How to link data from one worksheet to another in microsoft excel? Step by step guide

Among the advantages that Excel offers is being able to link different spreadsheets. This makes that the data found in the sheets can be exposed in others.

In this way, you will be able to have much more neat templates and separated by theme . For example, you can link a sales sheet with another that has all the accounting of your company .

It is not difficult to carry out this task, you will have to be concentrated, because any change you make in any cell will cause the result to be not correct. Pay attention to the following paragraphs and you will become a professional.

What should we keep in mind before linking data between spreadsheets in Excel?

You can link spreadsheets from both the same document and another . In this way, you should consider that every time you make modifications to any source template, it will cause changes to be generated in the cells of the sheets that you have linked .

In case you have modified a sheet from another document and open the calculation template that has the destination cells, Microsoft Excel will inform you that changes were made to the original sheet . Then it will ask you if you want those variants to be set .

Steps to link data between one worksheet and another in Excel

The steps to link data are as follows: 

  • Click on the cell in which you want to link the data .
  • Then write the “equals” symbol (=).
  • Go to the source cells, which may be on a sheet of the same document or another .
  • You will see that the formula adopted the name of that sheet with an exclamation mark . For example, “= IPAP ! Sum (” .
  • Then you can develop the function as you need it most . That is, you will be able to incorporate functions such as SUM, SUMPRODUCT, etc.

When you are done, you will have to drag the destination cell so that the ones you select meet the same conditions and thus you can link them with the other sheets .

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