How to make an invoice for your clients in microsoft excel? Step by step guide

Excel is a widely used tool, by people registered as Self-Employed and by Small companies, in the preparation of invoices . In this way, it is possible to comply with the requirements of the Treasury and deliver the documentation to clients.

There are different ways to create an invoice template . One is to choose a layout preset by Excel and the other is to do it manually, for which you will need some secrets.

Due to this, we will present you in the following paragraphs, all the concepts that must include at least one invoice and the steps you will do to create a manual template .

What are all the elements that an invoice must contain in Microsoft Excel?

The bills are a declarative instrument that is generated in a private area and has advocacy, representing the sale of goods or providing services to a third party who may be a natural or legal person . Therefore, these legal instruments must contain requirements established by the Law .

They are:

  • Include the name, surname or company name of the issuer of the invoice.
  • Tax identification number granted by the issuer’s Spanish Tax Administration.
  • Address of the invoice holder.
  • They must be numbered in a correlative order starting from number 1, being able to separate them by series.
  • They must contain a space to insert the billing or dispatch date.
  • The recipient of the service or buyer of the goods must be included . Therefore, the name and surname and the company name must be included in the case of a legal entity.
  • NIF number and address of the recipient of the invoice.
  • Description of the services provided or the operations of the transfer, by way of sale, of the goods.
  • Net amount of the service performed or tax base .
  • Modality of tax registration of the recipient of the invoice before the Spanish Tax Administration.
  • Incorporate text that refers to legal provisions of Directive 2006/112 / EC .

Steps to create a custom invoice for your business customers in Excel

To create a custom invoice for your company’s clients, you will have two options to choose from.

Which we will show you below:

With a template

Excel has different template models that you can use as an invoice .

The steps you will have to do are the following:

  • Open an Excel spreadsheet and go to the “File” tab .
  • Click on the “New” option .
  • Type the word “invoice” in the search bar .
  • After a few seconds a list will appear with different templates that you can choose from.
  • Choose the one you like the most.
  • A new document will open with the downloaded template . You will have to modify the data to adapt it to your needs.
  • When you have finished you must click on “Save as” so that you can use it at another time.


To create your own invoice manually, follow this guide: 

  • Open a new Microsoft Excel document .
  • The first thing you should do is set the top, for this you will have to select 4 columns . Then you will have to write in the first the name of your company, the address and all the other information of your address .
  • In the third cell, you will have to write the word Invoice and the number and date .
  • Next, you will have to combine cell A1 with A2 and A3 with A4 . To do this you must right click, after you have selected them and choose Format cells . Go to the “Alignment” tab and click on “Wrap text” and then click on the “Merge cells” box .
  • You will see that the text has been arranged with a left orientation . Below these 2 cells you will have to select the four columns and combine them to indicate your NIF number and any other tax information. 
  • At this time, you will need to apply a lower border to the cell that you made in the previous step. To perform this task, you will have to go to the “Home” tab and, in the “Source” group, choose “Bottom edge” .
  • It is the turn to incorporate the customer’s data . For this, you will have to combine the 4 columns again and write the name, address, postal code and Tax Identification Number. One below the other.
  • The same as you did with the separation of your data, now you will have to create another line choosing the “Lower Edge” function to separate the invoice.

At this time you will have to create a table to establish the concepts and amounts of each one.

To do this, you will have to follow this guide:

  • Without separating from the four columns you have, select the first three and combine them. Then write the word Concept .
  • In the column that was left empty write the term Amount .
  • Leave a reasonable space so that you can incorporate different goods or services that you sell .
  • The entire Amount column , select it and right-click. Then, choose “Cell Format …” and then click on the “Number” tab .
  • Choose the “Currency” option . Set in “Decimal places” the number 2 and in “Symbol”, the Euro. This will mean that every time you put a number in this column it will appear as the amount written in the currency of our country.
  • When you have finished, you will have to select the title of Concept and Amount to the place you have left so that you can write all the assets. Choose “Thick outer edge” to delimit the area that will be used for this purpose.
  • Then, click on the option “Draw borders” and move the mouse over each corresponding place to separate these 2 large columns.
  • Next, you must insert into this box that you made in the previous step, the references to all the legal regulations of our country.
  • Under the Amount column, apply the “SUM” formula and drag it across the entire sector for the numerical values ​​that you have established in the sale. This will give you the total taxable income.
  • You must combine column 2 and 3 and write the different concepts. Which will be : Tax base, VAT and any other element in which you are reached by the Tax Administration.
  • In the Amount column you will have to put the formula for each concept. For example, in VAT you will have to use the “PRODUCT” function and multiply 0.21 by the total that you obtained from the tax base.
  • To finalize and write the total of the sale, you will have to add these two amounts.
  • If you prefer, you can combine the four columns again and add information about the payment method.

List of the best templates to make custom invoices that you can download for Excel

If you want to download a template for free and quickly to make personalized invoices, you can choose them from the following list:

Simple Lines

This bill of sale has a simple design in which you can adapt it to meet your needs. Its monochromatic colors provide a formal style in which your company name and logo can be easily included.

Download Simple Lines Excel

Billing statement

It is ideal when you want to send a detail of all the invoices that you have issued to a client. In this way you can have a control and compare with the accounting of the person to whom you sold and then reach an agreement and make the payment of the documents without any problem.

Download Excel Billing Extract Template

Invoice Tracking

In case you need to have control over the invoices issued so that the payment dates do not expire, you can use this template. This will help you quickly and easily detect the customer, the amount (if it is pending or has already been paid) and any other important information.

Download Excel Invoice Tracking Template

Commercial invoice

Its modern design will allow you to deliver to your clients an invoice very different from the common ones, since its horizontal orientation allows to include the concepts in a clearer and more pleasant way for everyone. You can incorporate your company name and other billing information that will help you stand out from the competition.

Download Excel Commercial Invoice Template

Proof of Service Invoice

Its predominant blue design will allow you to have an elegant invoice with soft tones. You will be able to include a logo of your company and the name as well as all the legal concepts established by the Treasury.

Download Excel Service Invoice Voucher Template

Account Statement

It is ideal to send the client a summary with all the receipts issued, some of which will be canceled and others not. In this way you can see the amounts and billing date, among other information.

Download Excel Account Statement Template

Professional Invoice

This template with white, black, red and gray colors will allow you to have a record of all the sales you make to different clients. It is ideal when you have a company with modern styles, but at the same time formal.

Download Professional Invoice Template Excel

Simple Design

With this template you can automatically calculate all the sales you make. You will only need to load the price and write the description of the products or services delivered. Its design is simple so it will help you enter all your own and third party data quickly and without complications.

Download Simple Design Excel Template

Total Invoice

It is ideal to deliver to the client physically or virtually, since it calculates the total tax base in a simple way. Therefore, thanks to its design and the functions provided by this template, it makes it a practical tool for your business .

Download Total Invoice Template Excel

Tax calculation services

His name says it all. This template is necessary when you sell products or perform services and you need to include the prices so that you can later calculate the tax base and from that amount the VAT and all other taxes.

Download Services Template with Excel Tax Calculation

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