How to fully customize your windows 7 computer? Step by step guide

Despite the fact that, currently, Windows 7 does not have the support of said company, there are still many users who choose to use this operating system that began its great career on October 22, 2009 commercially . Thanks to that, it is classified as one of the most famous versions, considering that it is suitable for personal computers, laptops, tablets and media centers .

For its part, W7 continues to be the preferred option for many users, since it takes up less space, supports 32-bit and 64-bit architectures, saves energy because it uses less equipment components and has functionalities to get the most out of the OS. . Well, it has a multitude of customizable options .

Thus, each person has the power to adapt the operation of the PC, according to their preferences and / or requirements . With which, you can ensure an optimal user experience to a great extent. However, it is not known exactly what are the solutions to customize W7, so here, we will mention each of them .

What to keep in mind when customizing Windows 7 to the fullest?

Windows 7 allows you to customize the entire desktop so that you can get the most out of it and thus you can have a tool inside the computer that is in accordance with your tastes so that you work more efficiently.

We will show you below the aspects that you should keep in mind when customizing W7:

Efficiency before aesthetics

Many people get confused and use the start menu and the desktop as elements to make them beautiful, making them have countless icons of the most diverse programs. But, in reality what you have to do is prioritize efficiency in your tasks before aesthetics.

For this, you must incorporate on the desktop those elements that you consider useful for working or playing, leaving aside all the gadgets that can interrupt a correct view on the desktop or Windows Start menu. In addition, in this last tool you have to place those tiles that you use most frequently and that to access the apps they represent you have to go a longer way.

In this way you will have a desktop without looking oversized, with a clean task bar (since you will only anchor necessary programs) and an optimal start menu for the most important functions.

Interface dimensions

The graphical interface is one of the most outstanding features that Windows has, so you can change the size of the images so that you can see the desktop better.

This will also help you according to your visual health since, if small objects do not bother you, you can have a greater number of elements within the same field of work.

Choose screen protector

This tool is activated after a period of inactivity on the screen, so that no one can see the data and information you have on the monitor. In addition, it will allow you to control that no one has accessed your computer, since you will need to move the mouse and it will make the protector deactivate.

So that you can activate the screen saver you will have to go to “Settings”, then click on “Personalization” and click on “Screen Saver” .

Plan the activities

If you go to “Start” and write “Task Scheduler” in the bar , the application will appear first that will help you to have all your activities in order.

This will ensure that you do not forget to start a program or send an email, as well as send a message to a specific person.

Set up parental controls

Windows 7 allows you to have control over the content that your children see from the computer. To do this, you must go to “Start”, then select “Control Panel”, click on the user account you have, click on “User accounts and child protection” and finally choose “Parental control” .

You can grant certain permissions as a standard or administrative user, restrict the time limits of use in front of the PC, limit games and block specific programs.

What are all the customizable aspects of Windows 7?

At a general level, the term “personalize” consists of adapting something to the characteristics, preferences or needs of a certain person. So, when it comes to customizable aspects in an operating system, it refers to the fact of docking certain system configurations, depending on what each user wants for their experience .

Now, you will surely wonder, what are these customizable aspects of Windows 7 that a standard user can modify on your PC, with total freedom.

Reason why, we proceed to name these parameters, below:

  • Themes : They are defined as a series of graphic elements that can be applied to a certain software, in order to change or improve its external appearance.
  • Wallpaper : It consists of that image that is used in the background of a graphical user interface. In other words, it is the visual element that is observed on the desktop of the PC.
  • Lock screen : This is the element of the user interface that is used in operating systems to control user access to the computer.
  • User profile photo : As its name indicates, it is the photo that characterizes the profile of a certain user in the operating system.
  • User name and password : This aspect allows modifying both the name that is displayed in a user’s profile, as well as the password to access said profile.
  • Task bar : In computing terms, it is the bar used to search, select and control the applications of the operating system.
  • Desktop icons : They are defined as small images that are responsible for representing programs, files, folders and other elements of the OS.
  • The pointer : Also known as “cursor”, it refers to the recognized indicator that is used to show the position on the PC monitor. Which will respond to keystrokes on an input device or, specifically, on the mouse.

Learn to fully customize your Windows 7 with the best tricks

So that you can fully customize your Windows 7 computer, we show you the best tricks you can find:

Change a user’s name and password

For greater privacy, it is recommended to change both the name and the password of a user, regularly, on any Windows computer. That is why it is considered useful to know how to do it in W7 and for this reason, we proceed to mention the steps to follow for this :

  • Directly from the Start menu, go to Control Panel and there, click on “User Accounts and Child Protection” .
  • Now, click on “User accounts” and in that section, click on the button that says “Change password” or “Change the name of my account”, depending on the action you want to carry out.
  • Finally, in the corresponding box, enter your new password or your new username and finally, click on “Change password” or “Change my name” to confirm .

Change user profile photo

For different reasons, Windows users are also inclined to constantly change their account image. However, many of them do not know how to do it properly and to resolve this question, we proceed to explain the procedure to follow to carry out said configuration :

  • Generally, this process is done through the Control Panel . So, to start, click on the Start menu and there, select “Control Panel .
  • After that, go to User Accounts and then click on “Change Image” .
  • Now, you must choose the image you prefer, among those shown there. Otherwise, you can also press the option “Find more images”, located at the bottom, to use a photograph that you have stored on your PC’s hard drive.
  • To finish, click on “Change image” and in this way, a new photo will be displayed in the box of your user account.

In addition to the above, there is an additional method to be able to modify the user profile image in W7. In this case, you simply have to press the Start menu icon, double click on your account and then click on “Change image” to choose the one you like and finally, click on “Change image” again to confirm the action.

Change desktop background

Another aspect that W7 users choose to regularly modify on their computer, undoubtedly, is the desktop background. Next, we show you how to do it correctly :

  • As in the previous case, go to an empty area of ​​the PC desktop and right click to select the “Personalize” option .
  • After that, at the bottom of the window that appears, click on “Desktop Background” .
  • You can then choose an image as your wallpaper, if you prefer it to be a static desktop background . This, using the “Image location” box or using the “Browse …” button .
  • In case you want to have a dynamic wallpaper, you have to select multiple images. Once that is done, click on “Select all” to mark all the uploaded photos and then proceed to configure the time to switch between backgrounds .
  • Once you customize all the available parameters in the window in question, you simply have to click on “Save changes” in order to obtain the new desktop background.

Customize taskbar

Yes, you would also like to modify and customize the taskbar of your PC to your liking, you have to carry out the following steps :

  • To start, you must first get access to the properties window . Which, you do by right-clicking on the taskbar and selecting the “Properties” option from the drop-down menu .
  • Once this window is displayed, you can start by changing the appearance of the taskbar (1). This, from three options available in the indicated tab. Either “Lock the taskbar” to prevent its size and location from being modified, “Automatically hide the taskbar” to stop seeing it while you are not using it or “Use small icons” to make the icons appear smaller. magnitude.
  • You can also choose to modify the location of the taskbar on the screen (2), choosing one of the options available in said drop-down menu.
  • In addition, in the section “Notification area” (3), you have the possibility to configure the icons that are displayed in the notification area corresponding to the taskbar. For which, you must click on “Customize” and there, select the icons you want to configure.

Taskbar settings

The taskbar that Windows 7 has allows you to configure it in different ways, for example, you can anchor programs to it. For this, you must select the file or application that you want to always see in the bar, then you will have to press the right mouse button and choose the option “Pin to task bar” . You can also do the reverse step by selecting the application in the toolbar by right-clicking and pressing “Unpin from the taskbar” .

Another function that you can use with this OS is to make the bar disappear permanently. To do this, you will have to select the “Properties” option , then choose “Automatically hide the taskbar” and click “OK” .

If you want to get a greater visual field, you can place the taskbar vertically. For this you just have to click on the bar and without releasing the mouse place it in the place that you like the most. You can also go to customization and select the option “Location of the taskbar on the screen.”

Add gadgets to the desktop

You can add gadgets on your desktop. These tools will give you a more relaxed appearance of the work area, in addition to having the tools you use the most at a glance. To incorporate these graphics, you must select a free area of ​​the desktop and right click on it. Next, you will have to choose the “Gadgets” option .

A window will open with all the tools that you can add to the desktop. If you wish, you can click on “Download more gadgets online” to access the Internet and get a larger quantity.

Among the best Gadgates that you can find in Windows 7 are:

  • Calendar.
  • Time.
  • Clock.
  • Windows Media.
  • CPU meter.

Create and add custom icons

You can change the icons that you have on the desktop for those that you like the most. To carry out this task, you will have to right click on the application that you want to change the icon and look in the menu that will display the option “Properties” .

Next, you will have to select “Change icon …”, then you will have to click on “Browse” . This will open a small window in which you can choose the available icons. If none of them convinces you, you can click on “Change icon” and look for the file with this type of format. To finish you must click on “Accept” .

Add and apply themes

Themes are configurations in the graphical interface that allow to have certain types of elements that are related to each other according to a type of images. Windows 7 brings by default a theme that bears the same name as the OS, but if you want to change it you will have to do these steps:

  • Go to the “Control Panel” and choose the “Appearance and Personalization” option .
  • Then click on “Personalization”.
  • Choose “Change visual effects and computer sounds.”
  • A list with different visual samples of the windows will be displayed. You can choose between architecture, landscapes, nature and scenes.
  • In case you do not like any topic, you must click on the option, located on the right, “Get more topics online . In this way you will access the Internet and you will be able to choose all the themes compatible with Windows 7.

Change theme

If you want to choose a new theme in order to optimize the external appearance of your operating system, you have to carry out the step by step that we teach you here:

  • First of all, go to any empty area of ​​your computer’s desktop and click the right mouse button .
  • Then, among the available options, click on “Customize” in order to enter the configuration menu that allows you to tweak the OS in this way.
  • After that, you will see a window in which you can choose the new theme to use (depending on the classifications available there) . Which, when selected, will be installed automatically
  • Even, from the indicated option, you will be able to obtain more topics online from the same Microsoft web page, in case you do not like the ones that are shown, by default.

Customize screen saver

You can configure the screen saver by going to “Control Panel” and then to “Personalization” . You should look for the option “Screen saver” and choose all the changes that you like the most.

Within these changes you can choose the following:

  • Type of image that will appear on the screen.
  • Time in which the protector will be activated.
  • Show the login screen when resuming the computer.
  • Speed ​​in presentation.
  • Set a certain image or randomly.
  • Adjust screen brightness to save power on computer performance.

View of items in folder

When you have a folder, you have the possibility that you can preview the documents that are inside it. You can make them look like different sized icons or thumbnail images as well.

To perform this task you will have to open the folder and right click. A menu will appear in which you must click on the “View” option and then choose the way you like best. You can choose between very large, large, medium and small icons . Show by means of a list or also by details, in tiles or by content.

Adjusting graphic elements

You can adjust the graphic elements to give it a new look. That is, you will have the option to choose that the toolbar and the windows have gray tones, thus optimizing the performance of the computer. This is because the RAM and the video card will not have as many jobs.

You must bear in mind that this configuration only affects the operating system environment, so you can continue to enjoy games and other graphic content without any problems.

In order for you to obtain this type of performance on your computer, you must select “Control Panel” and then choose the option “Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows . When you are in this section, you will see different tools that you can choose from. You will have to find the “Visual Effects” tab and enable “Adjust for best performance” . To finish you will have to click on “Apply” and then on “OK” .

Change colors of the graphical environment


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