Fix problems in windows with the microsoft fix it center

There is nothing more annoying than running into problems or errors while using Windows. And unfortunately, this is somewhat more common than we would like to admit. There are some problems that let you know what they are due to and have a relatively simple solution, while others have it more complicated, since they involve low-level changes, in the permissions, control panel or system registry. To help us with these problems, Microsoft has a tool called the Microsoft Fix It Center .

It is true that with Windows 10 this tool does not make sense, since the operating system itself has its own troubleshooters within the Windows Settings panel. However, if we still use an older version of Windows 10, this Fix It Center can be very helpful, and it will save us a lot of headaches.

Main features

The main objective of this program is to allow us to very easily solve all kinds of problems with the PC. To do this, this program will analyze it completely, identify the errors and apply the necessary corrections with hardly any interaction.

Among its main characteristics we can highlight:

  • It is very easy and simple to use.
  • The installation is automatic (although it does not work), and we can find portable versions on the net.
  • The whole process is automated, so the program will take care of everything.
  • Helps detect and prevent problems before they occur.
  • It is only capable of detecting problems that are related to software or hardware.
  • It keeps a log with all the errors detected and the corrections applied.

Next, let’s see how this simple, but effective tool works.

How Microsoft Fix It Center works

The truth is that this program is already somewhat obsolete. It was developed by Microsoft to help users repair Windows 7 and fix all kinds of problems, but it is currently discontinued. It is not even possible to find it in an official source. Luckily, download websites, like this one, allow us to download the program with relative ease. the version that we download from here is portable, because if we download a normal installer we will not be able to download it as the Microsoft servers are down.

Although Microsoft no longer supports it, it is still possible to use it even in Windows 10, although we will have to activate compatibility mode to make it work. In addition, we will need an Internet connection, otherwise the program will not be able to search and solve the problems.

When we run it, the program analyzes our computer completely and collects as much information as possible about it. In case of detecting any problem or error, it will record it. When the initial system scan is over, Fix It Center will give us a choice about what we want to do with the problems. For example, we can choose whether we want to apply the corrections ourselves by hand, or let the program automatically apply the corrections it deems appropriate.

When it is finished, we will have to restart the computer so that all the changes and corrections are applied correctly. When you turn the PC back on, everything should work normally again.

Conclusions: is Microsoft Fix It Center worth using?

As we have commented, Microsoft Fix It Center is still an old version of what we know today as the Windows 10 Troubleshooter, so its use may be suitable for users who use an old version of Microsoft’s operating system, such as Windows 7. Although it must be taken into account that it is a discontinued application and that it no longer has official support from Microsoft, although this does not prevent its operation. Instead, we can find other current applications designed to correct errors in Windows and that can be a more current and upgradeable alternative than this application.

Alternatives to fix errors in Windows

Microsoft Fix It Center was once a very complete and useful tool. However, today it leaves a lot to be desired, since Microsoft did not give it official support beyond Windows 7 and, in addition, its servers no longer exist, they are closed. Therefore, we are likely to run into a lot of problems when trying to use this software.

Luckily, there are currently many other alternatives that help us detect and solve problems on our computer.

Windows troubleshooters

Windows 10 comes with a good number of tools to detect and fix all kinds of computer problems. These tools are found in the Settings menu, specifically in the “Update and security> Troubleshoot” section. As we will see, we will have at hand a good collection of tools to solve all kinds of problems that may appear in Windows 10. It will be enough to indicate what is giving us problems, and this tool will take care of everything else.

IObit Driver Booster

Another way to troubleshoot and repair Windows is to use a tool such as IObit Driver Booster. This software will not only allow us to update the PC’s drivers (something that often helps us to make the PC work better), but it also has a section that allows us to detect problems and apply simple solutions so that the entire PC can start again. function normally. If we want to test this software we can download it from here.

Quick Fix

Another very interesting tool that we can find to help us detect and solve problems in Windows is Quick Fix. Initially created as XP Quick Fix Plus (to repair Windows XP), and later updated as Quick Fix 7 (from Windows 7 onwards), this program has dozens of presets to help us solve the most common errors and problems that we can find in the PC, from failures with the automatic reproduction of contents to problems with the registry or a misconfiguration of msconfig. We can download it from this link .

Windows Repair

It is a tool that has been specially designed to solve the main known problems that we can find in Windows, including registry errors, Windows updates, problems with Internet Explorer, file permissions. It also allows us to restore the original Windows configuration, in case malicious software or badly installed programs have been able to modify the default configuration of the computer, managing to solve the problems directly and free of charge. It also has a Pro version that adds features like automatic updates, memory cleaner, performance improvements, etc. We can download Windows Repair from here .

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