How the Snoring Relief Band works

Who always snores when sleeping, does not regain energy well and also causes relationship problems. Well, they are the ones who suffer the most. Therefore, with the gigantic advances in technology, let’s get to know an innovative device that is the Snoring Relief anti-snoring band that will help us enjoy a good sleep.

It is everyone’s wish to be able to relax and fall asleep and there are apps for that . Good rest is essential to have a better quality of life; It is the stage of the day where our body recovers from the wear and tear we had during the day. In an emotional sense, good sleep helps us stay mentally balanced.

phillips anti snoring band

Although there are many accessories and homemade recipes, generally, satisfactory results are not achieved, because many devices to control snoring are very large and uncomfortable. In fact, these days you get apps for almost all the vicissitudes of life . Therefore, learn about this innovative technology.

Why do we snore?

The sound is produced when the soft tissues of the throat relax so much that it reduces the space through which the air of our breath circulates. Normally at the level of the pharynx is where the air collides, producing the annoying sound.

We should not think that snoring is always of pathological origin, a simple nasal congestion (obstruction by mucous membranes) or alcohol consumption (due to excess relaxation of the soft tissue), can cause snoring during sleep.

Snoring during sleep is an extremely common condition. And, although it is difficult for us to accept it, the worst thing is the social affectation that we face when we suffer from this condition. Snoring goes beyond being socially affected, sometimes our health is at stake. Snoring can also be due to Sleep Apnea, which may or may not be the reason for snoring.

breathing anatomy when sleeping

The Apnea Sleep is basically lack of oxygenation unconsciously maintained by obstruction of upper airway due to several reasons: obesity or overweight , necks wide by excess adipose tissue that adds weight to the pharynx, palate fallen, malformations of the face and mouth, sleeping on your back.

How to detect the exact causes of snoring? For this, it is necessary to consult a doctor, specifically, an otolaryngologist or pulmonologist to carry out specific studies such as nocturnal polysomnography that evaluates and controls the activity of the heart, lungs, brain, movements of upper and lower limbs and a record of oxygen in blood.

How does the Snoring Relief Anti-Snoring Band work?

Whatever the case, the Snoring Relief anti snoring band has been an innovation of the new technologies that the renowned brand Phillips has developed.

“This band has a series of sensors that scan the position that will cause snoring; which is frequently the prone position and will produce a vibration. Which automatically adapts to the intensity of said vibration to make it change position; before the snoring even starts. “

The most interesting thing about this anti snoring band is that the intensity will be evaluated by the technology of the device; which will prevent the wearer from being abruptly awakened during the day of sleep.

The self-learning ability of this device has been tested by its creators; in a field of study they were able to obtain that “86% of the test population; reported the efficacy of the product with a reduction in snoring after 4 weeks ”.

You may be one of the people who needs to see to believe. And if so, you can buy an anti-snoring band online and once you do it;  Leave us in the comments what has been your personal experience or that of your partner; if it is that person who suffers from sleep apnea.

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