How do i automatically log into my windows 7 computer? Step by step guide

Basically, Windows 7 is an operating system that allows your computer to manage programs and perform basic tasks through its graphical user interface or GUI . Which, although it is not the most modern version of Microsoft Windows, is still considered an optimal solution because it supports greater synchronization between the user and the computer, saves energy, takes up little memory and has high compatibility .

Which is why, at this time, many people are still looking for optimal alternatives to obtain the best user experience through their PC with W7 . As a consequence, in terms of configuration, a large number of them are interested in adjusting the system correctly in order to be able to log into their computer automatically .

Thus, for different reasons, the fact of being able to boot the operating system without any password is completely useful for different people . Therefore, from this post, we will introduce you to the main benefits of logging in automatically in Windows 7 and, of course, we will explain the steps to follow to make this adjustment in the OS .

What are the benefits of automatically logging in to Windows 7?

For different reasons, Windows 7 users prefer to configure their PC to have a fully automatic login or an Auto Login . Taking into account that, by default, the mechanical login of an operating system corresponds to a functionality that is provided to provide greater comfort to people, depending on their needs.

Therefore, it has been classified as a tool that guarantees important advantages to all people who use Windows 7 on their machines and, that is why, below, we mention the most notable pros of this feature:

  • Without a doubt, the most relevant benefit of automatically logging into your PC is based on the time savings it provides . Since, by configuring said parameter in this way, you will be able to increase the computer’s startup speed and thus, enter the system in less time .
  • In addition to the speed it provides, automatic login is also much more enjoyable . In view of the fact that, it will not be necessary to enter a username and password each time you want to start the operation of your equipment.
  • Luckily, you won’t have to remember a password or risk forgetting or losing it . Which, unfortunately, would prevent you from accessing the operating system entirely.

However, keep in mind that all these benefits are relevant as long as the security aspect is not an issue for you . Since, by not using a username and a specific password, you will facilitate access to your PC by any third party who has it at hand and, as a consequence, they will have the possibility to see all the information that you store on it. . Considering that, you will lose the ability to ensure entry to your files by other people, in its entirety.

Learn step by step to automatically log in to Windows 7

Now, if you want to acquire the benefits mentioned above because it is actually tedious for you to have to enter your username and password every time you get ready to work with your pc, you need to know each step to follow to configure your login automatic in Windows 7 correctly . Thus, from now on, the system will not require your authentication to run.

In this sense, the steps to follow are based on the following procedure that we detail:

  • First of all, located on the screen start your PC with W7, you have to press the “Windows” and “R” keys simultaneously .
  • Next, they will show you a solution called “Open” and from there, you can enter the following term “netplwiz” . To do so, click OK .
  • After the above, they will show you a new window and in it, click on the “Users” tab .
  • Next, among all the options that are presented to you, you have to uncheck the one that says “Users must enter their name and password to use the equipment” .
  • Once you carry out all of the above, you will need to click on the “Accept” button .
  • To ensure that the changes have been saved correctly, proceed to restart your PC . In this way, you will verify that the “Auto Login” or automatic login in Windows 7 has been enabled, since you will no longer have to log in to enter it.

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