Backups in windows 10 what arealy, how do they work and why do them?

When it comes to computer security, there is a point where absolutely all experts, and not so experts, in the area agree. This is none other than the need to maintain a backup of everything we keep on the computer, so today we will be talking about backups in the Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System .

You better than anyone know the sentimental or professional value of everything that you have been filing on your device, so from now on we recommend you not to take yourself lightly and take the precaution of controlling the damage in the event of some eventualities .

To help you in the task, we have prepared this article with some of the options available to you for this.

What is a backup and what is it used for in computing?

By backup we understand the procedure to save the original data, whose purpose is none other than to be able to recover them in case of loss of these, which is something to which we are all exposed for different reasons.

In the field of computer science, the same thing is usually referred to in different ways, and that is why on some occasions you must have already heard terms such as backup copy, reserve copy or simply backup, if you prefer in English. Depending on the objective that is pursued when making a backup, you have two main models to execute the action, these being the complete backup of the system and the backup of files .

Whose differences we show you below:

Full system backup

It is the procedure to follow when you want to fully protect everything that is on your device at the time of doing it. By doing this, you are creating a copy of all files, programs, applications, and settings .

File Backup

In this case you will be limiting yourself to creating a backup copy for those documents that you consider of great value both in a personal order, as well as in your professional, work or business environment. You can copy each file individually by theme, or do it with several of them at the same time.

Why is it important to make backup copies on our Windows 10 PC? Profits

Getting used to making backup copies of everything you have stored on your computer with Windows 10 Operating System , especially if you get used to doing it periodically, is something that will only bring you benefits . It is so much so, that in the entire universe of Computing it is very difficult, if not impossible, for you to meet someone with a different opinion.

To convince yourself, just look at all the problems that you avoid doing it:

  • It is the first security recommendation for the preservation of computer data
  • It is used to keep out of the reach of prying eyes all that you consider confidential personal or business information
  • In case of hacking, it allows you to use the computer as you did before the attack
  • It helps you to maximize the performance of your computer, since it is a good way to free up space in its memory
  • In the event that your computer suffers irreparable physical damage, you have the peace of mind of being able to install everything you have saved to your new drive
  • You have a wide range of software options, both native and third-party, that allow you to do everything easily

Steps to backup and backup all the information on your W10

One of the most frequent questions among users when they prepare to make a backup copy of the information they save on their Windows 10, has to do with the physical medium that is best for this purpose. This is so because there is a lot of awareness about the importance of having a copy stored on an external medium, since although Windows 10 allows you to save the copy in the root of your storage unit, having everything under protection in an independent place, provides you an extra piece of tranquility .

Here are some ideas, which will serve as a guide according to your needs when making your backups:

With a USB Removable Disk

This type of storage unit is the most used when you want to make a backup copy for some files in particular, especially when it comes to small files with personal information, which can be photos or videos, for example. You can do everything through the Windows 10 tool for this purpose, since it is dedicated to the creation of a USB recovery drive .

So you just have to follow the following steps:

  • Have a USB flash drive handy
  • Access the System Control Panel of your device
  • Select File History
  • Connect the USB pendrive to the device
  • Look for the option to back up your files.
  • Select each file you want to copy
  • Within the options of “Next” select “Create
  • Wait for the end of the process to be indicated, and then click on “Finish

You must bear in mind that everything you have stored on the pendrive that you will be using to save your backup will be erased, so you must take the precaution of moving everything that you consider of interest to another site.

With an External Disk

An external hard drive is the most advisable to keep a complete backup of the entire system, which includes the operating system, applications and each and every file in its entirety. The steps to follow are quite simple, and you will only have to worry about using a disk with sufficient storage capacity, since you will be saving an amount of data that is usually measured in hundreds of GB .

Remember that we are talking about the way to do it with the native Windows 10 tool, and this is what you should do:

  • Open the System Control Panel
  • Go to the “Backup and Restore” section.
  • Click on “Create system image” which is in the left part of the window
  • Select the hard drive option in the Image Creation Wizard
  • Please confirm the above
  • Click on “Start Backup” to start the process

At this point it is important to take into account some precautions, starting with ensuring that the selected hard drive is compatible with Windows 10 . Also, do not forget that it is very important that everything you save in the backup copy is free of any harmful elements .

In Microsoft OneDrive

Another way to save backups off the computer is to use cloud services . In the specific case of Windows 10, you can use Microsoft OneDrive . This allows you to make backup copies of documents, images and other desktop files. Needless to say, it is a very practical way to carry out the procedure, which allows you to have all the data saved from any of your devices connected to the Internet.

To do this, you need to configure OneDrive on your computer with these simple steps:

  • Click on the cloud or blue or white in the Windows 10 notification area .
  • Select “More”.
  • Indicate the documents you want to protect.
  • Click on “Next”.
  • Start the process by clicking on “Start backup” .

Depending on your needs, you can access this Microsoft tool for free. But keep in mind that you will be limited to using only up to 5 GB . Or, in case of higher requirements, you can buy one of the packages that allow you to make use of up to 6 TB of storage in the cloud.

List of the best programs to make a backup in Windows 10

Of course, when it comes to keeping our data and documents safe, no option is too much, so it is good that you know that, in addition to the native Microsoft tools , there are also software solutions provided by third parties, which are compatible. with your Windows 10 .

That is why below you will see some of the best tools of this type available on the market today, which are undoubtedly of great help for what you propose:


This is a great backup program that works very well with Windows 10 . It comes with a wizard that guides you with questions through a very friendly interface. In this way you yourself will indicate issues such as the destination and the way you want to have the backup saved, or if you prefer to do it manually or automatically .

Download FBackup Windows

EaseUS Todo Backup Free

One of the best programs for the common user, since it is mainly dedicated to computers for home use . Version 3.0 comes with improvements in all its functionalities, in addition to the introduction of some new ones, such as the creation of boot disks.

Download EaseUS Todo Backup Free Windows

This is a great option for those who prefer to entrust their backups to cloud servers, and at the same time have the possibility of keeping them on a physical medium simultaneously. When you sign up you have 15 days of service totally free, after which you will have to pay a payment for each order affiliated with the service. Its services are aimed at both companies and individuals .

Comfortable BackUp

It is one of the most recommended, not only because it allows you to use 10 GB of storage for free during the first three months, but it is also considered one of the most flexible on the market . In this sense, you can save your backups both locally and on Comodo’s cloud servers. Each action that is executable with this tool can be programmed so that it does everything in a periodic and automated way .

Download Comodo BackUp Windows

Paragon Backup & Recovery

We can not stop recommending this program, one of whose virtues is that it is one of the few that exist for the backup of virtual disks, in addition, of course, to allow you to make backup copies by file or do it with the complete system. Likewise, it is the fastest program of all those that are on the market for free.

Download Paragon Backup & Recovery Windows

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