How to convert pdf to excex xls to edit your spreadsheets? Step by step guide

The portable document format or also known as PDF ( Portable Document File ) is one of the most used as the way to send a file over the Internet . This is because it is compatible with many devices. Even browsers like Google Chrome can open it.

However, it is not the most widely used way of writing a text . In particular, with spreadsheet files, the most widely used is Microsoft Excel . The problem arises when they send us a PDF and we need to work on it in the Office package .

For that reason, in this post we will show you how to perform this conversion . In this way you will not have problems when receiving PDF files.

Learn step by step how to convert a file from PDF to XLS format

There are different methods to do this conversion. We can divide them into Offline and Online . For the first, the best option is to have Adobe Acrobat . A paid software that allows the reading, editing and creation of PDF documents.

If you have this program, even if it is the trial version, you just have to follow these steps:

  • Open the PDF document with Acrobat.
  • Make sure your content is editable (or selectable) . That is to say, it is not an image. Otherwise, use the OCR tool included in the software.
  • Then, in the sidebar, click on “Export PDF” .
  • When the window opens, choose the option “Spreadsheet” followed by “Microsoft Excel” .
  • Select the location where the new document will be saved within the file explorer.
  • Once the file is marked, press “Save” .
  • After this, you will be able to use the content of the PDF in Microsoft Excel by executing it from the latter.

List of best tools to convert PDF files to Excel XLS

In addition to the method shown above, there are other tools to achieve this . These are different softwares that offer the file conversion service .

Next, we will show you our selection of the best:

Free PDF to Excel Converter

This program is very easy to use, it is also quite practical and allows the conversion of several documents at the same time . Within this, you can choose to combine all PDFs into a single Excel document. Supports extensions . xlsx  .xls and .csv . It is an open source application, so you can download it for free through the following link.

Download Free PDF to Excel Converter Windows

Blue Fox Free PDF to the Excel Converter

Another free tool that allows you to convert PDF files to Excel . Through seven simple buttons it is possible to carry out the conversion quickly and without complications. However, it is impossible to perform the PDF to Excel ” action if the original document contains non-selectable text, so it will be necessary to use other eye recognition software ( OCR ) beforehand. You can download it from here.

Download Blue Fox Free PDF to the Excel Converter Windows

PDF to Excel converter (app)

If you are someone who works with documents from your mobile, we want to leave you this application that works in the same way as the previous two. Without the need to enter a computer, you can make the conversions from your Android . You just have to select the PDF document and convert it . The free version has only one limitation. You will have to wait 1 hour for the process to finish. Download it from here.

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