Equalizers for windows – improves the sound of videos, games or music

Along with everything related to image or video, in these times the subject of audio is also very important, as you will surely know. And it is that in many occasions all this forms a set that allows us to take full advantage of the multimedia contents in Windows. For this we can also use somewhat more specific applications such as these equalizers that we can use at the moment.

We must bear in mind that the computers we use every day, not only serve us for work, but are also useful at leisure . Thus, with them we carry out the most varied uses, both in the office and in the comfort of home. But as you can imagine, in these lines we want to focus on the second case. This is mainly due to the fact that today we can use our PC for all kinds of tasks, both professional and not so much.

Among these we find modes of use as common as how to play or watch movies and series with different players, both online and local. For all this, it is very important to use both the most appropriate hardware and software. Thus, something that we tend to look at a lot at this point is having a good graphics system installed. But that is not all with what we will gain in experience, since here also everything related to sound comes into play . Both elements are very important when it comes to getting the most out of playing multimedia content.

It is true that at first we usually pay special attention to everything that refers to video, when we focus on the aforementioned multimedia content. Here we care about having a good GPU, a quality screen, etc. But we cannot ignore the sound under any circumstances. We say this because no matter how much resolution we can play with, or watch 4K videos, as the system we use in the audio is not consistent, we spoil the whole experience. That is why both Microsoft for its Windows 10, as well as the developers of software solutions, do their part to help us in this regard.

How to improve the audio of videos or games

With everything and this, now we want to focus on the second of the mentioned sections, we refer to the sound with a series of audio equalizers. This, as we say, is a fundamental part to be able to enjoy the best way of videos and games on a day-to-day basis. Precisely for all this, using the most appropriate software or configuring the operating system well will be very important. But we can look for alternative solutions such as the applications that we are going to talk about next.

To give you an idea of ​​what we mean, we are going to review a series of equalizers that we can integrate into Windows 10 itself . As is easy to suppose, they will help us to improve the output audio when using installed programs like the ones we discussed earlier. All this will serve as a useful complement to the controllers and functions of the Redmond system . All this with a firm purpose, to improve the audio experience when watching videos or playing games on our computer.

It is true that the Redmond system itself presents us with a series of integrated functions that will help us in this regard. However, we can also admit that they are somewhat basic, so they may fall a bit short, especially for the most demanding users.

Equalizer apps to improve sound

Here we are going to talk to you, as we said before, about a series of software solutions that are dedicated to somewhat specific tasks. It is clear that all of them relate to the subject we are dealing with here, audio in Windows. Specifically, these programs will allow us to have much more control over it, among other functions to take into account.

There are some applications that are more complete than others, as is usual in this particular sector. But thanks to the wide variety that we are going to propose below, you can easily choose the one that interests you the most. Likewise, you will find solutions mostly with an attractive graphical environment that facilitates the adjustments that we are going to carry out.

Equalizer APO, one of the best options to control audio

Let’s start with one of the most popular equalizers in this regard, the Equalizer APO program. It is a solution of this type that is responsible for allowing us to configure and customize the audio signal generated by the PC. All this is achieved thanks to the number of functions offered here that focus on processing the audio to improve it. Here it is worth noting that the program works as what we know as an APO or Audio Processing Object .

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that the application has support for surround sound and gives us the opportunity to work with multiple channels and filters . As you can imagine, all this to personalize and improve the sound. For this, we can also create several profiles and use each one in the programs that best suit each one. For all this we can download the program from this link .

PC Equalizer, optimizes the use of all sound channels

On the other hand we find this other interesting proposal that you can download from this same link . Here we actually find a graphical interface for the aforementioned program, Equalizer APO. Therefore we could say that in this case it is a parametric and graphic equalizer for those looking for equalizers with fixed frequencies.

Thus, once we add it to APO, with this software we will obtain fast audio filtering with the ability to control the left and right channels efficiently. We can also carry out a multitude of tests with both channels depending on which we need in each case. We can also create effects like the popular Echoes, Delays, Reverb and many others.

Peace Equalizer, to use sound filters

Similarly and equally for a more specific use of Equalizer APO, we find Peace Equalizer. This is a software that you download from here that in this case focuses on providing us with an effects panel. These will offer us the appropriate balance or delay for improving the sound in Windows .

This way we will have the possibility of saving all the changes that we make here so that they have become effective with a single mouse click, or using a direct access key. Although its saturated user interface may seem a bit complex at first, in reality it is not. In fact, once we get used to it, we will see the enormous utility of having so much functionality at our fingertips, in a single window.

FXSound, equalizer with audio processor

In this case we will talk about another of the most powerful equalizers that in this case offer us two functionalities in one. To begin we will tell you that you can download the program from this link after which we find an equalizer as such, in addition to a real-time audio processing function . The first of the elements proposes, in an intuitive user interface, a total of ten bands and several sliders. All this will help us to customize the output audio of the PC applications .

Among other things we can reduce certain sounds of compressed audio or add depth. It also has surround sound and bass reinforcement . At the same time it is worth knowing that here we have several predefined audio profiles to use directly.

Boom 3D, enhance the sound of the computer

Changing the third, here we find Boom 3D, a program that you can download from here valid for macOS and Windows. Specifically, here we have a software that offers us the possibility of customizing the sound through the equalizer that it proposes. Of course, as its name allows us to glimpse, at the same time it enhances the output sound to increase the volume without affecting the quality. It is worth mentioning that we can customize the settings depending on the device we use, speakers or headphones. In the same way, comment that the equalizer as such comes with several predefined modes so that we can make use of them from the beginning.

On the other hand, here we find a multitude of audio effects, surround sound, or acoustic recalibration.

Letasoft, perfect for increasing volume

One of the big and most common problems that we find related to audio is that it is heard low. Well, that’s what equalizers are for. This is a program that tries to solve what we are talking about, something that you can try from this link . We tell you this because with Letasoft we will have a program that helps us to amplify the sound signal generated by the PC. Therefore, it offers us functions to increase the output volume in Windows, something that we are going to appreciate in many cases.

And this is a problem that we can find both when playing games, listening to music or playing videos.

Graphic Equalizer Studio, improves audio automatically

In this case we are talking about a valid proposal for any Windows application with sound, since it is an equalizer that corrects the output audio . This is something that it can do automatically, although it includes a volume limiter and controls that the signal is just right, neither too low nor too high. It also makes the low volume that does not give more of itself increase a little, and scans the frequencies to determine the minimum and maximum amplitudes.

This is a program that we can try right now after downloading it from this link .

MP3 Player – Music Player & Equalizer

In this other case that we are going to show you, we are talking about a UWP tool that you can find in the official Windows 10 store. Therefore, you can download and test it from the same operating system without accessing third-party web pages. Here we find a solution that allows us, in addition to playing music files, to control it thanks to a powerful audio equalizer that it provides. This way we will obtain a more than personalized sound environment and all this in a simple way.

The set itself will allow us to obtain almost professional sound effects from a single user interface. At the same time we can easily change the tone of the playback of the songs and the way of listening to the audio. Say that from here we will have the possibility of working with the most common audio formats such as MP3, MIDI, WAV, FLAC, AAC, etc. Finally, we will tell you that this is a program that with a little practice is available to even users with little experience in these matters.

Developer: Best Game Studio

DeskFX Audio Enhancer Software

Here we find a somewhat simpler option than the ones previously proposed that you can download from this link . Actually we find a sound equalizer that we can adjust to improve the audio in the Redmond system. In its interface it proposes a total of 20 customizable bands so that we can adjust them depending on the circumstances. All this in order to achieve with all this an improvement of the sound of the running applications.

At the same time it has sound effects and functions for bass enhancement or general volume increase.

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