Alexa tricks: become an expert with these secret tips and advice – 2021 list

Alexa has become the new virtual assistant for Amazon, who has also decided to look for this function as an alternative to Siri, the Google assistant and Cortana. It can be installed on both Android, iPhone and iPad devices to have the Amazon Echo smart speaker .

It can be said that Alexa is one of the most complete and advanced assistants that exist today. In addition, it is already present in a large number of products, managing to position itself very quickly both within Amazon and with other manufacturers.

This wizard is available in English and Spanish, as well as other languages. Therefore, he will be able to answer each of your questions with great ease . In this way, here we explain everything you need to know about Alexa .

What features differentiate Alexa from other smart voice assistants?

As we already know, it has become very common that some companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft among others, have created their own voice assistants in order to help their users to clarify doubts and learn about everything new about their products. And it is that these smart speakers have had a very good acceptance among customers, which has caused Amazon to use its own speaker.

This is how Amazon has bet heavily on Alexa, who has been integrated into Echo devices, where currently more than 28,000 computers have it and in turn it is used by more than 4,500 different manufacturers . This is how it is integrated into devices such as plugs, light bulbs, switches, clocks, among others.

Furthermore, all this can also be installed on both Android and iOS mobile devices . However, despite all the advantages and benefits that this has brought to your company and its Echo products , it is still considered that it presents a great margin for improvement compared to other assistants, since it presents problems when configuring the speakers already When buying by voice, it can only be done through Amazon.

So far, Google Assistant is considered the most advanced in all these aspects, since it works very well when performing basic household tasks . Finally, in the case of Cortana, which is Microsoft’s assistant, it has high-level integrations but despite all its benefits, it still does not reach the most optimal level in these aspects.

What can I do with the Amazon Alexa smart speaker?

This assistant has the Skills that are those extra functionalities that are added by other users and that you can install on your speaker . This is all about a mobile application store created specifically for this assistant. Therefore, with all this you can expand much more the basic functionalities that are already added in the system and thus improve your experience.

According to this, here we explain  which are the main Skills that you can start installing to add new games and functionalities to your voice system.

Trivial Pursuit Family

It is a game for children and adults where they can put each of their knowledge into practice . To do this, they must compete with each other to answer each of the questions that cover six different types of categories. In addition, each time the user answers a correct question, they will be given an extra one . Ideal for you to compete with your friends to be the best.

Install Trivial Pursuit Alexa Family

Telephone numbers of interest

This Skills gives you the possibility to consult the emergency telephone numbers that you may need at some critical moment, be it the numbers of the police, fire, civil guard, emergency, among others. All this in order to provide protection to each of the users especially for those moments where they need it most.

Install Alexa phones of interest

My calculator

It has been created mainly to help each of the users to achieve mathematical operations in a very simple and fast way. This is how it will allow you to perform multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, square roots, taking a percentage, among many other operations.

Install My Alexa calculator

Direct to the palate

Directo al paladar has been designed mainly for those Amazon users who love to cook, this is how you will find here a large number of recipes that have been recommended by the community. In addition , Alexa, will be in charge of being your kitchen assistant and will help you step by step to prepare any of the dishes that are contained here.

This is how you will find starters, main courses, main courses and desserts. In addition, a wide variety of foods from around the world, presenting dishes of international cuisine .

Install Direct to the Palate Alexa


Here you also have the opportunity to start finding those food recipes that you want so much, you can search for them by ingredients or by the name of the dish . Therefore, it is ideal for those occasions where you have some specific ingredients and you don’t know what to prepare. You can also listen to the preparation of it step by step while you are preparing it.

Install Cookpad Alexa

English with Oxford

English with Oxford has been launched by the prestigious University of Oxford, which has been created especially to promote learning in English, where they teach how to learn what vocabulary, grammar and expressions are necessary every day . It can be said that it is a basic English course where you will learn to carry out basic dialogues and improve your listening comprehension .

Install English with Oxford Alexa

Sensacine News

Ideal for all those people who are lovers of series and movies, here they can keep abreast of all the releases and the number one programming in the world . This is how you will receive news about the latest news about the movies of the moment, the premieres of the weeks, the fashion series, the protagonists, among many other details.

Install News Sensacine Alexa

Information Renfe Ave

An excellent option so that you can know all the schedules, availability of the trips, the prices and everything that is related to the trips in AVE trains .

You can request a budget for your trips from Madrid to Barcelona, where Alexa will be in charge of informing you which places are left , the date and time of the trip, as well as the price variation that may exist so that you can acquire the ticket that best suits your needs.

Install Renfe Ave Alexa Information


Akinator is one of the best options we can look for when we want to have a fun and pleasant time, it will read your mind and tell you what character you are thinking of. To do this, use a series of questions that will help him discover what you think, whether it is a real or fictional character .

Install Akinator Alexa

Bus information

To finish the list of Skills, we present you the information about buses, this will allow you to consult a large number of things related to the subject, such as which are the bus stops in Madrid, ask for the number of a stop, know the time it takes in passing the bus, how many are working , among many other concerns that the user may have.

Install Alexa Bus Information

List of the best 35 tricks to get the most out of your Amazon Alexa speaker

Using this tool gives Amazon users the ability to perform many tasks easily and without having to carry out long and tedious processes. This entire voice system is present in a large number of Echo and other manufacturers’ products, thus offering advanced products such as smart bulbs .

To all this, we must add those tricks that we can carry out in order to get the most out of this tool and which we will show you below:

Control your calendar appointments

This is one of the most used by Alexa, since it allows you to plan your smartphone’s calendar with each of the tasks that you have pending for the week or even for the whole month. This will allow you to have quick access to it by simply saying: Alexa, what do I have to do today? Or what do I have pending on the calendar? Where you will get as answers the appointments of the day that you have pending to do.

Listen to the radio

Another of the functions that we can find and that is very interesting for most people is to be able to listen to the radio through Alexa . This is possible due to the fact that there is Internet access that will give you the possibility of visiting different radio stations in different countries . You can activate all this in the following way: Alexa, put (Next, the name of the desired station) .

Run the good night commands

It can be said that this is one of the most important factors of voice assistants, since it will allow you to configure each of the applications with your mobile phone and thus facilitate different actions. One of them is when you go to sleep, in this case you can indicate: Alexa, Good night, and that way you can turn off the lights in the room, the TV, set the alarm clock , among others.

Be aware of the news

If you are one of the people who like to stay informed of everything that happens in your country and in the world, then this will be of great help, since you can configure the terminal application with the news sources that you like the most . In this case you will have to indicate: Tell me the news of the day and that way you can start receiving the most important covers of the day.

Activate reminder mode

Dedicated for those users who constantly have memory problems and tend to forget each of their daily tasks . This is how this tool allows you to set reminders that you can program to be heard from time to time. In these cases you must say: Alexa, remind me (the action you want to execute and the desired time) .

Don’t use the Alexa command

In general, in order to activate this service, you need to say the word Alexa before indicating the action you want to perform. However, it is possible that you have the same name and this can become a problem.

To be able to stop or modify this and change it to another simple phrase, you must go to the settings area and there select “Device configuration ” and then we look for the speaker in the list. There you select it and make the modification of the command to change.

Prevent others from buying with your account

Echo is a tool that allows you to carry out different functions in order to provide you with greater comfort and a better experience . However, it also offers an online shopping service through your account, and using your own money . Therefore, if you want to prevent other people from making these

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