Free up and optimize the ram memory in windows with these apps

There are many hours that we currently spend in front of our computer using applications of all kinds. Depending on the type of use, some are more powerful and complex than others, which translates into a greater or lesser consumption of resources, as happens with the PC’s RAM .

In fact, this is one of the toughest issues facing both current users and application developers. Specifically, we refer to the high consumption of resources that certain programs make on the PC, which affects the performance of everything else. Of course, if we load certain software that by itself consumes a good part of the RAM or CPU of our equipment, this is a serious problem.

In addition, we must bear in mind that these types of situations are not isolated, since they are becoming more and more common, as is the case with browsers, for example. As surely many of you have already heard on more than one occasion, programs like the popular Google Chrome consume excessive RAM . But that not only happens with this proposal from Google, but lately it has also been detected in Firefox, or in many other applications of daily use.

High RAM consumption, a problem to deal with on a daily basis

This is a much more serious problem than it might seem at first, since it affects all other programs on the PC . Of course, if a single title “monopolizes” the CPU or RAM for itself, the rest of the open programs stop working properly. What’s more, all this is also extensible to the operating system itself, which further aggravates the situation. As you can imagine, this is something that becomes especially obvious and serious when we refer to computers that are somewhat limited in terms of specifications, or old.

That is why, on many occasions, users have no choice but to stop using that application and look for other similar alternatives. However, we can also try to use a program to free up RAM and also take care of optimizing its use. With this, what we are going to achieve on many occasions is a more intelligent use of this component, which improves the general performance of the PC .

In addition, in these same lines we are going to talk specifically about some of these solutions so that you can try those that you find most interesting or useful. As we mentioned, these can even become very important elements in older or limited equipment.

Free up RAM from Windows’ own functions

The same Windows 10 operating system offers us a useful functionality that allows us, at a glance, to observe the RAM consumption in real time of the open applications. This is something that we can carry out from the System Task Manager. We access it by means of the key combination Ctrl + Shift + Esc, and we look at the running processes from the Processes tab.

Here we can see first-hand the memory consumed by the processes of the running applications, all in the Memory column. Therefore, if we see that one consumes more than it should, we can click on it with the right mouse button, and select End task to close it and free RAM .

But Windows 10 is not the only help that it offers us in the same sense, at least in its most recent versions. That is why here we also want to make a special mention of the Game Mode that integrates the operating system itself. This is a mode that is basically focused on optimizing the functioning of the computer when we play on Windows. In this way we will verify first-hand that the experience of being able to play on PC and on the Redmond system, improves ostensibly.

If we still have a lot of busy RAM, another tip that can help us free it up is to restart the computer. Unlike powering down and powering on, a hard reset clears all kernel information from memory and zero loads.

Programs to free up RAM on Windows PC

BySoft FreeRAM

We are going to start this selection that we are talking about with the program called BySoft FreeRAM. This is a solution that you can download from its official website and that will help us in these tasks. Specifically, the application is responsible for keeping the RAM of our computers free of files that we do not use. In this way, the PC in general terms will work much better, the same as with the rest of the loaded applications.

What it does internally is to intelligently free up memory space, removing from it those programs that are not working at the moment. At the same time, it eliminates those that cause equipment failures. In fact, and thanks to the user interface that it proposes, it is valid even for inexperienced people in these matters.

Disadvantages of BySoft FreeRAM

It is recommended to run it with all programs closed so that it runs well. Being only in English can be a handicap for some users.


This is another interesting alternative of the same type that will be of enormous help when it comes to optimizing and freeing up RAM in Windows . In fact, we must take into consideration that in this case we are talking about a program developed by Microsoft itself that we can download from this link to take a look. Well, say that this is an application that in its main interface will show us a good amount of data, all of them related to what we are talking about.

At a glance and graphically, we will see the running programs that are consuming the most at that time. But not only that, but it also shows us the consumption of each of the user accounts registered in the system. After knowing all this, which will surely be of great use to us, we can begin to prioritize some processes over others, close what does not interest us, etc.

Drawbacks of RAMMap

This program is designed so that developers and engineers can develop their programs, so its use is indicated for advanced users.

AVG TuneUp

In this case we are going to talk about a complete Windows optimization suite, but it will also help us to free up RAM in the system. This is mainly due to the fact that its developers implement a functionality that detects programs that are consuming more memory.

This is going to be shown on the screen in a quite graphic way so that we can free up the consumption of what we need in those moments. And you have to take into account that on many occasions there are programs running in the background that we do not know are there and that we do not even need. Therefore AVG TuneUp shows them to us and allows us to deactivate them if necessary to free up RAM, all from this link .

Disadvantages of AVG TuneUp

Some customization options are missing. Something loaded with options that can overwhelm the most inexperienced.


But if what we want is to focus specifically on programs to free RAM, this is another good solution that we can use right now. This is the application called CleanMem, a software that has been with us for a few years providing its services. We are referring specifically to a solution that runs automatically every 15 minutes to optimize the use of RAM memory on the computer.

In addition, we will have the opportunity to automate certain tasks for all this, for example, creating blacklists of programs or registry files . In this way, what we achieve is to optimize this process of freeing up RAM memory. To test everything that this program presents to us to optimize RAM, we can download it from its official website .

Drawbacks of CleanMem

The application cannot be run in the background, instead a periodic operation is added to the Windows Task Scheduler.

Razer Cortex

Continuing with these programs to free up RAM, we will talk about Razer Cortex, an alternative that could be considered as similar to the aforementioned Windows Game Mode. But of course, as it is easy to imagine, this is a solution that helps us optimize memory use when playing games, but developed by third parties. Therefore, it is an application specially designed for PC gamers.

Because these require maximum use of RAM, the functions included here will be of great help for all this. With this, what we achieve is that, internally, the application is in charge of assigning the maximum possible RAM to the game itself, extracting it from programs that do not need it at that time. Say that this is a proposal that you can download from this link to try it first hand.

Drawbacks of Razer Cortex

Its main handicap is precisely the attempts it uses of the device’s RAM.

Wise Memory Optimizer

Another alternative in the form of programs to free up RAM in Windows is Wise Memory Optimizer. To begin with, we will tell you that in this case we refer to a program that is responsible for freeing memory automatically. Specifically, it frees up RAM that it considers to be being used unnecessarily by other running programs.

It should be noted that its user interface is very simple to use, so it will be of great help even for novice users in these matters. In order to test all of this, we can download the program from its developer’s official website .

Disadvantages of Wise Memory Optimizer

Lack of extra options that can complement the good use of this program.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

And we are going to finish with these programs to optimize the RAM of your computer, with another proposal a little more general. This is Ashampoo WinOptimizer, a solution that has been around for a good number of years to help us improve the performance of Windows-based computers. Say that this is a program that you can download from this link and that, among its many options, we have one to free up RAM memory.

In this way, and from its attractive user interface, we will be able to manage the services and processes that Windows executes at that time. This, as is easy to imagine, will help us free up unnecessarily used RAM and put it where it is really needed.

Disadvantages Ashampoo WinOptimizer

The customization parameters are quite scarce.

IObit SystemCare

SystemCare is one of the IObit programs, software specially designed to help us optimize our computer. Within this program we can find an option called “Turbo Boost” designed to help us accelerate PC performance to the maximum. To do this, what it does is stop unnecessary programs to free up RAM in Windows, speeding up the PC and improving the work and play experience.

We can download this program for free from the following link .

Disadvantages of IObit SystemCare

Its main drawback is that many of its functions are paid. In addition, it incorporates advertisements for other products.

Which is the best

Among the different options that we find to free up RAM, we are the best option with AVG TuneUp because it is a complete Windows optimization suite, so together with the possibility of freeing up RAM we find other interesting functions that make it a complete program.

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