How to configure the keyboard in windows 7 easily and quickly? Step by step guide

The keyboard is one of the biggest headaches for Windows 7 users. If it gets misconfigured, the task of operating the computer comfortably begins to become more and more complex. This is normal if we consider that this is one of the main hardware for navigating the operating system, but fortunately it is quite easy to solve most of the problems that occur in this version of the Microsoft platform .

Microsoft has developed a series of wizards to help you solve the main problems that arise in your system, among which the problems of misconfiguration of the keyboard are valued. However, to ensure that these errors will be corrected perfectly, the best thing you can do is put on your gloves and configure the keyboard correctly manually .

In this article we will teach you how to correctly configure the keyboard in Windows 7 in the fastest and easiest way possible . In addition, you will learn to make complex changes such as the default position of the keys, and even to return everything to normal in case you do something wrong in the process or simply want your keyboard to work as if you were just using it.

Steps to configure the keyboard on your Windows 7 computer

Configuring a keyboard is a very simple process that does not need a technology or computer expert, for this we explain in a clear way what are the steps to follow to configure the keyboard on your computer from Windows 7.

What you should do is the following:

  • Enter the control panel and click on the “Accessibility” section and once there select the option “Change keyboard operation.”

  • When you do this, a window like the one in the following image will open from which you can configure aspects such as “Mouse keys” ; to establish a configuration that allows you to control the pointer with the keyboard, “Activate filter keys” ; to optimize the speed of keyboard repetition, “Toggle keys “; so that when pressing the keys LockMayus or LockNum the computer makes a sound, and other interesting aspects.

  • Once all the changes have been made, you just have to click “OK” and then restart the computer so that all the changes are applied successfully.

Another aspect that you can configure is the language, something that completely changes the operation and order of the keys, for this follow these points:

  • You must enter the “Control Panel”, for this you simply click on “Start” and look for the option that will take you to the panel. There you will select the keyboard that you are going to start using.
  • In the Control Panel window you will look for the “Clock, language and region” section, right there you will find the option “Change keyboards and other input methods” and click.

  • Then a pop-up window will appear, which will have the name “Regional and Language Options”, and as indicated in the following image, click on “Change keyboards” .

  • A small window will open with the title “Service / input languages” . There you look in the “General” tab for the type of keyboard you want to change.

  • If the keyboard you want does not appear in the list, you can click on “Add” and it will show a list where you will see all the existing keyboards in the Windows 7 system and select the one of your choice and click “OK”.

  • Once you have selected the keyboard which you want to use, you click on the “Apply” button so that all the changes are saved and applied.
  • To finish you click on “Acepar”, and in this way you will have configured your keyboard.

In this step it will be verified that the configuration has been done successfully, for this you open the Word document and perform the at sign (@) test, which consists of performing a specific sequence of keys and if an “@” appears at the end the configuration is correct.

These are the sequences for some of the most used keyboards:

  • Spanish (Spain): AltGr + Q
  • Spanish (Latin American): AltGr + Q
  • English: Shift + 2
  • Spanish (Spain, international): AltGr + 2

How to remap keyboard keys and change commands in Windows 7?

If you think that any key on your keyboard should have a new function because it would be more useful that way, this is the time to give it to them. Don’t you know how? here we show you:

Download MapKeyboard for Windows

  • You will first need to download the MapKeyboard program . You can find it totally free, and it is also simple to use and very useful software.
  • After installing the application, you open it and you will see that a virtual keyboard (or on-screen keyboard ) appears. Click on the key (of the virtual keyboard) that you are going to change and at the bottom left you will see an option “Remap selected Key to”, there you choose a new functionality. You apply this process to all the keys that you are going to reassign.
  • To finish, save the chosen layout for the keys by clicking on the “Save Layout” option . With just three steps you can reassign keyboard functions in Windows 7.

How to reset Windows 7 keyboard to default settings?

In case you make changes one day that you don’t like, you can easily return the keyboard to its factory settings.

For this there are two methods that we will teach you below:

First method:

  • Use the aforementioned application (MapKeyboard) and look for the option “Reset Keyboard Layout” and click on it.
  • In this way, the program will force you to reset all the settings and eliminate the designs and changes that you have made.

Second method:

No program is used to restore the configuration, it will only be necessary to know the options that the system itself offers you.

  • Start by right-clicking on the “Taskbar “, there a drop-down menu is displayed.
  • Click the toolbar option and select “Language Bar” (the keyboard layout item appears on the taskbar). Or you can also access the language bar, looking in the task bar for the “ES” icon and click on it, there it shows a list of options and click on the language bar.
  • Then you click on the language that you see there, a small list of languages ​​will be displayed , which will select the language that you are going to apply to your keyboard. On most Windows 7 computers, the default for the keyboard is English (United States) or Spanish (Spain, International) .
  • And if the keyboard or language that is already selected is the one you need or want to leave it but you only want is to restore its default values, in the same language bar, locate a small arrow with a downward direction, click on it and it will display a list of options which you will see last in the list the option “Restore defaults” and click there.

In this way you will be able to restore the values ​​of your keyboard, in a simple way and without having to download a number of programs to do it, although it seems a longer method, it is actually short, you just have to know the position of each option and that’s it.

Now you know everything you need to do to make a successful keyboard setup and even go back to the default settings in case you make a change that you don’t like. So start putting it into practice so you don’t forget it and you don’t have to pay anyone else to do it for you.

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