How to disable cortana to improve the performance of your windows 10 pc? Step by step guide

If you are looking to improve the performance of your PC with W10, disabling the voice assistant Cortana is a good idea. For that you will need to read this post to the end.

The first thing you will know is how it affects the performance of your computer and why it is advisable to disable Cortana in W10. This will help you make the best decision and assess this process.

Next, we will explain the step by step you must do to deactivate Microsoft Cortana and improve the work of the processor and RAM . Do not miss any details.

How does Cortana affect my PC performance and why should I disable it in Windows 10?

For the voice assistant to function correctly, it must be activated and running in the background, so it needs an Internet connection. From this arises the first drawback that Microsoft Cortana has and is the consumption of bandwidth and that it requires the work of the processor and RAM memory, affecting the performance of the equipment. But this is not all, when running in the background it also consumes battery in a laptop. In this way the duration of the same decreases considerably.

Beyond that the useful life will be conditioned in the long term. On the other hand, the voice assistant needs to have the microphone active. This means that, in addition to wasting team resources, it can listen to all the conversations you carry out without you noticing. This is a factor that has been the subject of debate some years ago, since any user with little computer knowledge could intercept this technology and enter the victim’s computer and thus gain control of the PC .

For a better user experience, Cortana requires access to private information, such as current location and access to image gallery and email. From this it arises that all user data is exposed to Microsoft, so this type of computing benefits is not recommended if you consider strengthening your privacy.

Learn step by step how to disable Microsoft Cortana and improve your PC performance forever

To deactivate Microsoft Cortana and improve the performance of your Windows 10 computer, you must follow the steps that we will show you below: 

Enter the search menu

To access it you will have to click on the field located on the task bar, next to the Windows logo , in the lower left part of the screen. Next, you will have to type Cortana so that you see the application in a list .

Access Cortana’s settings

As you type you will see, so automatic, the application icon.

Below this item you will find the following options:

  • To open.
  • Anchor to start.
  • Pin to taskbar.
  • Application settings.
  • Rate and comment.
  • Share.

So you must choose the fourth tool, Application Settings.

Customize options and disable Cortana

Once you have entered the configuration menu you will have to make the following changes: 

  • In the App permissions field, turn off the Microphone option and also the Background apps tool .
  • Next, you will have to go to the section Make the device easier to use without sound by displaying audio as text and disable the Cortana tool .

It is important that you click on the Finish button in the option Immediately terminate this application and its related processes .

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