can incorporate a little more than 5 plans and adapt them to your needs.

Download Simple Diagram Excel

Daily work schedule

When you need to have control over events that occur every day, you can use this type of Excel templates that will allow you to know precisely the daily and weekly tasks that you may have in your company or study. You can edit it with very simple steps.

Download Daily Work Schedule Excel

Project following

You will have the possibility of using a calculator that is integrated by means of conditional functions . It is ideal for use in projects that have a large number of steps or plans required to complete it efficiently.

The different colors will allow you to assign categories, employees, and start and run times.

Download Project Tracking Excel

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