How to make a schedule in microsoft excel spreadsheet? Step by step guide

Although it is true, in the office environment, Excel is the most widely used spreadsheet from devices of different operating systems. Thanks to that, it is a truly comprehensive program to manage data, perform calculations, using graphical tools, etc .

Thus, generally, this spreadsheet developed by Microsoft is used to solve formulas and make graphs. But, beyond that, it is an ideal tool to ensure the general organization of an information flow . Therefore, it can also be used to create calendars, generate agendas and even to make a schedule .

That is why, if you need to distribute your time effectively or read the schedule of each of your employees, for example, you can make use of this program. Here’s how you can create any schedule with Excel .

Steps to make a school or work schedule in Microsoft Excel

Basically, a schedule is a kind of calendar used as a time management tool . In view of the fact that it allows an easy distribution of the hours in which a certain activity or work is carried out and even when a service is provided.

Consequently, it consists of a list of hours in which certain events or actions can take place and thus, it is a widely used mechanism both at an academic level and also at a work or professional level . But, despite the fact that there are tools dedicated exclusively to that, the truth is that it is more advisable to use Microsoft Excel for it .

In this sense, in order that you can prepare your schedule easily and for free, without having to resort to third-party and / or paid programs, we explain how you can make a schedule in an Excel spreadsheet , through two mechanisms available :

With templates

Today, the Internet provides endless options to simplify the processes of its users. For this reason, it is possible to obtain templates of different models of schedules, compatible with Excel, to download and use them freely .

Here is the step by step to follow in these cases:

  • First of all, directly from the Internet, you have to find the template to use and download it to your computer .
  • Once the template in question is stored in any folder on your computer, proceed to open the Microsoft Excel program and click on “Open”, to now click on “Browse” and locate the model that you have downloaded from the Internet.

  • After locating it, all you have to do is double click on said file to open it in the spreadsheet, or select it and click on “Open” .

  • Then, after a few seconds of waiting, you will be able to see the template of the schedule that you have downloaded and manage it to your liking, modifying each of the available fields .

  • Finally, you just have to save the changes made and that’s it.


Another mechanism that exists to make a schedule of any nature in Excel is based on making an equitable distribution of each of the cells and entering the required information. This, without using any base pattern and making it manually .

Although, the above procedure reveals much more ease and productivity, in this case, users have greater freedom to distribute their time and customize the appearance of the schedule .

Here we show you how to do it:

  • Initially, what you have to do is open a worksheet in Microsoft Excel .
  • Followed by that, start typing in cell A1 the following text “Working hours” and hit the Enter key.
  • Now, in cell A2, enter “Week corresponding to:” and press Enter again.
  • Then, leave the blank space in cell A3 to mark a separation and better organize the text. Next, move to cell A4 and type “Monday” to hit Enter.
  • Subsequently, in cells A5, A6 and A7, he chooses to write each shift of the day (first, second and third, correspondingly).

  • Once this is done, go to cell A8 and enter the term “Tuesday” . Followed by that, add the three shifts corresponding to that day in cells A9, A10 and A11 .
  • Thus, it is time to repeat the same procedure in the following cells to add the information for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday with each of your three shifts.

  • When you have already included all the days of the week and the schedules, select everything from cell A4 to cell A31 (where it ends), to proceed to click on the “Insert” tab from the ribbon and select the option “Table” within the Tables group.

  • After that, through the “Table Tools” and “Design” tabs, proceed to choose a table style for your schedule, specifically in “Table Styles” .

  • Finally, from the same tab indicated above, proceed to edit the table with the other available tools . To later enter all the appropriate information in the corresponding cells.

List of the best timetable templates you can use in Microsoft Excel

For ease, productivity or convenience, many people prefer to create their schedule from an Excel-compatible template, rather than create it from scratch.

Therefore, to simplify your search when downloading these templates, below, we list several free and interesting alternatives, with their respective download links:

Simple and practical schedule

It allows to distribute the time from Monday to Friday of each week and provides different time intervals for it. It is characterized by being very colorful and versatile .

Download Simple and Practical Excel Schedule

Homework schedule

It consists of a schedule that exhibits a very clean design and allows you to list your tasks along with the study hours within a list of duties. To do this, you must select it by month, since it is a kind of calendar.

Download Excel Homework Schedule

Schedule by Dates – Starting Monday

It is a schedule that shows a more professional aspect and offers three alternatives to choose from (weekly, up to 31 days and up to 5 weeks), according to your requirements.

Download Schedule by Dates – Starting on Monday Excel

Weekly schedule with breaks

It is an official Microsoft Office template that allows you to enter the data of assignments and classes in a separate sheet. Thus, it offers the possibility of listing all the weekly duties (with day and time).

Download Weekly Schedule with Recesses Excel

Weekly university programming schedule

It is an elegant, attractive and very functional model . Which allows you to write the elements in the day and time spaces, as well as establish a priority for each task. It is recommended to use it at an academic and / or university level.

Download Simple and Practical Excel Schedule

School Hours (without weekends)

As its name indicates, it refers to a calendar that does not contain the days of the weekend and, therefore, you can add the duties to fulfill from Monday to Friday. It includes four alternatives based on the schedules and their horizontal or vertical distribution.

Download School Schedule (without weekends) Excel

Daily Work Schedule

It is ideal for managing all daily and weekly tasks, as well as for scheduling events. Basically, it is characterized by being a very interactive template.

Download Schedule Daily Work Schedule Excel

Schedule for Students

It is used in academic and educational environments to keep track of assignments and class scheduling, during the 12 months of the year. One of its greatest advantages is that the delivery dates are highlighted automatically .

Download Schedule for Excel Students

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