Do not run out of battery by surprise in windows with titlebarbattery

The market penetration of Windows laptops has been increasing in recent years. This is largely based on everything they offer us and help us on a day-to-day basis. If something that characterizes these teams, that is the autonomy that they propose to us. We also have programs that help us control it, such as TitleBarBattery.

Generally running on a Windows operating system, these laptops are used in both professional and personal settings. These allow us to take all our programs and personal data anywhere, with the advantages that this has. But of course, in the event that we do not have an electrical outlet, we depend on the battery of the equipment.

In addition to its autonomy, the use we make of it also influences so that that battery lasts more or less time. The Windows operating system itself offers us a series of parameters that allow us to extend its duration. For example, we can lower the brightness of the screen, as well as the performance of the processor and the GPU . In this way we are able to increase the autonomy of the laptop, which will be appreciated in many areas of use.

Advantages of using TitleBarBattery on your Windows laptop

Due to all this that we tell you, we can say that if there is something that greatly worries the users of these portable PCs, it is the battery life. Many keep their computer connected to the electrical network at all times to work or play. But sometimes we have no choice but to use the system depending on the battery, for example when we are traveling or moving from one place to another.

Therefore, what we actually achieve with TitleBarBattery, is to be able to control the laptop’s battery percentage in other windows. Normally for this we have to move the mouse cursor over the corresponding battery icon on the taskbar.

And you have to bear in mind that despite worrying about the battery, many users do not realize the battery level of their laptop on certain occasions. For example, when they are focused on work, or playing games, they may not realize it until the computer warns them that it is running out of battery. We must know that Windows itself does not show the battery percentage by default, but as we mentioned, we have to move the cursor over the icon in the system tray to see the current level. Therefore, if we do not want to use another third-party program to display these battery icons, we are interested in TitleBarBattery in Windows.

Actually we are talking about a portable program that shows the percentage of the laptop battery in many of the windows that we open. Also, as it is a portable application and we do not install it on the computer, we can use it only when we really need it. This is when for example the laptop is not connected to the electrical current .

How to Get the Most Out of TitleBarBattery

To benefit from this that we tell you, all we have to do is download the program and run the file that we see inside the tablet. At that moment, the percentage of remaining battery will appear in the title bar of the windows of the programs that we open. Say you don’t need to restart any window for it to work. In the case that we see a minus sign before the percentage, that indicates that the battery is discharging. Conversely, if the laptop is plugged in, the app will display a plus sign, +, instead.

Another thing we should know is that TitleBarIndicador warns you that the battery indicator may not appear immediately in new windows. The same can happen if we navigate to a different page or folder. For example, in the event that we are using a web browser and we change tabs, the battery information will temporarily disappear. It should be mentioned that this is not an error, since TitleBarBattery updates the status of this component every 15 seconds.

How TitleBarBattery Works on Windows

Therefore, if this information we are talking about is not shown at the moment, we just have to wait a little until it appears. At the same time we will tell you that this is a tool that can also be useful if we use more than one monitor . In addition, the program runs in the background and is placed in the form of an icon in the system tray.

Also, at the moment TitleBarIndicador does not have options that can be customized, although it is expected that in the future an option will be added to establish a custom update interval. If we hover the mouse over the icon in the system tray that we are commenting on, certain information about the application appears. Say it shows the current battery percentage, charge or discharge status, and the estimated time left for the battery to drain.

How to download TitleBarBattery for free

We have already mentioned that TitleBarBattery is a portable program, so it does not need any installation on the computer. Therefore, in order to benefit from all this that we have told you, all we have to do is download it from its official website . This is something we achieve through this link . It is also a very light application that hardly consumes system resources.

Other alternatives to TitleBarBattery


This is another proposal similar to the one we have shown you previously. It is a program that remains open in the background on the Taskbar and when the time comes it will inform us by default of the battery charge at certain times. For example, every time a 10% drop in total power is registered. In this way, it will inform us when the battery level drops to 90%, 80%, 70%, 60%, etc. Notifications appear in the lower right part of the screen by means of different icons. To get hold of this program, you just have to download it from here .


Here we find another similar free application for monitoring the laptop battery in Windows. This informs us of this section and can also be of help to us to carry out tests of this specific component. We can test the program that we are commenting on from this link .

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