How to force update windows 10 fall creators update? Step by step guide

Despite the youth of Windows 10, this operating system is not exempt from having small bugs, errors or aspects to outline in order to guarantee the best experience for the user. Due to this, Microsoft has released numerous updates and improvements with which, in addition to solving these errors, it also takes advantage of including advances and novelties that even make better use of the characteristics of the most modern computers.

One of the best known downloads in the life cycle of this system is the Fall Creators Update . Launched in October 2017 gradually, it incorporates important changes in the handling of information and, above all, in the protection of user data and the computer itself. Considered one of the largest updates to Windows 10, its installation is absolutely mandatory for those who want to handle this operating system with complete peace of mind and with the guarantee of knowing that everything will work correctly.

How to force update Windows 10 Fall Creators Update? This question is the one that many users repeat who cannot count on its benefits because it is not installed. For them, we have made this guide. In it we explain all the steps that must be followed to make the most recent update download and, therefore, have all the improvements implemented with Microsoft’s autumn update .

Upgrade to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

A process that we divide into two equally valid sections. Here you will be able to learn to use the automatic method, the most common; as well as to force the download manually . Both are equally valid and have the same mission, only that the second requires you to carry out a few more steps to be able to complete the whole process.

Since the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is something that has been released at a certain time, and that more updates have arrived later, having the operating system always up to date is the best way to have this revision. Due to this, to update to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update you just have to follow the steps that we are going to indicate below:

Update Windows 10 latest version

  • Press the start button located at the bottom left of the W10 main screen, and in the menu that appears, click the gear on the left , the icon that leads to “Settings “.
  • Inside the “Windows Settings ” window , you have to look for the last available option, “Update and security” . When you find it, click on it.
  • In this section, make sure to check the “Windows Update ” section that appears on the left side. After doing so, click on the “Check for updates ” button and let the system scan for patches .
  • If there are any, it will automatically start downloading and installing them. You just have to wait for this process to finish in the background while you do other things.
  • After installing the latest versions, including the Fall Creators Update, restart your computer.
  • When you re-enter the operating system, it will take longer than usual . Due to the installation of these files, you must make a series of changes in the configuration of the equipment in order to function. Wait a bit and you can use the newer version of W10.
* Note: This automatic process is the most common not only when downloading and applying the Fall Creators Update, but also for any other system update that is available. Even so, there is another option that allows the new version to be installed manually, keep reading! .

How to force the new update manually if the previous method failed?

It is possible that the update download protocol fails and cannot properly install the updates we want. In that case, knowing how to force the new update if the previous method failed can be very useful. Here, we are going to explain what you must do to get it.

Download Windows 10 Upgrade Last Version

  • First of all, we will have to directly access the W10 download panel from here  or access from the links that we provide above, they are 100% safe.
  • Once on this page, at the top you will find the section corresponding to updates. It is very likely that you will come across something other than the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update ; but, although it is something different and newer, it will also incorporate the novelties of this update. Therefore, click on “Update now”.
  • After pressing the button, a file will automatically download to your computer. It is a manual updater . Once the file download is complete, look for it on your computer and open it.
  • Now you will have in front of you the “Wizard to upgrade to Windows 10” . In it, it will indicate if you have the most recent version of the operating system. If you don’t have it, it will tell you which one is the newest and allow you to install it. Click on “Update now “.
  • The program will begin to download the update . You can click on “Minimize ” to let it work in the background while you do other things.
  • Once the download and installation have finished (it can take up to two hours). Follow the instructions given to you and restart your computer as requested .
  • Now, the team has to apply all the changes of the update to be able to enter the operating system again. You have to wait several minutes for it to finish, and the PC will likely restart several times in a row to establish and finish all the settings. You just have to wait.

Once all this process is complete, you will have the latest Windows 10 update installed on your computer . Thus, you already have all the improvements implemented with the Falls Creator Update and all the revisions that have subsequently landed to optimize and improve the performance of the computer.

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