How to create bootable or bootable usb to install windows 10 from an external pendrive? Step by step guide

If you are looking to learn how to create a bootable USB to install Windows 10, let us tell you that you are in the right place. You no longer have to search and search among thousands of blogs or internet pages because “ ” has it all.

We are going to show you two different methods to be able to create a bootable USB with Windows 10, one easier than the other, although none has difficulty that requires being a professional.

In case you don’t know where to download the ISO or where to download the tool to boot your pendrive, in the last section of this post you will find how and where, also explaining the step by step .

Steps to create a bootable or bootable USB to install Windows 10 from

This is the first section of this post where we will teach you the steps to follow in order to create a bootable USB in Windows 10 and the truth is that it is not complicated at all, but since you do not know we will teach you. There are two methods which you can use the one that suits you best.

First method

In this method we will explain how to create a bootable USB directly with the “ Media Creation Tool ” that in the last section we will show you how and where to download it :

  • Run the tool . We will have to locate on our computer the folder or site where the “Media Tool” is located, since this is essential to be able to install Windows 10 on our pendrive .
  • Once found, we right-click, and in the list that appears we click on run as administrator. As we will see, a window will open which will show two options, as we can see in the image below, and we will select the second option that says “ Create installation media (USB Flash Drive, DVD, or ISO file) For another PC ” And we click on ” Next “.

  • Booting pendrive with Windows 10 . Then we will see that it requires us to select the language, edition and architecture to be able to boot our pendrive with Windows 10 . In our case, the language is Spanish, Windows 10 Edition, 64-bit Architecture and we click “Next”.

  • Next we will have to insert our USB pendrive . We will see that you have to choose between two options; one to directly download the ISO file and the other to boot the pendrive, which we will only choose the first option that says “USB Flash Drive” and click on “Next”.

Install Windows 10 . Once all the above has been done, we only turn off the computer where we want to install Windows 10 and start it again by typing to enter the BIOS, which mostly the keys that dictate that command are F12, F11, F9, Del, this varies by manufacturer.

Once this is done, we follow all the instructions that the same system will dictate to us to comply with the correct installation of the operating system.

* Note: It is necessary that you have an excellent internet connection since this entire process is done online, and the download may take one or more hours.

Second method

This method is recommended when we only have the ISO file, although we personally think that the process is a little faster compared to the previous method, but give your own opinion about it and following the steps below:

Download Rufus for Windows

  • Run the program : First of all, it will be necessary for you to download the program if you do not already have it, for them go to the link that we leave above and download it. Once downloaded, it will be necessary for us to run it as administrator and for this we right-click on the program icon and select the option to run as administrator.
  • We connect the pendrive to the computer where we are doing the whole process and we format them in Fat32 format.
  • Boot the USB ; Once the program is running, we click on the list of devices that appears under “Device”, as we can see in the image. In our case there is only one device on the list so we will not have to search much.

  • Then in the option that says “Disk or ISO image (Please choose)” we click on select and locate the place where we have saved our Windows 10 ISO file on our computer.
  • If you do not have the Windows 10 ISO, click on the second option that appears in the drop-down list that says “Download”.

  • A small box will appear where we will choose the version of Windows and select “Windows 10” and click on “Continue”. We fill in the form with the edition we want, the language, the architecture and the broadcast, then we click on “Download”.

  • We wait for the download to finish and select the “Partition Scheme” as “MBR”. We select the “Target system” as “BIOS UEFI” and the “File system” as in Fat32 and finally we click on “Start”. We will know that the process will be completed when the green bar in the window reaches the end.
  • To install Windows on a PC, we just insert the pendrive and follow the same steps as in the previous method, shutting down and restarting the computer to enter the BIOS with the corresponding key.

With these two methods that we show you, you can boot your USB to install Windows 10 from an external pendrive, both are simple and very practical.

Where can I download the official Windows 10 disk image (ISO file) from?

To download Windows 10 officially we will have to go to the Microsoft page . We click on the following link to go to the 100% secure download:

Download Media Creation Tool

As we can see in the image, we will be shown an option with a blue background and white letters that will allow us to download the tool, we click there and the download will begin.

Once the tool has been downloaded, we locate it and run it as an administrator on our computer. It should be noted again that for this process it will be necessary that we have an excellent internet connection.

We click on the second option “Create installation media …” and we also click on next. We then select the language, edition, and architecture we want for our Windows 10 ISO file.

Finally we select the second option “ISO File” and click “Next”.

The download will begin and we will have to wait at least one to three hours for it to finish and that’s it, we already have the ISO image of Windows 10 and to boot the pendrive with this version of Windows. You just have to follow the steps that we leave in the previous section of this post .

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