How to create an account in onedrive fast and easy? Step by step guide

Since it sneaked into our lives and our day-to-day lives a few years ago, the internet has helped our way of carrying out different tasks evolve. At the same time, the network of networks itself has undergone a necessary and logical process of evolution that does nothing more than enrich its list of benefits and benefits with more and more positive points for the user.

One of the most remarkable of all the repertoire that it has is the cloud. This system that refers to storage in the digital world and is what makes proposals such as OneDrive something to take into account. This service, provided by Microsoft, allows you to store a large number of files on the internet so that you can not worry when it comes to losing the data on your computer or your mobile phone, or even when you want to protect important files from third-party attacks.

These are some functions, but the range of possibilities is much wider and the main reason why many people want to know how to create an account on OneDrive. In this short guide we are going to explain how to do it and, in addition, we are going to discuss other topics of special interest regarding its functions and advantages.

Register a new Microsoft OneDrive account

If you want to know the method to proceed with the registration, in addition to knowing all the other tools that this system offers to any user who encourages to register an account in it. We recommend that you continue reading and review everything we have in the following lines. There are many details of special interest for any user moderately concerned about their files, as well as others designed for those who need a fully available multifunction tool. OneDrive hides much more than just cloud storage.

It is a tremendously efficient and versatile system, as well as easy to use and intuitive. Opening a new Microsoft OneDrive account is also a fairly simple process, although it requires following a series of completely mandatory steps before being used. To do this, and to avoid any possible confusion, we are going to explain the entire procedure step by step so that it is clear and there is no problem when carrying it out.

1 – Enter the OneDrive website

On your PC, open your most common web browser and go to the address bar that is usually found at the top of the window. Once there, enter the following URL to enter the OneDrive home page:

2 – The registration process begins

The system makes it quite easy for you. On the website you just entered, you will have two buttons in front of you. You just have to click on the blank, with the text “Free registration “, to start the whole process and start registering your new user account to take advantage of this cloud storage service.

3 – Creating an account

If you have an or Xbox Live account, you already have a Microsoft account and all you have to do is log in to it, this is due to the new policy that the company has to unify accounts in its different services. You can also do something similar if you have a professional account and linked to Office 365.

If you do not meet any of these points, then in the menu that has just appeared you must press the option on the left: “Create a Microsoft account”.

The next section takes you to the Microsoft Live system home page. Here, you can enter an email account that you have previously created for other purposes so that it is linked. In this case, we are going to do everything from scratch, so you must click on “Get a new email address “, available at the bottom of this menu.

4 – Create email and password

Now you must enter a name for the email account that will be accompanied by the endings @, @ or even @ as you prefer (you choose by clicking on the arrow on the right). The name to be established must be unique, in fact, if it matches that of another existing user, you will not be able to advance.

The second field, that of “Create a password “, must be filled in with a personal and non-transferable password, since it is in charge of allowing access to your account. The most recommended is to use an alphanumeric sequence with a special character for greater security and a minimum of 8 characters.

5 – Final touches

Touch indicate both the first and last names to link with your Microsoft Outlook and OneDrive account. We advise that they be truthful so as not to confuse the users with whom you interact. Once this is done, click on “Next ” again.

Afterwards, you will be asked to indicate the country or region where you live, as well as the date of birth. These are details that Microsoft asks for to finish developing your identity in the digital field, so you can indicate the real ones without any inconvenience. After filling in both fields, click on the “Next ” button again .

6 – Account verification

This step is something traditional in this type of system to avoid the attack of bots and other malicious software. Microsoft asks to enter a verification code that is sent to your phone or cell phone number, to get it, enter your code of the country where you reside and your phone number and click on “Send code “, in a matter of seconds you will receive a code to your cell phone that you must write on the computer screen to complete the account creation process.

7 – Process completed!

After this last requirement, you already have your Microsoft Outlook account created and, therefore, you already have a Microsoft OneDrive account as well. From now on you will be able to send and receive emails in it, in addition to taking advantage of the many other advantages that the company offers both in terms of services and software. In fact, you can even link it to the Xbox console to integrate purchases and share them between console and PC.

FAQ: Questions and answers about how OneDrive works

The nature of this tool that Microsoft makes available to all its users in the cloud is based on ease of use. Even so, there is always room for doubt and it is inevitable that questions may arise about it. To make it even easier, we are going to review the most frequently asked questions about the operation and services of OneDrive. Thus, you can use it without any problem.

How does it work and what are the advantages of uploading files to the cloud?

To know how OneDrive works, you must first familiarize yourself with your work environment. In its main window you have several points of mandatory knowledge. First, a document menu where you can see the recently uploaded files, be they documents, photos, videos or files; plus a recycle bin in case something was accidentally deleted.

You also have the option to search through a bar dedicated to it, view the folders and files directly, create a new document ( Word, Excel, OneNote or PowerPoint ) by clicking on “New ” or upload files from your computer to the cloud with the option “Upload”. In the latter case, when you click on the upload action, a small window will appear in which to search for the file in the location of your computer and, from there, accept so that it is stored in the cloud.

The main advantage of uploading these files is that, in case you have to erase data on your computer or suffer a problem that ends up with your storage devices, you will always have the security of knowing that all important elements are safely stored. In addition, it also allows access from different machines, or even the option of working directly on the internet without having to resort to software on your own computer. All available for free and accessible at any time of the day, as well as from a multitude of different devices.

What features does opening a Microsoft OneDrive account offer me?

One of the main functions offered by opening a Microsoft OneDrive account is a totally free space with up to 15 GB to upload everything you want to the internet. In case it falls short, you can pay to have more storage in the cloud and, thus, have a powerful online directory where you can have everything you need or consider important.

But there is much more, and also very remarkable. Any user of this service has all the tools of the Office suite at their disposal without having to install any software on their computer. You can open a Word document and write, review a spreadsheet or even finish off a presentation that you have in half just by connecting to the internet and, best of all, from any compatible device.

All these functions are at your complete disposal from the moment you register your account in Microsoft OneDrive. A host of facilities with which to take full advantage of the benefits of the network of networks and that, in addition to having a backup system in the cloud, also allows you to take advantage of the main office automation package on the market .

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks!

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