How to change commas for points in microsoft excel data? Step by step guide

Surely you already know the decimal numbers and you know that they are separated from the integers by a punctuation mark . What you may not know is that in some regions a period is used and in others a comma .

For example, throughout Europe, except the United Kingdom, the period is used, while the comma is used to separate the thousand . The same occurs in South America, with the United States, Mexico, Canada and some Caribbean islands being the exception to the rule.

For this reason, if you must deliver a document to a region other than yours and you do not use the same system, we recommend that you pay attention to this post .

When is it necessary to change commas to periods in Microsoft Excel data tables?

As we mentioned before, not all countries use the same way of numbering . Furthermore, in some African regions they do not have a defined standard. For this reason, if you need to send an Excel template or chart to a location other than yours, it is recommended that you first find out which sign to use .

Programs belonging to the Office package, take the writing mode of the language and region of the system . It is defined when we install Microsoft Windows . If your computer is in Spanish, but you want to use the English writing method in Excel, it is a valid reason to change the comma to the period.

A common situation is that when you download a spreadsheet from an external source such as the Internet, it has been done in a different way than you are not used to.

For this and the previous cases, we will show you the following:

Steps to change commas to periods in your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets

There are two methods to perform the interchange between semicolons in the Excel document . The first will affect only the program, while the second will affect the entire operating system.

Let’s see how to perform each of them:

  • Start Microsoft Excel .
  • On the main page, press the “Options” button . It is at the end of the side panel. You don’t need to create a blank workbook or open an existing one.
  • In the pop-up window, locate and click “Advanced” .
  • In the “Editing options” section you will find the “Use system separators” box. When this is activated, it will use the Windows regional settings (which we will change in the second method).
  • Disable this option and swap the semicolon in the decimal and thousands separators as appropriate.
  • To finish, press “OK” .

A second way to do that is to change your locale . This option is only recommended if you are going to permanently use a different decimal separation system .

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Click Start and look for “Control Panel .
  • Once this utility is open, select “Clock, language and region” .
  • From the next two options, choose “Region” .
  • Go to the “Administrative” tab .
  • Your current language and region used by the system will appear here.
  • To modify this, press “Change system regional settings” . You will need administrator permissions .
  • In this window, choose the new language and region layout .
  • Press “OK” until you exit.

Keep in mind that this change will affect the entire operating system . For example, the way you type some symbols on the keyboard will be affected, as will the default language of certain programs .

To undo these changes, follow the same steps and use the settings that you used in the beginning .

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