Avoid windows crashes by testing every component of your pc

We spend a good amount of hours in front of our Windows computer, so in most cases what we ask is that it works well. At the same time on many occasions we want to go one step further in its performance.

To do this, we have the possibility of using some steps that manage to increase the performance of our team to a great extent. With this we mean, for example, the overclocking that we can carry out in some of the PC components . But of course, this is not always possible and we must be careful not to overdo it.

Cases in which performance programs are useful

For this, as a general rule, we use all kinds of programs that help us measure the performance and stability of both the equipment and some components. At the same time, these applications are not only useful when it comes to overclocking, but also in the event that we have an old computer with performance problems.

In this way, as we tell you, these performance tests that we carry out with certain programs will give us an idea of ​​whether the computer is stable or not. At the same time they can also help us to determine where the problem can come from if we detect malfunctions . In the event that you find yourself in any of these situations, we are going to give you a hand. And it is that next we are going to show you a series of software solutions to use in the stability tests of the components of your system.

We are also going to separate them into several categories so that it is easier for you to locate what really interests you. Among these we find some as important as performance tests for the CPU, other tests for the RAM memory, or even for the GPU that we have installed in the PC. And that’s not all, since at the same time you will find solutions for hardware monitoring and thus be able to control its general behavior. As we mentioned, these stability tests will help us, if we interpret them properly, to detect errors in the computer and improve its performance later.

Programs to measure hardware stability in real time

As we carry out certain performance and stability tests of the PC, it is interesting to be able to keep track of those components. In this way we have the possibility of monitoring the temperature or the load levels of said hardware, all in real time. That is why we are going to talk about a series of tools that can be used as a point of reference for these tasks. In this way we will obtain a good amount of information while performing stability tests on the computer.


As its name suggests, here we find software that will not be of much help when it comes to monitoring the computer’s GPU . In this way we obtain, in real time, a good amount of data related to this specific component. This will be very useful if we are doing some kind of overclocking, for example. We can download it from this link and we can monitor the temperature, the load, the clock speed, the speed of the memory, the fan, etc. At the same time we will have the possibility to see the amount of memory that is being used at all times.

Core Temp

On the other hand we find Core Temp, a simple software for CPU monitoring. It provides us with data about the temperature in real time of this component, as well as percentages of processor load . Also if this is from Intel, the program also provides us readings of the temperature and load in each core individually. On the other hand, after downloading it from here, we get basic information about the processor, its voltage and the frequency at which it is working.


Now we will talk about another interesting proposal called HWiNFO64 which is actually an advanced hardware monitoring tool . This is basically due to the fact that it allows us to monitor multiple components of the equipment. Data such as CPU, GPU, RAM, or motherboard temperatures come into play here. We also obtain, among many other data, the speed of the fans, the workload of different components, etc. We can test all this first-hand from this link .

MSI Afterburner

When it comes to monitoring the hardware of our equipment in real time, MSI Afterburner is another excellent solution in this same sense. It is worth mentioning that with this application we can control the behavior of the graphics card in several ways. In this way, once we download it from this link, we obtain a large amount of information from the computer’s GPU. This, as in the case we saw earlier, will be very helpful when overclocking said GPU.

In turn, it allows us to establish custom fan profiles, or run benchmarks while this component is running in a game.

Programs to check the stability of the CPU in Windows

As you can imagine, one of the most important components in any computer is the CPU or processor that it mounts. Therefore, in the event that we need to carry out some kind of test to measure the stability of all this, we are going to help you. It should be mentioned that this is something especially useful to check its stability, as we mentioned, or to see if there is a cooling problem, for example. That is why below we will show you some applications that will help you obtain that information that we are commenting on.


We are going to start with one of the best known solutions of this type as Aida64 . Actually here we are a tool to test the stability of the computer’s CPU by imitating the processes that are normally executed in the day to day. At the same time, the program itself is in charge of adding a 100% load to the PC’s processor in order to check first-hand the endurance it has at full performance . As you can imagine, this is something that will be very helpful when checking that the CPU does not have any defect.

It is an application that we can download from this link, although in this specific case, we will tell you that it is not a free solution. With everything and with this we have a free 30-day trial version , which helps us to see first-hand if it will be useful in the future, or if it is worth paying.


Another solution similar to the previous one is found with Prime95, a software that will be very helpful, thanks to its internal operation, to test the stability of the PC’s processor. This is something that is especially necessary in the event that we have done some type of overclocking in the equipment. It should be mentioned that additionally, this is a solution that also serves us for the measurement of RAM memory . We can achieve all this by just downloading the program from this link .

IntelBurn Test

And to finish with the CPU section, we also want to talk to you in these same lines about the solution of this type called IntelBurn Test. Specifically, here we see another stability test tool for the CPU that will help us to bring the processor installed in the PC to its maximum to determine if it is stable. Of course, we must bear in mind that the program is responsible for forcing the processor to the maximum, which is not always the most recommended depending on the equipment. To prove what we tell you, we can do it from this link .

Software to check the stability of the RAM memory

Changing third and if we refer to another of the most important components of the team, we find the RAM. Therefore, for all those who wish to test the stability of this particular component, we are also going to give them a hand. This program that we are going to talk about will help us to diagnose any problem that may be occurring with the RAM . In the same way, we will have the possibility to check its stability after overclocking, among other things.


We are going to talk about one of the best-known proposals of this type in the sector, such as MemTest86. Here we find in particular a good software solution that is responsible for testing the memory of the system to try to discover any problem. It is true that the application as such has not received updates from its developers for several years , but it is still very effective. This is something that we can test if we wish, from this link .

Software to test GPU stability

With regard to the For the stability tests that we can carry out for the computer’s GPU, there are many sections that must be taken into account. For all this that we tell you, below we are going to offer you a series of software solutions that will be of great help in this same sense. With them, among other things, we will have the possibility to test the system’s GPU to the maximum to ensure that it is stable.


In the first place and if we focus on this specific component, we find one of the best known programs in this regard. And is that 3DMark is a software that has been around for a good number of years and that focuses on testing the stability and performance of the GPU. Also in this case it is important to know that we can use the program on a wide variety of devices, not only on the PC.

Say that the software as such is responsible for monitoring the GPU clock speed, framerate, workload, or temperatures. To do this, perform several independent benchmarks with which it makes all the necessary measurements for its objective. You can try the software after downloading it from this link .


And we are going to finish this selection of software to measure the stability of the PC GPU with FurMark. Here we find another interesting option to perform GPU stability tests . Something that we must bear in mind when using this specific program is that it subjects your graphics card to a series of very demanding tests, taking it almost to the limit. Therefore it is recommended to use this solution for short periods of time. You can download it from this link .

Heaven & Valley Benchmarks

On the other hand we also find the program called Heaven & Valley Benchmarks. For many, this is software that is considered one of the benchmarks when it comes to measuring the stability and performance of the GPU. In fact, it is in charge of testing the graphics card and taking it to the limit. Here we will see interesting data, for example after overclocking this component and thus checking its stability. We can test this proposal that we are talking about from this link .

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