VPN Connected But No Internet: How To Fix The Problem

The use of VPN services has grown a lot in recent times. It is increasingly present in our devices. This type of tool is very useful to hide the IP address, improve privacy and security when connecting to a public Wi-Fi network and even access services that may be geographically restricted. However, sometimes problems can arise. We may have a hard time connecting normally and making these types of programs work as we would like. In this article we are going to talk about how to solve when the VPN is connected but we do not have access to the Internet.

VPN connects but has no internet

It is a relatively common problem when we use a VPN. We install it on the mobile or computer, we turn it on and apparently everything is correct, it appears connected, but nevertheless we do not have Internet. It is something that frustrates users and luckily in general we can solve it easily.

There can be very different causes. Sometimes it is a server error, a problem with the connection and it is very limited or even not even having Internet. All this could result in us not being able to navigate, not being able to use services that we intend to connect abroad, etc.

This problem could be permanent or occur sporadically. It may work well in general, but from time to time it runs out of Internet access and causes us to be unable to browse normally. It is something that could happen both on a computer and also on mobile devices. It can be frustrating, since we see that everything is apparently fine but nevertheless does not have access to the network.

How to fix when the VPN has no internet and is connected

We are going to give a series of essential tips to try to correct the problem when a VPN does not have Internet although it does appear as connected. In case everything is apparently correct, but we cannot navigate. We can test this both on our computer and on our mobile, in case we have problems of this type that affect operation and we cannot connect to the Internet.

Turn the VPN off and on

If we start with the most basic, something we must take into account is the possibility of turning the VPN off and on. This simple step can help us correct a wide variety of problems, such as not having access to the network if we use this type of service.

In this case, we are simply going to close the application and turn it on again. Sometimes you could reconnect and establish the connection without problems. A basic point but that we must mention to try to find a solution. Of course, the ideal is to completely close the program, since it could continue in the background without us noticing. We must close the process completely and then start it again.

Change server

Another issue to take into account is to change the server. As we know, VPN services can have multiple servers available. Many of them are in different countries and this allows us to have a very wide range of possibilities. In fact, the number of servers available is one of the issues that add value to a program of this type.

If we are connected to a specific server and we see that the connection does not work properly, it may be that by changing to another located in another country we can navigate with better performance on the Internet and not have these problems. If we have many options, we can simply try another and see if that way we avoid the error.

Configure the protocol you use

We must also look at the protocol used by the VPN we are using. In many cases they allow us to change it and here may be the solution to our problems. This is not something that is available in all, but it is common.

Check that we are correctly connected to the network

Are we correctly connected to the network? If we are browsing from a Wi-Fi network and we notice that the speed is not adequate, that there are cuts and problems, it could not be due to the VPN, but to the network to which we are connected.

We must ensure that the coverage that arrives is optimal. If possible we must connect by cable and if we are going to navigate wirelessly we can always choose to connect closer to the access point or use some type of wireless amplifier. These well-configured devices can help us improve connection quality and reduce problems.

Update the VPN

This is something that we must do at all times and not only when there are problems of this type. One reason is to improve performance, but also for security. However, if we notice that the VPN is connected but does not have Internet, we must make sure that we are using the latest version available. This is how we will correct possible problems.

In addition, it is very important to keep it up to date so as not to run security risks. Sometimes problems can arise that hackers can exploit and steal personal data. We must at all times have the patches and updates that are available and thus reduce the impact that this type of action may have.

Reinstall the VPN

One more step we can take is to reinstall the VPN. We must do this if all of the above has not changed at all. We must completely uninstall the application and do a clean installation, from scratch, deleting all the stored data. If we do not erase it completely, the problem could continue and not be solved with the reinstallation. This is something we can do on whatever device we are using.

In short, these are some of the steps we can take in case our VPN is connected but we do not have access to the Internet. A series of simple solutions that we can take into account and try to solve this common problem. Sometimes complications arise, as we have seen, but the normal thing is that we can solve it in a simple way. So we can browse the Internet normally.

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