Control the volume in windows with the mouse wheel with tbvolscroll

When we sit in front of a Windows- based PC , there are many elements that we can handle and that we must take into account. Among the most important, especially if we handle multimedia content, are both the image on the screen and the sound from the speakers. For example, for the latter, the TbVolScroll program will be of great help to us.

Specifically, the program that we are going to talk about next will be very helpful when it comes to controlling the volume of the system. It must be taken into consideration that on certain occasions, this is not as simple or affordable as we would like. In fact, controlling the volume in Windows can sometimes be quite difficult. This is something that is especially evident when we have several games or applications open at the same time.

And it may be the case that it is necessary to quickly lower or raise the volume of any of these windows that are in the background. What’s more, here the problems are even more complicated if the keyboard is not equipped with multimedia keys, common today.

What does TbVolScroll offer us to control Windows audio

Precisely, for these situations that we are commenting on, we can use the program called TbVolScroll . Specifically, we refer to a very light software solution that hardly consumes system resources and that allows us to control the volume of Windows. It should be noted that we can achieve all this in a totally different way than what we are used to in the Microsoft system .

In order to get the most out of this, what we do is download TbVolScroll and run it on the computer. At this point we will tell you that it is a portable software that does not even require installation. At the same time we will say that once we start it, it creates an icon in the system’s task bar from which we can manage it.

In addition, if we leave the mouse cursor located above it, a message appears with the volume level of the system at that moment. To give us an idea of ​​its usefulness, we will tell you that while it is running in the background, we can adjust the volume with the mouse wheel .

How to control the volume with the mouse wheel

This is something that we achieve just by moving the cursor over the aforementioned Windows taskbar. Thus, by moving the central wheel up or down, we immediately change the overall volume of the system. In addition, a new small bar appears that lets us see how that level moves and we place it at the desired level .

As you can imagine, this is a method that will be very useful in many circumstances. Thus, once we have launched the application, all you have to do is move the mouse cursor over the taskbar and scroll the wheel. At this point, it must be known that each step of the movement in the movement modifies the volume by 5%. Of course, if at the same time we hold down the ALT key, we can make those changes in intervals of only 1%. This will also be very helpful to fine-tune this if we need it.

That when the volume level is below 10%, this monitoring more accurate volume is automatically activated.

Customize the operation of TbVolScroll to your needs

As you can imagine, starting to use TbVolScroll on Windows couldn’t be easier. As we mentioned, it does not even require an installation on the computer, so we just have to start it up. Also, because it runs in the systray, we’re hardly going to notice it’s there in the background.

Therefore we can say that with TbVolScroll we find a very effective and useful application in our day-to-day use with the PC. Especially if we carry out many tasks at the same time or if we are regular consumers of multimedia content. But at the same time, in addition to the utility that it boasts, the application also offers us some customization options. For this we no longer have to click with the right button of the mouse on the icon that we referred to above.

Thus, from this section we have the possibility to customize a bit both the behavior and the appearance of the program. Specifically, we mean that we can customize the volume change interval with each step of the mouse wheel. At the same time, we can also change the appearance of the bar that indicates the volume when we are on the Windows taskbar.

Say that from here we can also restart the program, or put it into operation with administrator permissions. The latter will help us to avoid some problems in the operation of the application as such.

Other alternatives to TbVolScroll for volume control

Volume Concierge: this is an application that also allows us to control the volume of the PC in another way. In fact in this case we find that it will be adjusted depending on the time of day in which we are. For all this, it is enough that we download it from that link .

This way we will have the opportunity to use this free software in which we can add volume rules according to our needs. In each of these new rules we will be able to define the day, the hour and the volume level that we want to establish for each moment. Thus, at the same time we can choose between daily days or weekends, in addition to the start time of each established rule.

How to download TbVolScroll for free

To finish with this interesting application that we have shown you, say that it is actually an open source project. Therefore, its source code can be found on the GitHub development platform , all for free. Thus, all we have to do is download the program from this link .

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