Gafam – the 5 companies that domininate the digital universe

Talking about GAFAM is talking about Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft . These companies represent brands with which we interact independently, and we are even their clients.

These are 5 companies that have come together to establish a new standard . This is possible, thanks to advances in technology, innovation and other needs that have arisen over time. Among them we have: geolocation, data collection, segmentation, among others.

They have undoubtedly changed the way the world does business, turning it into a monster of the digital world. Not only because of its great structure, but also because of its social and economic impact, information management and publicity . Next, I will show you information of interest on this topic, which you cannot miss. Will you accompany me?

What is GAFAM and what companies make up this acronym?

GAFAM is the acronym for 5 of the world’s most popular technology companies: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft . These companies have achieved a unified market capitalization, exceeding $ 4.1 trillion, since July 2018.

Without a doubt, they represent the greatest power that exists on a digital level . Being present in our daily life on a daily basis. Even in situations where unconsciously, you will perform an activity as basic as interacting with a contact on your mobile.

They represent the engine of the so-called “4th Industrial Revolution”. Where information technologies, artificial intelligence, and big data are involved.

This big data, also known as “Big Data”, represents the center of attention of all multinationals. Each of them are generated from the users on each of the platforms they use on a daily basis.

Its potential strategy is based on connecting with users. Not only because of the connection with daily life, but also the management of user information and the prestige that each brand possesses. In addition, they have managed to change people’s habits, and offer an aura of innovation.

But not everything is positive, they will also sell you a false image of gratuity in their services. Each of them has the true purpose of generating a business.

GAFAM will be able to trap you within its ecosystem of software, hardware, online platforms, training, services, and content. This will reduce the possibility that you meet other ecosystems that could offer you better alternatives according to your needs.

Next, I will describe each of these companies, showing you the products and services they offer for you:


Google is the most popular search engine worldwide, generally used by most users to search for information on the web. However, its objectives are gigantic, since thanks to the visibility that you can obtain through its algorithm, it makes it the center of most online platforms.

Its services grow like foam every day, and each one of them has its own characteristics and functionalities that make them stand out from each other. However, they combine to offer answers to our needs, increasingly innovative. Its most current change is due to the payment and advertising options that it has incorporated into its educational suite.

Some of its most popular services are:

  • Gmail
  • Google Adwords
  • Google Chrome
  • Android
  • Youtube
  • Google Adsense
  • Google drive
  • Google maps
  • Google Ads
  • Google Docs
  • Etc….


Amazon is the most recognized online store in the world, offering its users a very complete catalog. It handles a wide variety of categories, from different sectors and prices.

Its growth is increasing, and it is due to the speed, efficiency, reliability and maximum guarantees that it offers to its users. Not only for those who make this type of purchase frequently, but for those who have never done it.

In addition to ecommerce, Amazon has many other services, some are little known. Others are not available in many countries. However, I will mention them to you so that you know them.

  • Amazon garage:  A store especially for your vehicle.
  • Home Service:  Recruitment services for plumbers, electricians, gardeners, teachers, and more, who can help you with any task in your spaces.
  • Handmade: Contact service between artisans and clients.
  • Launchpad:  Platform to collaborate with the purchase of a product or capital contribution to startups.
  • Came. Opinion platform among recognized authors on articles, launches and more, guiding the customer to a successful purchase.
  • Amazon basic: Amazon’s line of basic products at a lower price from the big brands.
  • Amazon smile:  This is a purchase option that allows donations to an NGO, without extra costs.


Facebook is the social network with the largest number of connected users worldwide. Through them, people connect with other people, and share information, audiovisual content, news and more.

Among the products and services that they offer to their users are the mobile app and Facebook in the browser. You can also enjoy Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook Lite, Facebook Ads, Social Plugins, News Feed, Free Basics and more.


Apple is a multinational company that develops and manufactures all kinds of electronic equipment and software.  Among the best known and most preferred products by users are: IPod, IPhone, IPad, Macintosh . In terms of software, Apple developed the Mac OS X operating system, and the iTunes web browser.

Additionally, he has developed software products such as the iWork suite, iLife suite, Final Cut Studio and Logic Studio. Among its most innovative products we have the launch of the iPad, a low-cost stylus aimed at schools, the iBooks Author application, and the Scholbookl, ideal for school management.


Microsoft is recognized as one of the largest software development companiesin the world. One of its greatest developments is the most widely used operating system in the world known as Windows.

However, its second best-selling and most popular product is the world’s most comprehensive office suite, called Microsoft Office . Since its inception, this company has kept growing, and despite the great competition that exists, it has managed to position itself as the preferred one among its users.

Among its other products and services we have: Windows Server, System Center, Office Standard and Professional, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SPLA . It also offers a collaboration platform called Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Exchange Server, Lync and ISVs Royalty Licensing Program.

What economic dimensions and impact on our lives do these companies have?

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Ranking of the Top 15 Companies – Evolution from 2000 to 2018

Talking about economic dimensions leads us to measure the rise in your earnings, during your first year. However, by the first quarter of 2017 they had jointly exceeded $ 25 million. In 2018, this number continued to rise, reaching $ 792 billion.

For its part, Amazon has achieved great transformations at the level of online commerce, even reaching western markets. The largest market doupolio is held by Google and Facebook, where digital advertising maintains the leadership.

Apple maintains its main position in the Wall Street stock market, achieving a value of 800 billion dollars. And Microsoft is not far behind, as it has managed to remain among the leading company in computer development.

GAFAM’s business undoubtedly has a great social impact. Well, it points to data and information management, considered a high-value asset in the new economic models of this century. Obviously, all of this has a high impact on our daily life.

Not only in our daily activities on a personal level, we can also interact with them on a professional level. There will always be a mediator in our communications that is related to GAFAM. Either because of the content we consume, products, or services, and even in our leisure time.

Finally, GAFAM is the company that dominates the digital universe, thanks to the globalization of its scope . Well, it has shown a high capacity for influence, capable of crossing all kinds of borders, at unimaginable levels.

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