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Keeping Windows, and the programs, always updated is very important both for security and for the correct functioning of the PC. Microsoft, for example, uses the well-known Windows Update tool to keep our PC up to date. The problem with this platform is that it gives us very little control over what is installed and what is not. Especially in Windows 10, the latest version of the operating system. For this reason, many users who like to have everything under control choose to use other programs designed to give us that control. And one of them is WuMgr .

WuMgr is a free and open source program, written in .NET, that takes advantage of the Windows Update API to give us full control over operating system updates .

What WuMgr offers us

The main objective of this program is to allow us to control the configuration of the operating system updates and, if we prefer, install them manually so that we do not have to depend on the Microsoft tool.

This program shows us 4 different sections:

  • Windows Update : in it we can find all the pending updates that have not yet been installed on the PC. Optional patches also appear here.
  • Installed Updates : list with all the updates that we have already installed on our computer.
  • Hidden Updates : if we have hidden any Windows update, it will appear in this section.
  • Update History : a history with all the updates that the operating system has had.

Below these sections we will find a series of options that will allow us to control the operation of the program. For example, we will be able to choose the source of the data to check for updates (Windows Update, Microsoft Update, etc). We can also activate the “Offline mode” of the program, a mode that will allow us to search and download updates without an Internet connection. This mode will download a ” ” file the first time we run it, and from then on everything will be done without the Internet.

We will also be able to choose if we want the updates to be downloaded and installed manually or automatically, as well as including the superseded and if we want the updates to be “registered” in the operating system.

WuMgr allows us to choose if we want the program to run at startup or not. If we choose this option, the following configuration will interest us a lot. The ” Auto Update ” tab will allow us to choose how we want this program to keep the PC updated automatically. For example, blocking access to Windows Update servers (to stop updates), turning off automatic updates, or scheduling a timer to run at that time. We also have other general program options.

Install and uninstall updates

Of course, in addition to seeing all the available Windows updates, this program will allow us to install new patches, download them or uninstall those that we do not want to be on the PC (for example, because it gives problems like the last one.

Once we have looked for new updates in the program, and we have a pending to install, when we mark it we will see how the buttons on the left are activated.

  • In order, these buttons allow us to:
  • Update the database and matches.
  • Download the update.
  • Force install the patch.
  • Uninstall it.
  • Show hidden items.
  • Link to download.

Depending on the section of the program where we are, we will find one or the other buttons activated. For example, in the section to install new updates we will not find the option to uninstall the extension, while in the installed updates section we will find the option to uninstall, but not to download and install the patch.

If we download an update, and do not install it, it will be saved in the “Download” folder of “SoftwareDistribution” in the main directory of the operating system. Now we can install the update using this same program on any other PC without having to depend on an Internet connection.

To uninstall an installed update the process is similar. We must go to the ” Installed Updates ” section, and select the patch that we want to uninstall. Once selected we can see that the icon in the shape of a trash can appears. Clicking on it will erase the update from the PC.

Finally, the button of the link, «Get Link», allows us to copy to the clipboard the link to the EXE of the download to be able to download it for manual installation.

Download and install WuMgr

This program is completely free for Windows, and to use it, all you have to do is access the following GitHub page to download the latest version of the program. Its developer has not released a new version since the end of 2019, although the program works correctly.

To install the program, being portable, we do not have to do anything. It will be enough to unzip the folder that we download from the repository and run the program, nothing more.

Alternatives to update Windows

WuMgr is a totally free program, 100% focused on its main purpose and relatively easy to use. However, there are other ways to keep Windows always up to date and up to date for those who do not want to complicate or depend on third-party programs.

Windows update

If something works, why touch it? Windows Update is the default tool used to update Windows. It is the easiest to use, as it will automatically take care of everything. If we use Windows 10, we will not have to worry about anything, this tool will keep our PC, Windows Defender and the drivers always up to date.

Microsoft Update Catalog

The Microsoft Update Catalog is the official Microsoft website where all patches are published. On this website we can search for the update we want, through its KB code. We can manually download the patches from this section and install them on any computer without having to connect to the Internet.

We can access this website from this link .


Another feature of this program is the ability to disable Windows 10 updates at the operating system level. For this, there are other very simple programs that will allow us to have control over system patches. The main purpose of StopUpdates10 is to stop Windows 10 updates completely through different techniques so that our PC does not update automatically. If we don’t regret it, we can reverse the changes.

This program is totally free, and we can download it from here .

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