How to create a telegram chatbot to boost your customer service on the platform? Step by step guide

Telegram is an instant messenger that, in addition to protecting our privacy, has a very good use of the different bots that exist on this platform. Thanks to them , we can download music from YouTube to have a chatbot in our account.

Understanding the difference between Telegram and WhatsApp about the advantages they offer to create a chatbot is an important topic that we will discuss in this post.

If, in addition, you need to know all the functions and uses that we can give our bot, and know what are the factors to take into account for it to be successful, please keep reading until the end of this article because we will also mention all the steps that we need to be able to create a software for Telegram.

Telegram vs Whatsapp, which is better to create a chatbot?

Although Telegram and WhatsApp are two instant messengers that have many similarities, when choosing a chatbot for each of these platforms, it is advisable to do it with Telegram since it allows us to add many more functions and do it in a faster and more practical way .

In addition, we have the alternative of not using another tool other than Telegram because we have the BotFather bot available, among other bots.

What functions and uses can I give my Telegram bot?

Once we have chosen to create a bot in Telegram we can add many functions to it, of which we will name some of them below:

  • Assign it a name which must include the ending “bot” or “_bot”, for example “ipasoapaso_bot” .
  • Incorporate an image and description of it.
  • Add instructions for use.
  • If we need you to send us news from a particular site, we can incorporate it through an RSS feed.
  • We can make the bot can interact from any conversation, both public and private.
  • We have the option to choose whether or not we want the boat to join groups as if it were any user.
  • If we need to add a payment function, we can do it without any problem.

What do I need to create a successful Telegram responder bot?

The creation of a bot does not end in the last step of the programming, on the contrary, when that happens we are just beginning the way to be able to have a successful software.

That is why, for a responder bot to have a long life in Telegram, it will have to have the following parameters included:

  • It must have a name that represents what it really is, that is, when we read that bot, we have to immediately realize what it is.
  • The idea of ​​your main tasks has to be really good so that it can be accepted by the users.
  • You have to provide options that are clear and with an optimal number, so that each time someone enters they can quickly find what they are looking for.
  • The possibility of configuring in different languages ​​is a plus point that must be taken into account .
  • Besides being friendly, it has to be functional . That is, it must comply with what it promises in a few steps to be able to reach the information or fulfill the need of the Telegram user.

Steps to create and configure a Telegram chatbot that many people use

The steps required to create and configure a Telegram chatbot are as follows:

  • We open Telegram and write “@BotFather” .
  • We choose the first option that will appear with the Telegram verification checkmark.
  • It will tell us what this bot can do, then we select start at the bottom of the screen.
  • We will see a list with commands we can use.
  • We choose the first option, which is “/ newbot” .
  • It will ask us to choose the name, if it is busy it will ask us to choose another until we can get the right one. Remember that it has to end in “bot” or “_bot” .
  • We write “/ setprivacy” below, to configure the level of privacy that we will have, being able to receive messages from anyone in the group or privately.

At this time we will have to select the functions that we want to add to it.

We can also do it through another bot, @ManyBot, and add commands to it. For this we make this guide, of which the first three steps are the same as the previous point:

  • @BotFather
  • / newbot
  • We choose the name
  • We copy the number that appears in “Use this token to access the HTTP API:”
  • We enter “ManyBot”
  • We write “/ start”
  • We search and click on “addbot”
  • We paste the hexadecimal number that we have copied in BotFather
  • We click on “Send”
  • We select with a click on the name of our bot
  • We click on “START”
  • We then write “/ start”
  • We look for the option “Settings” and select “/ autoposting”
  • We choose “Custom Commands”
  • We click on “Create command”
  • We write “/ <the name of the sticker we want>”
  • If we want we can add the option “Add question”
  • Select “Save”
  • If we want this command to appear, we will have to go back to BotFather and select “/ setcommands”
  • We write the name of our bot

List of the best 5 Telegram bots that do much more than reply to messages

We will then choose the 5 best Telegram bots where we can find, not only that they respond to messages, but many others work more. They are:


If we need to check the weather that our geographical area is going to have or to which we travel, we have the possibility of using this bot. It gives us the option of being able to change the language and adjust the notifications to be prepared for any change.


The file that we need to analyze for the existence of viruses, we will simply have to deliver to this bot and it will tell us the status or situation of that document.

Once the bot is started we have 3 commands to choose from:

  • / settings, with which we can configure the language and notifications according to whether there are threats or each time we perform an analysis.
  • / help, serves to ask the bot for help every time we do not understand a situation that we do not understand.
  • / feedback, which will allow us to send our opinion to the creators of this program.

@ text2gifbot

If we need to share a Gif with our contacts, we can do it by starting this tool with which we will write a text and edit it later as an animation. It is a very fun and easy-to-use tool.

@ ts2chbot

This bot is used when we need to send a video without doing it in a file format, not through a Telegram video message. That is, it will appear to the person we send you in a circle that can be directly reproduced .

The steps are very simple, we have to open the bot and give it the file to modify it.


It is ideal to use in a group, it deals with answers and questions in a style very similar to that of Trivial Pursuit . You can add the option that the questions have a time for their answers. As we progress through this tool, different statistics are created that we can consult when we need them.

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