How to calculate percentage in a microsoft excel spreadsheet? Step by step guide

The use of percentages is very common in any work or study environment. This is due to the frequent need to obtain relationships and interpret them.

To be able to handle the percentages, you will not have to be an expert in statistics, but you will have to know in depth all the concepts that surround these tools in Microsoft Excel.

If you want to know how to get a percentage of a number correctly, either compared to another or to increase it , you will have to continue reading this article . We will show you all the secrets in a very simple and fast way.

How are percentages managed in Excel spreadsheets?

The percentages in Excel are calculated and work as much by one . This means that by default the program divides a number into 100, so if you want to represent 50% you can do it as 0.50.

In this way you will be able to work with a smaller number of steps and if in any case you want to express it in percentages to a certain number, you will have to right click on it and choose the “Format cells …” tool . Then, you must click on the “Number” tab and select the “Percentage” option .

Steps to calculate percentages in your Microsoft Excel documents

When you need to calculate percentages in your Excel documents, you will have different methods, which we will show you in the following paragraphs:

Increase or decrease a number based on a percentage

When you need to increase a number by a certain percentage, you should do the following:

  • Let’s take as an example that you want to increase a number by 20% . This is the same as exposing it in both by one as if it were 0.20 . Therefore, you will need to put this number in a cell.
  • Next, you will have to write the amount you want to increase. Then you will have to use the “PRODUCT” function , which you will find in the “Formulas” tab and in the “Mathematics and trigonometric” tool .
  • The result that you will have is the percentage that you must increase. What you must do now is add that result to the original amount so that you can know the increase you have.

An easier way to do this is to include the number 1 in the so much for one. That is, instead of putting 0.20 you will have to write 1.20 . Then you will use the formula “PRODUCT”, but unlike the previous steps the result that you will obtain will already have the increment placed.

Just as you make the increase of a certain number, you can also make the decrease based on a percentage .

Instead of adding, you should subtract the result of the product. With regard to the second variant that we propose, instead of adding 1, you must subtract it, so the product factor will be 0.80 instead of 1.20 .

Calculate a number based on a percentage

If you have a number and you know that it is a certain percentage of another, but you do not know what it is, you will need to do the steps that we show you below:

  • We take as an example that 120 is 10% of a certain number. To find out what that number is in Excel you will have to enter these numbers in 2 cells. Remember that it is convenient to work in both by one and not with percentages, so at 10% you should write it as 0.10.
  • Next, you will have to use the formula “QUOTE”, which you can find in the same way as PRODUCT . And if you want to know what the route is, please read the previous section.
  • Divide 120 by putting 0.10 as the denominator. When you have this ready you will have to press “Enter”.

In this case the result will be 1200. So we can conclude that 10% of 1200 is 120, or what is the same to say that 120 is 10% of 1200.

Calculate the percentage according to two quantities

When you need to know what relationship two numbers have and obtain a percentage of one with respect to another, you must use the formula “QUOTE” .

If we take as an example that you want to know how much 60 is in relation to 200 . Or what is the same to say how much 60 represents as a percentage of the number 200.

For this case you will have to use 60 as the numerator in the formula and 200 as the denominator . The result will be 0.30 and as Excel works in both times one, it can be interpreted as 30%. Therefore, we can say that 60 is 30% of 200.

Calculate percentage an amount based on another amount

In case you need to calculate a percentage based on another quantity, suppose you want to know how much 500 is with respect to 100, you must also use the formula “QUOTE” and place 500 as the numerator and 100 as the denominator.

To that result you will have to apply the formula “SUM”, but the number that you will have to write is -1. Therefore, you will be 250 divided into 50 equals 5, you add -1 and the result will be 4.

Remember that Excel works as both times one so 4 is equal to 400%. In this way, it is concluded that 250 is 400% higher than 50.

Calculate percentage difference between two numbers

If you want to know how much is the percentage that has the difference between two numbers, for example, how much is the difference that exists between 10 minus 7 in proportion to 10 or 7 .

Do it first in proportion to 10:

  • Use the “SUM” function , but put 7 as negative. Therefore, the sum would be 10 – 7 = 3.
  • Now you will have to calculate how much 3 is in relation to 10, so you will have to use the “QUOTE” tool . You will have to place 3 as the numerator and 10 as the denominator, the result 0.3 means that 10 has a 30% difference with respect to 7.

If you do it in proportion to 7, you will have to do these calculations:

  • Get the number 3 in the same way as the previous step.
  • Then use in the formula “QUOTIENT” as the numerator to 3 and as the denominator to 7. The result 0.4285 means that 7 is less than 10 by 42.85%.

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