The best VPNs you can connect to for free

To protect our privacy and security on the Internet, the most recommended method is to always use a VPN. Currently there are a large number of paid VPN providers, which, for a small monthly price, allow us to connect and have unlimited bandwidth. However, there are also several free VPNs where we don’t have to shell out any money. Today in RedesZone we are going to show you which are the best free VPNs that exist.

Although we will focus on the free VPN options later, it should be noted that what costs nothing is not always the best. Using a paid VPN is usually a more interesting option in almost any aspect since it will provide us with things such as a speed guarantee, a technical service, the possibility of choosing dedicated servers, and a long etcetera. It is true that it involves a cost, but with some offers such as NordVPN or the prices of the SurfShark VPN , it will only cost us about 3 euros per month.

What should we keep in mind when choosing a free VPN?

When the VPN servers are free, it is very possible that the speed of our connection is very low, and even that the latency of our connection is high, because these services are normally collapsed, since many people use them, and being free, even more so. It is essential that a VPN is fast and has low latency, so that the user experience when using it is perfect. Another very important detail is to know who is behind a VPN server, because all traffic will be tunnelled through it, and the VPN server could capture all our data and use it. Today the vast majority of connections we make on the Internet travel through HTTPS, so it would be much more difficult for them to spy on our communications,

Another important aspect is knowing how to connect to said VPN server, since payment services provide us with the necessary software for this, and even an app for our smartphone.

Therefore, before connecting to a free VPN, we must take into account several factors:

  • Connection speed
  • Connection latency
  • Ease of connecting to the VPN
  • Who is behind a free VPN service?

In RedesZone we have tested a large number of free VPNs, and we are going to recommend the best ones according to our experience.

The best free VPNs you can connect to to protect your privacy

Cloudflare WARP

WARP is a Cloudflare project to provide free VPN connections to any user, in order to protect their privacy and security on the network. Some of its main features are that it speeds up wireless connections to the maximum, so it is ideal to use it if we have an unstable connection through 3G / 4G networks with our smartphone. This VPN uses the new WireGuard VPN using the UDP transport layer protocol, therefore it is fast, very fast. With this VPN, not only DNS queries will be encrypted, but all traffic. A very important detail is that it is currently available for mobile operating systems, that is, for Android and iOS, and it is also in beta for computers with Windows and MacOS operating systems.

This VPN is the best free VPN that we can use, we will have great speed, connection stability and low latency, thanks to the Cloudflare servers that are spread throughout the national territory. Making use of the WireGuard VPN protocol has been the best bet they have made, this protocol is very fast in establishing the connection, in fact, it is almost instantaneous thanks to how it is designed internally and the use of the UDP protocol, we must also take into account that WireGuard has the best VPN security by default, by making use of robust asymmetric cryptography and by using ChaCha20-Poly1305 as symmetric encryption algorithm and data authentication respectively.

The speed of this VPN in its free version (WARP + is paid) is about 50Mbps download and 250Mbps upload, with a latency of about 8ms additional to our Internet connection. Therefore, the performance of this free VPN service is excellent, and it is also endorsed by Cloudflare which is one of the “greats” on the Internet. The VPN WARP + version of Cloudflare is paid, however, you can share a Cloudflare affiliate link to your contacts to proceed with their installation, and they will give you 1GB for each user who downloads the app and uses it.

WARP is already available for Windows and macOS operating systems, therefore, you can make use of this totally free VPN service on your desktop or laptop computer, but yes, it is still in beta and you could run into some problems, but in RedesZone We have thoroughly tested this VPN service and the operation is simply perfect, with a very high speed and stability, in addition, you will be able to surf safely out of prying eyes. One of the most notable options is that it will allow us to configure the DNS servers as we want, choosing the DNS oriented to filtering adult content, and we can even choose the DNS for filtering adult content and malware, in order to protect ourselves your best against Internet threats.

We recommend you visit our complete analysis of WARP and WARP + from Cloudflare, where you will find all the features in detail and our tests of real performance in various scenarios.

Opera VPN

The Opera web browser incorporates a VPN service built into it, this is ideal for use on our desktop computer. Actually, this Opera VPN as they have called it, is a proxy, that is, it is not a VPN that routes all the traffic from our computer through the VPN server, but only the web traffic that we carry out with Opera’s own browser, you will be anonymized behind your free VPN.

The speed of this VPN, or, rather, the speed of this SSL / TLS Proxy is about 300Mbps symmetric, with an additional latency to your connection of about 60ms. The performance of this service is also really good, we will have more download and upload speed than WARP, but in return, we will have higher connection latency. We must remember that we can use this on our desktop computer, and not only on the smartphone as it is currently the case with WARP.

We recommend you visit our complete Opera VPN review, where you will find all the features in detail and our actual performance tests in various scenarios.

FreeOpenVPN: Free OpenVPN Servers

If you want to have access to several free OpenVPN servers, on the official website of the official website you can see and download the configuration files for OpenVPN. What we have to do is enter the web, look for an OpenVPN server that we want to connect to, currently we find servers from the following countries:

  • USA
  • England
  • Russia
  • Germany
  • Holland
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Thailand

To connect we simply have to download the OpenVPN software for the different operating systems, be it Windows, Linux Mac, and even for Android or iOS. The most important thing is to download the configuration file of this website, and use the access credentials that they provide us completely free of charge.

The speed of these free VPN servers is not as high as the previous ones, in our tests we have achieved around 30Mbps symmetric, and an increase in latency of + 60ms, however, we must take into account which server (from which country) we are we are connecting. The further away it is, the worse our Internet connection will work. If you have a router with a VPN client, you can use these services so that all traffic goes through them.

Freevpn4you: More Free OpenVPN Servers

Another website that provides us access to different OpenVPN servers for free is freevpn4you, the system is exactly the same as FreeOpenVPN, we will need to download the OpenVPN client on our computer, download the configuration files from the website, and enter the access credentials to access remotely. Depending on the server we connect to, we will have higher or lower performance.

OpenInternetAccess (OIA)

OIA is a free VPN service, we only need to install a software called Pritunl which is free, and is compatible with Windows, Linux and MacOS operating systems. But we will also be able to use any OpenVPN client since it uses this VPN protocol. On the official OIA website we can download the configuration file, to later connect with our VPN client that we have installed on the computer or on our smartphone.

Once we have downloaded the configuration file, we will have to import it into OpenVPN or the software you are using. Finally, we will click on «Connect» to proceed with the free VPN connection with OIA.

The speed of this free VPN server is not as high as the previous ones, since the server is located in Canada, and, therefore, from Spain it is really far, and all traffic must go through there and then return to Spain if we are visiting websites hosted here. In our tests, we have used the Masmovil speed test server, and we have obtained a speed of 15Mbps download and 80Mbps upload, with a latency of about 220ms, something completely normal since we are connecting to Canada and then «back» . If you have a router with a VPN client, you can also use this service with all your computers, but the user experience will not be adequate due to the location of this server.

Other configurations that OIA allows us is to use the TCP protocol instead of UDP by default, downloading a specific configuration, and we can even use Tor VPN using OpenVPN.


Finally, Try2catch is a specific service for Android and iOS, which will allow us to connect to different VPN servers around the world. The free version of this service will allow us to connect to various VPN servers around the world, including the US, Turkey, Russia and others, but you must bear in mind that, if you want to obtain the best speed and user experience, you will have to pay for said service. We will not be able to connect to all the servers with the free version, but it is an interesting alternative. You can download the app directly from the official Google Play and App Store stores:

Try2Catch VPN
Developer: MobiPlayLLC

Try2Catch VPN
Developer: MobiPlay LLC

As you have seen, we have the possibility of connecting to many free VPN services, we have ranked them from best to worst according to their performance. Above all, you must take into account where they are located, since the further they are geographically from your Internet connection, the higher latency we will have and surely also a lower speed.

Possible negatives of using a free VPN

Although enjoying a free VPN is a very good point, we must take into account some of the negative points that we have:

  • Low speed of connections. Compared to paid VPNs, these free VPNs may have speed limitations, although this will depend on the provider of the free VPN.
  • High latency : it is possible that if many VPN clients connect to the same server, it is not capable of supporting so many VPN connections and we have high connection latency.
  • Security risks : we must bear in mind that the data with a VPN is encrypted and authenticated from the client to the server, but once it passes through the server, all communication is decrypted, unless we use secure protocols such as HTTPS or SSH to carry out communications. It is always advisable to have several layers of encryption to maintain our security and privacy.
  • Difficulty of use : using the VPN from Cloudflare or Opera is very simple, however, using the VPNs based on OpenVPN can be a somewhat more complicated task, and there could be certain users who do not know very well how to make it work.

We have to take all these negative points into account, to decide which free VPN we should choose, and if it is really trustworthy.

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