How to export data to different formats in microsoft excel? Step by step guide

By default, Microsoft Excel is considered one of the best platforms that exist, worldwide, to create and analyze spreadsheets in an optimal way . Since, it is an arrangement of rows and columns that allows to present any kind of data in an aesthetic way .

In that sense, it is a program widely used to store numerical data, as well as to order and analyze it in order to facilitate different actions from there . Taking into account that, it also provides the necessary utilities to make calculations and make graphs .

Added to this, if that were not enough, Microsoft Excel offers the possibility of exporting data to different formats, in a simple way . Which simplifies the tasks for many students and professionals who carry out their work through this office program. Therefore, below, we show you how to do this correctly .

What are all the formats that I can export documents to from Excel?

Although it is true, Microsoft Excel takes care of saving all the workbooks in .xlsx format, by default . However, on some occasions, users need to obtain another type of format when storing their spreadsheets and that is why this program offers the possibility of exporting data to other formats .

Therefore, you will wonder what are the formats to which you can export documents from Excel, directly; without using extra programs or online tools that carry out the conversion process .

Thus, we proceed to mention the main settings that you can select to export and save your Excel files:

  • PDF : It is useful when you have to share the file with someone who wants to view it and does not have Microsoft Excel installed on their computer to be able to open the document. This will preserve the layout, fonts, and images, but the content cannot be edited .
  • XPS : It consists of a format for electronic documents created by Microsoft . Which allows for easy file sharing and guarantees that when the file in question is viewed online or in print, it maintains the intended format and also prevents the data from being modified.
  • CSV : If you need a plain text version of your Excel document, the ideal would be to export it to .csv format . This one stands out for showing the text separated by commas . In other words, the comma (,) character usually separates each text field. Thus, it is used to ensure that the export operation works correctly .

For its part, it is necessary to distinguish that Microsoft Excel also allows you to export your files to an infinity of other formats that you find directly in the program by selecting the option “Save as another type of file” and choosing the one you want, within the drop-down menu .

Steps to export an Excel document in a format other than XLSX

If you need to obtain the data contained in an Excel document in a different format than the one the program offers by default, it is important that you follow each of the steps correctly .

Therefore, in this section of the post, we will explain what you must do, in detail:

  • To start, you have to access the Microsoft Excel file that you must transform into a format other than XLSX .
  • Next, go to the upper left corner of the window and click on the floppy disk icon that is used to save the documents.

  • Done that, in the left sidebar, they will show you several options that you have to select, depending on how you need to store your file. In this case, you must click on “Export” .

  • Now, it is time to choose the format in which you want to save and export the Excel spreadsheet . In the first instance, selecting the option “Create PDF / XPS document” to display the content without supporting its editing.

  • On the other hand, choosing the option “Change the file type” to save it as CSV or as another kind of file, according to your requirements.

  • Finally, after a few seconds, you will get your new file in PDF, in CSV or in the format you have chosen from Excel .

Online converter Learn to convert Excel documents to any format externally!

Just as there are converters that allow you to transform an audio or video file, for example, into a different one; There are also tools that are capable of transforming the files from Excel into formats other than the recognized XLSX .

These platforms being online solutions that do not require any type of download or installation on the devices . In addition to that, most of the online converters are completely free, have an optimal operation and are easy to handle by any kind of user.

Therefore, if you like the idea of ​​converting Excel documents to any format with the help of an online tool, we explain the process to follow:

  • First of all, through your preferred web browser, search for the online tool with which you want to perform this procedure . In this case, we will use a known as COM that allows converting Excel documents to PDF, free of charge. But, there are also many other alternatives that you can choose freely.
  • Once you are within the chosen platform, proceed to upload the document you want to transform into a different format . In general, it is possible to do it in several ways, such as : selecting the document in the corresponding folder, dragging it to the indicated place, entering its URL or from cloud storage services (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.).
  • After a few seconds, when the XLSX file is fully loaded on the platform, click on the “Start” or “Convert” button (depending on the platform you use).

  • Finally, it only remains to wait for the conversion process to complete correctly (this will depend on the speed of your Internet connection). So, finally, you can download it to store it on your computer or upload it to the cloud through your preferred service .

List of the best tools to convert an Excel document to any format for free

Although it is true, there are numerous online solutions that serve to transform the content of an Excel spreadsheet into a format other than the one provided, by default, the Microsoft program. Which, in general, are completely free and reveal excellent performance .

Reason why, here we show you three of the best options of the moment:

Mr. Data Converter

Although it is a simple platform, it is considered one of the most appropriate free conversion web alternatives to transform an Excel document into another type of configuration. Taking into account that, it allows to obtain files such as: MySQL, HTML, XML, JSON, among others . Access its website through “”

For its part, it has a very simple operation that is based on the famous “copy and paste” . Therefore, to start the transformation process, you will not have to upload the Excel file on the web but copy and paste its content there, to proceed to select the type of configuration and start the procedure . It also provides the option of typing the data separated by tabs or commas on the fly.

As its name implies, it is a converter that allows you to obtain PDF files directly from an Excel document . Thus, when transforming from XLSX to PDF, each spreadsheet will become a single separate page in the new text document. Taking into account that it is a static format that does not contain the formulas used in Excel and therefore, the changes made around said elements will not be evidenced .

Now, regarding the procedure to follow, you simply have to enter the website, select the file you want to convert to drag and drop it into the indicated box or, failing that, load it from the computer or through a storage service in the cloud. In such a way, the platform will deliver a PDF file as a result .

MySQL for Excel

Basically, this is a plugin that allows the user to create a MySQL table using Excel data that is previously selected . In this way, it consists of a project that was born as a new complement for the Microsoft spreadsheet editor and to access it, it must be done from the same “Data” panel as it .

Therefore, in addition to supporting Excel MySQL conversion, it also supports reverse conversion (that is, from MySQL to Excel) . On the other hand, it should be noted that the data types are automatically recognized and thus are specified as default for the new table to be created . Added to that, the names of each SQL column will be established by the first row of data of the sheet used .

Download MySQL for Excel Windows

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