How to Download and Install Zorin OS Lite Along with Windows – Quick and Easy

What operating system do you prefer : Linux or Windows ? It is true that each system has advantages and disadvantages. But if you must choose one, would you choose Windows? Linux? or both? That’s possible? Yes of course. Here at miracomosehace we will show you how to download and install Zorin OS Lite along with Windows, easily and quickly. So you will enjoy the best of both systems on the same computer.

Zorin OS Lite

If you want to use Linux, we recommend Zorin in its Lite version, which will make your Linux experience great You can download Zorin OS Lite from its official page. Zorin Os Lite is easy to install together with Windows by following these instructions that we show you. But before…

Requirements to successfully install Zorin Os with Windows

to successfully install Zorin Os with Windows

  • Formatted USB flash drive.
  • Image by Zorin Os Lite (Iso).
  • An application to write ISO images to USB (we recommend: Rufus or Yumi).
  • Windows ISO image on CD or USB . We also recommend backing up your data before continuing. It is a safe process to install, but even so, we recommend that you make a backup of all data (in case of any failure to partition the hard drive).

How to download and install Zorin OS Lite together with Windows fast and easy

Without further ado, let’s get started with the dual boot process. That is, when you turn on your computer it will give the option to start Zorin OS Lite or with Windows.

  1. You can download Zorin OS Lite from the official page:
  2. It will ask you to choose between 64 bit and 32 bit depending on your system. To find out which one suits you, you should do a simple check: Go to the search bar and type “cmd”, this will open the command prompt. Write “systeminfo”, in the results look for the value “Processor” if the value is “PC based on x64” , then you must install 64 bits or also the 32 bits.
  3. Plug the USB drive into the computer and run “Rufus or Yumi. Select the Zorin OS Lite image you downloaded. Rufus should automatically select the USB drive, but make sure you’ve selected the correct drive. Click on “OK” and wait for the process to finish.
  4. Plug in the USB drive and restart your computer.
  5. As soon as the motherboard logo appears when starting your computer (BIOS), press the boot key. Which can be the function key “F10 or F12” depending on your computer. On the home screen to choose boot media, the system will give you to choose between the USB device manager or Windows. You have to select the USB drive and press “Enter”.
  6. When you boot from the USB drive , it will present you with the menu: select “Try or Install Zorin OS” . Select “Install Zorin Os” . When prompted, connect to the Internet to ensure that all necessary software is downloaded during the installation process. Install the 3d party software and click “Continue”. These programs will be needed later and will enhance your Linux experience.
  7. The next thing is that you must select “Install next to Windows” . And then press “Next” to choose the space you want to allocate to the Zorin Os on the hard drive. Although Zorin OS can be installed in less than 10 Gb of space. We recommend having 30 to 40 GB of space available for you to store all the files you will download.
  8. Upon reboot you should see the Zorin OS boot on next startup. This completes the installation process along with Windows on your computer.

If you are not sure about installing Zorin OS Lite, when asked “Install Zorin OS Lite or try Zorin”, select “Try Zorin”. The system will boot into USB mode and you can use Zorin OS Lite without installing it. Everything you do in this mode will be erased after restarting. But this will give you an idea if you like Zorin or not. We await your comment, suggestion and that you share this post.

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