Better manage windows processers with task manager deluxe

Windows 10 offers us a series of internal functions that help us work in the best way with the operating system. This is the case, for example, of the Task Manager, although an interesting alternative to it is Task Manager DeLuxe .

The truth is that the aforementioned Windows Task Manager is sufficient for most users. In fact, it is one of the most important functions of the operating system itself, as well as one of the most affordable for most users. However, there are more advanced ones who prefer to have more specific information and have more details in this regard. For this they can use programs like the one we are going to mention in these lines. Specifically, it is Task Manager DeLuxe, an application focused on controlling Windows processes . As we can see, its basic operation is very similar to that of the aforementioned Task Manager, but here its developers go a step further-

Advantages offered by Task Manager DeLuxe in Windows

Here we refer to a totally free process manager with advanced options for monitoring the processes running on the system. Thus, we find a portable program that offers users who need it, a more advanced task manager. In the past we have talked about other similar proposals such as Process Explorer, SterJo Task Manager or Process Lasso.

However, this application goes one step further when it comes to controlling Windows processes. To say that for all this, it hardly consumes system resources in it, and at a glance it already presents us with more information than the aforementioned Task Manager . Thus, we find some graphical indicators in the upper right corner of the interface. In this way we will see directly the processes that are consuming the most and least at that moment.

In the same way, the program shows us in the first instance the total CPU consumption , as well as the RAM memory that is using what is running in Windows. At the same time we find an indicator of loading and unloading of the electrical network and the data that is being exchanged on the Internet. In this way, as we can see, a huge amount of information about the computer and Windows is shown here that we do not see in the conventional Administrator.

Manage processes to improve Windows

It should be noted that we can quickly find a process by typing its name in the corresponding Task Manager DeLuxe box. We can also locate it in the list that appears on the screen, where we will see the system processes and those that are not. In this way we will have located all those elements of this type that interest us at a certain time.

On the other hand, if we want to interact with these elements that we mention, you can do so by clicking on each one with the right mouse button . Thus we access all the functions that this program presents to us from the outset. At the same time, we will have the opportunity to change its priority, restart it, suspend it, Google your correspondence, or even analyze it with VirusTotal.

It is worth mentioning that the list of processes that Task Manager DeLuxe shows is divided into several very useful columns for the user . Here we see those that refer to sections such as the network, disk reads, GPU, performance, system, etc. In addition, these columns in which we click to open them can be customized from the context menu through the right button of the mouse. It is important to know that the first tab, processes lists all those that are running, along with their ID. It also tells us about each one, its full name, description, or CPU usage.

This could be very helpful in the event that we see that suddenly the performance of the system drops unexpectedly. So we can see first-hand which programs or processes are impairing the operation of Windows, or consuming too many resources.

Useful additional features of Task Manager DeLuxe

In the event that we encounter a certain process that we do not recognize, we can right-click on it. This will give us the opportunity to analyze it with the VirusTotal platform , or to find its origin directly in Google.

On the other hand, the Services and Autoruns tabs show us the services that are running at that moment, and the programs that are configured to start in Windows. At the same time, the program shows us in detail the use that is being made of the network right now, or of the disk drives. You have to know that in the tab called Performance, we will see a series of useful graphs that are updated in real time.

Thanks to them we will have the possibility of controlling, in a much more visual way, everything that is having a negative impact on the PC. Also and to complete all the information, in the System tab we will see all the technical specifications of the computer. This specifically includes the Windows version, the last PC startup and shutdown time, the active user, the BIOS version or the installed hardware components.

Of course, something that we must be clear about is that despite all the options that this particular application presents, its use is very simple. Even if we are users with little experience in this type of task, with little practice we will immediately understand all, or most, of its secrets.

How to download the free trial program

First of all, we must know that despite having the nickname Deluxe in its name, this does not mean that it is paid or that there is another version. Therefore, as we mentioned earlier, this is an advanced Windows process control program , free. This is something very welcome, since without having to spend a single euro, we will have a powerful program that will help us better control the operating system. It will only be necessary that we browse a little through its many menus so that we can see everything it offers us

Therefore, in case you want to try it first hand right now, you just have to download the portable application from its developer’s website .

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