Control + alt + delete: what is this key combination, also known as ctrl-alt-del, and what is it for?

The key combinations have become one of the most popular tools when we use a computer, since they have the function of helping to carry out an action almost instantaneously, thus preventing the user from wasting more time through from another method.

In the case of Windows computers, the combination of “Control + Alt + Delete” has been one of the most popular for a long time. It has different types of uses, and which works depending on the procedure we are performing.

Taking into account the importance of this type of tool and the great ease and comfort that it provides to users, here we are going to explain a little more about what this command is about and what functions can be performed with it .

What is control + Alt + Delete and what is this keyboard combination for?

This combination is one of the oldest in the Microsoft operating system and is currently active for different operating systems. It has different types of functions depending on the procedure that is being carried out, this is how at the beginning of the session it will allow you to enter a username and password.

If you are at the desktop, it offers the option to log out, start the task manager, lock the computer or change the password.

Generally, this function is mainly used when the system freezes or we need to close some unresponsive program. All of this is done through the task manager. It should be noted that the founder of this combination was Bill Gates, who has said that he regrets having created this script, and that without a doubt today he would choose a single key to perform each of these functions.

What can be done by executing the keyboard combination cntrl + Alt + delete?

This function that is carried out through the keyboard has different purposes, each one of them will depend on the procedure to be carried out. With this in mind, here we are going to explain what types of actions you can execute each time you simultaneously press each of these buttons on your keyboard.

To block

The first option we find is to “Lock the computer”, this is used mainly when we are doing some work on the computer and for some reason we have to leave it and we do not want any other person to enter it. In this case, it is best to lock the computer until you can use it again, this will make the computer save all the information that is open and lower its energy consumption .

Change user

The second option that we have available is to change the user of the equipment, this can be used when we have two or more users created on the PC. In general, most people who share the computer tend to create a one- on- one session, either one for guests and one for the administrator.

Therefore, this function will allow you to switch from the administrator session to the guest session without having to close yours first. An ideal function for when we need to have some information that is only found in the other user account.

Sign off

This function is very similar to the previous one, but this time it is about completely closing your profile and preventing the person who will use the PC from accessing your account. In general, it is usually used when we are using the equipment and for some reason another person needs to enter their profile.

That is, through this option you can close your profile so that the other person can enter theirs without having to turn off the computer completely to do so.

Change Password

When we create a user account we can establish a password or simply leave it open so that anyone can access it. Mostly that is usually done with the guest profile.

But, if you are in the personal account and you need to change its password for any reason, either because someone else has discovered it or simply for security reasons, then you can click on this option and you will automatically be sent to a window where you can start this whole procedure.

Task manager

Finally, we find the possibility of opening what is the task manager. Clicking on this option will automatically open a new window on your desktop where a list of all the programs you have open will appear. This will give you the ability to close any of them with just one click.

Keep in mind that this manager is mainly used to close those programs that have been blocked or that simply do not respond after a few minutes. A quick and easy way to restore the proper functioning of the equipment.

What is the MacOS equivalent of the command Ctrl + Alt + Del?

What happens if instead of having a Windows computer we have a MacOS one and we want to make this keyboard combination to perform the same functions. In this case, it is important to mention that the Mac operating system can also perform all these functions, but this time separately.

That is, not all of them will be done with the same keyboard buttons as in Windows. With this in mind, here we show you which buttons to use to perform these processes from your MacOS.

Force close a program or application

In the event that you are using your Mac and some program does not respond and blocks your system, you can use the following combination with your keyboard : ⌘ + ⌥ + Esc, which will help you to forcefully close the application.

Force exit

Another way to force exit from the system is by going to the Apple menu and there you look for and select the option “Force exit”.

Manage and control startup programs

This tool is very similar to what is the “Task Manager” in Windows. In the case of the Mac, it is necessary to enter the “system preferences” and then in “users and groups”, this will allow you to see all the applications that are running and at the same time you can delete each of them if you wish. .

Why does Bill Gates say that creating this command was a serious mistake?

As we mentioned previously, the creator of this combination of buttons on the keyboard has been the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates, who for some time has confessed that he made a mistake when creating the command “Ctrl + Alt + DEL”, despite from being one of the  most famous and popular commando  in history, Gates confesses that he hates it.

Likewise , Bill Gates has recognized that if he had the opportunity to change something in his life it would be this sequence of buttons, since he considers that it is unnecessary to press three keys to carry out these procedures. Considering that all this could be done through a single button.

In the same way, Gates has commented on previous occasions the following: “I’m not sure that I can turn back time and change some things without putting my life at risk. Sure, if it were up to me to make a change, I would choose just one key. “” We could have had a single button for all of this, but the guy who designed the keyboard didn’t want it that way. Added Bill Gates.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks!

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