How to clean a hard drive in windows 10 and improve its performance? Step by step guide

Have we ever thought that the slowness of our computer, which has the Windows 10 operating system installed, is due to its obsolescence and this results in a slowness in the Internet connection.

This is not necessarily the case, although it can happen that our computer is slow due to the age of its components, but it can also happen that it is slow because we have not cleaned our hard disk for some time.

In this post we will refer to the concepts and steps you should know to efficiently clean a hard drive.

Why is it important to clean our hard drive from junk files?

There are different reasons and advantages why we recommend cleaning your computer. Here are the most important ones:

To make room

Logically, having more space gives us the benefit of being able to install programs that, perhaps, we could not add to our computer if we did not have the necessary space.

And if there is the possibility of installing them, some software needs to work with extensions, which often generate incompatibilities due to not having enough space.

Other advantages that we can name is that with space we do not lose our objective at work when it comes to searching for a specific file .

To improve performance

This helps us both for startup and for processes in general . If we clean our disk we are benefiting the RAM memory, since it houses all those files or data that we need most frequently.

When we remove junk files, we are also clearing space in the RAM memory, which has the benefit that it will work better and more efficiently because it can deliver better information and faster.

To increase disc life

When we save information, it is housed anywhere on the disk where it found a place on the disk . When we request information that is stored in that document, the hard disk begins to spin until, thanks to other components, the requested information is found.

If we clean and fragment the disk, what we are doing is excluding the information that does not serve us and ordering all that we are going to use , with this we will achieve that the disk, when we want to extract information, rotate less times because the information will find it more quickly. The less the disk works, the longer the life will have .

To avoid logical errors

Duplicate files are often created in the operating system, when we request the information one of these files the system enters into a processing conflict. If we clean these duplicate files we will avoid logical errors in the system.

Another point to keep in mind is that when we decide to uninstall the files that we do not use, our level of human error decreases because the focus of attention will be on the necessary files .

To facilitate access to information

When we work with our computer, without realizing it, we are leaving garbage installed that does not serve any special function .

If we request information from the hard drive, and it is full, it will take longer to provide us with that information because it will have more work to search among the different files that exist.

Logically, if we delete the garbage, the disk will have less work and in less time it will find the requested file .

What documents can be considered unnecessary?

Among the files that we consider junk or that are not necessary for the proper functioning of our computer, we can recommend that you delete the following :

Temporary files

When a program cannot generate or allocate enough memory for the tasks it must perform, it generates a file, which we will call “ temporary files ”.

These files, which are often backup copies, generally have the extension “.TMP” or the character “~” . For Microsoft operating systems there is a special folder where they are hosted and we find it as “/ tmp” .

The functions of these files, once the program has been closed or the operating system has already carried out the correct processes, are useless, therefore, we must eliminate them .

Duplicate documents

When we share our files with other people and many times they generate modifications in our documents or simply make updates, the previous version no longer works for us and therefore we should delete it and save the last one with the corrections made.

With the rhythm of work we have or the time we dedicate to studies, many times we overlook duplicate files, resulting in having the same file in two or more places.

This information takes up space on the disk, which slows down the computer. That is why we recommend that you clean each of these records, although you have to be very careful because sometimes they have the same name, but not the same information . This happens very often with images that we download with default names by programs.

Programs you don’t use

It is a very common and recurring theme in each of our computers, we keep files or programs in which we will not use it anymore because our work or study has ended in relation to that data .

As you know, this data considerably reduces the performance of our computer equipment, for this reason we recommend you delete it in a conscious way, since it is often very difficult to recover the information that you thought you were not going to use it anymore.

Steps to clean your SSD and improve its performance in Windows 10

To clean a solid state disk with Windows 10 operating system and to improve performance we will have to carry out these steps according to the tool we choose:

With the disc cleaner

When we clean through software designed to clean our computer’s hard drive, we save a lot of time and work because these programs do all the tasks for us.

For this example we have used the Easy Duplicate Finder program and we can follow the following steps:

  • In the Google search engine we write “Easy Duplicate Finder”
  • We click on the link where this page appears
  • We choose “Download for Windows”
  • Once the software has been installed, then we will click “Start analysis”
  • The program will tell us that it may take a few minutes and will ask us if we agree, for which we press “Ok”
  • And after a while, all the temporary and duplicate files that it suggests us to delete will appear.
  • At this time we click on “Accept” to finish the cleaning

With CMD

If we choose to use a Windows CMD command we will have to follow these steps :

  • We click on “Start”
  • We select “Execute”
  • When the “Open” window appears we will write the following command
  • “c: \ windows \ SYSTEM32 \ cleanmgr.exe / dDrive”
  • We press “Enter

The drive placeholder represents the drive or drive letter of the hard drive that we want to clean.

Uninstalling programs

Windows gives us the possibility to uninstall the programs manually, for this we will carry out the following procedure:

  • We go to “Start”
  • We choose “Menu”
  • We write “Control Panel”
  • We choose the application
  • We click on “Programs”
  • We select “Uninstall a program”
  • We choose the program that we want to uninstall
  • We click on “Uninstall or change”
  • We choose “Yes”
  • We select “Next”
  • Click on “Accept”

List of the best programs to keep your SSD clean in W10

The advantage that we have when we use this class of cleaners, in addition to doing the work for us, is that with the installation we obtain other benefits, for example, antivirus, cookie blockers, permanent maintenance and warnings against navigation risks.

Next, we are going to name you the best softwares to keep your solid state drive clean with Windows 10 :


This PC cleaner brings three products to offer us one free, one professional and one premium level.

Among the functions they offer is to control applications that use a lot of computer resources and eliminate cookie tracking files. It offers a complete cleaning and power to recover lost files.

It offers the possibility of always having the software updated, all you have to do is enter its page and download the latest update.

Download CCleaner Windows

AVG TuneUp

This program was developed not only to clean our computers but also to provide one of the most powerful antivirus on the market.

The free version and a paid version, which provide among other things virus protection and a permanent analysis of the PC’s performance, suggesting to delete files that cause the operation to decrease considerably.

Download AVG TuneUp Windows

Clean Master

It is an application that can be downloaded for free and is designed to keep our PC functioning correctly, as it constantly analyzes all the files that can damage the hard disk and also uses an antivirus that increases our privacy.

Download Clean Master Windows

Advanced System Care

Considered by many to be a very good hard drive cleaner because it completely removes and uninstalls all those software and plugins that have been installed when we surf the Internet. Downloading it is completely free and its handling is very simple.

Download Advanced System Care Windows

WinUtilities Free

It has two versions, one free and the other paid, in which they offer us a large number of applications that we can carry out with this software.

It keeps our computer clean by eliminating all those files that are duplicated or may be a threat to the operation of our computer. It contains a function in which daily maintenance can be carried out through a single click .

Download Advanced System Care Windows

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